Production Management vs. Operation Management

Main Difference Production Management is the method the place totally different capabilities inside an organization get a cyclic illustration that offers with planning, predicting, manufacturing and even the advertising and gross sales of the merchandise at every stage of the product cycle. Operation Management turns into referred to as the method that offers with the […]

Sale Deed vs. Conveyance Deed

Main Difference Sale deed becomes known as the type of document that the person must write with their handwriting that moves the ownership of one property or many resources in exchange for money or another kind of payments. Conveyance deed becomes known as the type of document that the person must write with their handwriting […]

Condition vs. Warranty

Main Difference The sale-purchase of the goods is not only the minute’s process; it requires time as the purchasers buy things which attract his business and then gets in contract with the seller. Mainly the stipulation or contract between the seller and buyer revolves around the two words; one is a condition, and the other […]

Purchase Order vs. Sales Order

Main Difference Purchase Order gets defined as a financial document and an official offer that comes from the buyer for the seller and shows different points such as the type of item, the quantity, the agreed price and other services. On the other hand, Sales Order gets defined as an Order Issued by the business […]

Shares vs. Debentures

Main Difference Shares have the description of one of many equal parts of a company into which it gets divided based on the capital and gives profit to the person who holds them. Debentures have the description of the loan certificate issued by a company that acts as an unsecured loan and therefore has the […]

Salary vs. Wages

Main Difference Salary and wages are used interchangeably as both refer to the remuneration. Although on a keener look into both this term tells that they are quite different to each other. The salary is the fixed amount that is given after a per pay period, it can either be on monthly basis or the […]

Agreement vs. Contract

Main Difference Agreement and Contract are often considered as same as they are used simultaneously. In real these both terms are totally different and possess their particular meanings. An agreement is an arrangement, collaboration or pact between two parties or individuals that are informal in nature and is not at all enforced by law. On […]

Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur

Main Difference Entrepreneur turns into known as a person who has the potential of investing some money in enterprise on the onus of hazard and operates that agency beneath their administration. On the flipside, Intrapreneur turns into known as a person who works inside a company, principally as a supervisor and comes up with revolutionary […]

Alternator vs. Generator

Main Difference Alternator and Generator are two types of machines that have the sole function of converting the mechanical energy into the electrical energy. The difference between both these devices comes due to their mechanism and the type of electric current they produce following it. The Generator is the device which converts the mechanical energy […]

DSS vs. BI

Main Difference DSS stands for Decision Support System and is a computerized system for information that helps with the selection making inside a company or a enterprise neighborhood. BI stands for Business Intelligence and acts as a time interval used to elucidate different software program program packages that help with the group and administration of […]

Active Transport vs. Passive Transport

Main Difference Active Transport and Passive Transport both are the biochemical transport process that is performed inside the body of living organisms. Both these transport processes are referred towards the higher living organisms. The basic difference between both kinds of transport is that Active Transport requires chemical energy to complete its biochemical transport as it […]


Main Difference AKC and CKC are the two of the most prominent clubs that are responsible for the registration of dogs across the world. The AKC abbreviated as American Kennel Club is one of the oldest dog registration club, which is the business since 1880’s. On the other hand, CKC abbreviated as Continental Kennel Club […]

Highway vs. Freeway

Main Difference A highway is a big public road that is most probably used for heavy traffic. A highway is linked with other local public roads as well. On the other hand, a freeway is a kind of highway that is totally specified for the heavy traffic and fast speed vehicles and does not possess […]

Debtors vs. Creditors

Main Difference To maintain the supply-demand circle is the tiresome task for the companies with bearing the business risk at the same time. To get their business on track, the retailers need to have the wide range of products available all the times in their shelves. To fulfill the heavy demand, it often becomes difficult […]

Pvt Ltd Company vs. Public Ltd Company

Main Difference The association of persons makes up the company, although there can be the different type of companies, which are distinguishable from each other on the basis of the shareholding policy and the certification they got for approval. The number of members including the directors of that company tells about the type of the […]

Savings Account vs. Current Account

Main Difference In today’s corporate world the life without the banking system is not the very progressive for the individuals, organizations, and firms. The bank offers dozens of facilities to the account holder so the people can do various tasks through their accounts while just resting at the luxuries of their houses. Whenever someone not […]

Lease vs. Rent

Main Difference Even today world’s most of the population doesn’t own their homes, so they rent or lease the apartments or houses to carry on the life cycle. People often use the terms. Lease and rent interchangeably as they think they are synonymous with each other, but that is not the case as they have […]

Microeconomics vs. Macroeconomics

Main Difference Economics is the branch of knowledge that deals with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. The other famous definition of the economics tells that it is the relation of the scarcity of the commodities and their demand. Following it, we can determine that economics is the broader concept, as it is the […]

Loans vs. Advances

Main Difference Whenever the companies or individuals are in financial trouble, they seek help from the financial institutions such as banks. The financial help to make the business/individual stable for the particular operation or function can be of two types; loan and advance. People often find it difficult to differentiate between both these financial aids […]

Public Sector vs. Private Sector

Main Difference When one is searching for the jobs, he usually came across the terms public sector and private sector, which are the type of organizations or companies working in the country. A layman often confuses it to differentiate between both these terms as they are interconnected, although the economic expert can easily distinguish between […]

Wholesale vs. Retail

Main Difference After the manufacturing of the products, the next part came in is the supply or distribution of products to the markets. As we know that supply chain comprises of several mediators which are responsible for the product outreach to the market. Whenever we came across the supply chain business, we often hear two […]


Main Difference The project management is a crucial task in every business enterprise. The poor management can cause delay or the surpassing of the amount of that product than the prescribed budget, which results in the loss and shame to the company. So whenever the company and organizations are up to the project, they try […]

Elastic Demand vs. Inelastic Demand

Main Difference People often get both the terms; elastic demand and inelastic demand intermix, when they are asked to differentiate between them. The only reason bewildering people is the close association of both these terms. Marketing and Economics learners are well familiar with both the terms as they are related to the demand for commodities […]

Gross Income vs. Net Income

Main Difference In our daily lives, we often hear the terms gross and net as these terms have the diverse scope and are not only limited to the economics student. We see the usage of these terms as gross or net profit, gross or net salary, gross or net weight, gross or net income, etc. […]

Explicit Cost vs. Implicit Cost

Main Difference The economic students often get confused while differentiating it between the explicit cost and implicit cost. Before knowing both these terms in details, one needs to know the meaning of implicit and explicit in the English language as it will make things easy to distinguish between both the terms. Explicit refers to something […]