Revenue vs. Profit vs. Income

The main difference between Revenue, Profit and Income is that Revenue only deems the amount of income a business originates through the sale of its goods or services whereas profit is the figure of income that remains after all expenses, costs and taxes accounted for, and income refers to net profit, i.e., what remains after. […]

Demand vs. Supply

The main difference between Demand and Supply is that Demand refers to how much buyers and Supply (quantity of a product or service) represents how much the market can offer. The balance between the price and the quantity demanded of a product or the commodity at a certain period is called demand. To the contrary, […]

Formal Letter vs. Informal Letter

The main difference between the formal letter and an informal letter is that formal letters written for official or professional conversation. On the other hand, informal letters used for casual or personal conversation. A formal letter is written for professional (official and business) conversation while the informal letter used for personal communication. A formal letter […]

Blue Collar vs. White Collar

The main difference between blue collar and white collar is that blue-collar worker, whose job requires manual labor and White-collar work performed in an office or other administrative settings. The term Blue Collar referred for the people of the working class, who perform manual labor for a firm and get paid salary on an hourly […]

Customer vs. Client

The main difference between a customer and client is that a customer is the one who buys material goods and services from any business or stores whereas, a client is the one who only receives official and professional services. Customers are mainly the people who intend to buy the products or services which a company […]

Internal Stakeholders vs. External Stakeholders

The main difference between internal stakeholders and external stakeholders are Internal stakeholders refer to the individuals and parties, within the organization and external stakeholders represent outside parties, which affect or get affected by, the business activities. Internal stakeholders are people who are already devoted to serving your organization as board members, staff, volunteers, and donors. […]

Formal Writing vs. Informal Writing

The main difference between formal writing and informal writing is that we use formal writing for professional and academic purposes whereas, we use informal writing for un-professional and private purposes. There are two main styles of writing in English. These are, formal and informal. These two specific styles are distinguished to classify the writing accurately […]

Systematic Risk vs. Unsystematic Risk

The main difference between systematic risk and unsystematic risk is that systematic risk is the probability of a loss associated with the entire market or the segment whereas the unsystematic risk is associated with a specific industry, segment or security. Systematic risk is a consequence of external and uncontrollable variables, which are not business or […]

Shareholders vs. Stakeholders

The main difference between shareholder and stakeholder is that shareholder owns part of a public company through shares of stock, while a stakeholder has an interest in the performance of a company for reasons other than stock performance or appreciation. Shareholders are ever stakeholders in a corporation, but stakeholders are not always shareholders. A shareholder […]

Population vs. Sample

The main difference between population and sample is that a population includes all of the elements from a set of data and a sample consists of one or more observations drawn from the population. Population implies a large group consisting of elements having at least one common feature. The term sample, which is nothing but […]

Trade vs. Commerce

The main difference between trade and commerce is that trade is the exchange of goods and services among two or more parties in consideration of money or money’s worth and commerce is the dealing of goods and services among the parties along with the activities such as insurance, shipment, warehousing, advertising, etc. that completes that […]

Invoice vs. Receipt

The main difference between invoice and receipt is that the invoice issued before the payment and the receipt issued after the payment. An invoice is a request for amount while a receipt as proof of amount. Customers who get an invoice will also get a receipt when they pay. Invoice is issued before the payment, […]

Creativity vs. Innovation

The main difference between creativity and innovation is that creativity is thinking of something new and innovation is the implement of something new. Creativity is the feature of a person to generate new ideas, alternatives, solutions, and possibilities uniquely and differently. Innovation is an act of petition of new ideas to which creates some value […]

Internal Communication vs. External Communication

The main difference between internal communication and external communication is that internal communication is when the members of an organization, exchange ideas within the organization while external communication occurs outside the organization with other people or business entities. The goal of internal communication is to exchange information or ideas between the members of a particular […]

Normal Goods vs. Inferior Goods

The main difference between normal goods and inferior goods is that normal goods are goods whose demand rise when consumer’s income rise and inferior goods are goods whose demand decline when consumer’s income rise. Normal goods are goods whose demand increases with an increase in consumers’ income. Inferior goods are goods whose demand decreases when […]

Import vs. Export

The main difference between import and export is that import refers to the purchase of the goods and services from other countries to the homeland while the export refers to selling goods and services from the home country to other countries. Import is that formation of trade in which goods are acquired by a domestic […]

Customer vs. Consumer

The main difference between customer and consumer is that a customer purchases goods while a consumer uses or consumes goods. The customer, which refers to a person who buys the goods and pays the expense for it whereas the consumer is the one who expend the goods, i.e., the user of the goods. A customer […]

Aim vs. Objective

The main difference between aim and objective is that aim is what you hope to attain, and the objective is the action you will take to attain the aim. Aims are concerned with motive whereas objectives are concerned with achievement. Aims are as broad common statements; Objectives are usually more specific statements. The aim is […]

International vs. Multinational

The difference between International vs Multinational is that an international company do not have any investment outside the country whereas multinational company has investments in other countries. International and multinational are different terms. An international company is a company that has a group of people from different countries and is not a profit-making organisation whereas […]

Asphalt vs. Concrete

The difference between Asphalt vs. Concrete is that Asphalt is less durable and less expensive and Concrete is more durable and more expensive. Although Asphalt requires more maintenance, asphalt repairs are easier than concrete repair is harder and costlier. Asphalt and concrete are the best options when it comes to construction of hard surfaces, but […]

Decriminalization vs. Legalization

The difference between legalization and decriminalization is that legalization means that a law or a product that was previously not allowed or prohibited is no more restricted. On the other hand, decriminalization means that there would be no certain charge on a certain act but still would be considered as an illegal act. Legalization and […]

Discount vs. Rebate

The difference between ‘Discount’ and ‘rebate’ is that when it comes to discount, it means a reduction of the price. Whereas when it comes to the rebate, it may be defined as refunding a part of the paid amount. So particularly the difference is between time and type of concession. Discount is the concession in […]

Management vs. Administration

The main difference between management and administration is that management is the act or purpose of putting into practice the policies and strategies determined by the administration while the administration set up the goals and crucial policies for the company. Management Administration An organized way of managing people and things of a business organization is […]

Director vs. Producer

The difference between a director and a producer is that a director plays an essential role in the creative vision of film whereas a producer deals with the finance, distribution, production and marketing of the film. A film comprises a large number of cast and crew teams which are lead by two significant authorities are […]

Vendor vs. Supplier

The difference between a vendor and a supplier is that a vendor is a person or company that supplies good to the people directly. While supplier is person or organization that provides good from the company to the vendor (most probably) A vendor is a person or a company that supplies good or in other […]

Goods vs. Services

The difference between ‘goods’ and ‘services’ is that goods are the physical objects whereas, services are the actions or activities performed by someone. Both the words are entirely different, there might be a service to provide goods, and a person may get goods in reward of its service. Goods are the physical objects, or we […]

Traditional Trade vs. Modern Trade

Trade businesses that prefer moving product in markets and also still have their own are as for use. No pertinent proprietor is seated sockets, so they only start their own sockets all over the world and give this type of brand new name. Process The puppy sees that the sockets, loves one variable and purchases […]

Production Management vs. Operation Management

Production Management is the method the place totally different capabilities inside an organization get a cyclic illustration that offers with planning, predicting, manufacturing and even the advertising and gross sales of the merchandise at every stage of the product cycle. Operation Management turns into referred to as the method that offers with the administration aspect […]