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Braintree vs. Stripe: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 26, 2023
Braintree and Stripe are both online payment processing platforms, but they cater to different business needs and integration requirements.

Key Differences

Braintree, owned by PayPal, offers a full-stack payment solution for businesses, while Stripe focuses on internet commerce and provides tools for developers to build custom payment systems. Both Braintree and Stripe aim to simplify online transactions.
While Braintree provides an inclusive solution with features like PayPal and Venmo integrations, Stripe offers an expansive API, which allows businesses to create a tailored checkout experience. Both Braintree and Stripe have strong developer communities and extensive documentation.
Braintree often emphasizes its ready-made drop-in UI for easy integration. Stripe, on the other hand, is recognized for its Stripe Connect feature, which is optimized for marketplace setups. Both Braintree and Stripe give merchants the flexibility to customize their checkout processes.
From a geographical perspective, Braintree supports fewer countries compared to Stripe. However, both Braintree and Stripe are continually expanding their global reach and offer competitive transaction fees.
Braintree tends to attract larger, established businesses due to its association with PayPal, while Stripe appeals to a broader range of businesses, including startups, given its developer-friendly approach. Regardless of the differences, both Braintree and Stripe are leaders in the online payment industry.

Comparison Chart


A payment processing platform
A payment processing platform


Owned by PayPal
Independent company


Offers drop-in UI for easy integration
Known for its expansive API

Special Features

Includes PayPal and Venmo integrations
Features Stripe Connect for marketplaces

Target Audience

Attracts larger, established businesses
Appeals to a wide range, including startups

Braintree and Stripe Definitions


A service owned by PayPal, offering diverse payment options.
With Braintree, we can accept both credit cards and PayPal payments.


A platform supporting a wide range of currencies and payment methods.
Stripe enables our global clientele to pay in their preferred currency.


A platform with a user-friendly interface for quick setup.
I integrated Braintree into our app in just a few hours.


Known for its robust and customizable API.
Developers love the flexibility Stripe provides with its API.


A payment processing solution for businesses.
Our online store uses Braintree to handle transactions smoothly.


An online payment platform for internet businesses.
Our startup uses Stripe to manage online payments.


A system ensuring secure transaction processing.
We trust Braintree to protect our customer's financial data.


A tool aiding in subscription and one-time payments.
Our subscription model is powered by Stripe's recurring billing feature.


A tool that provides global payment solutions.
Braintree allows us to reach customers from various parts of the world.


A system renowned for its security and fraud prevention.
With Stripe, we're confident that our transactions are in safe hands.


A long narrow band distinguished, as by color or texture, from the surrounding material or surface.


Is Stripe a similar service to Braintree?

Yes, both Braintree and Stripe are online payment processing platforms.

Can Braintree process PayPal payments?

Yes, being owned by PayPal, Braintree offers seamless integration with PayPal and Venmo.

Which companies back Braintree and Stripe?

Braintree is owned by PayPal, while Stripe operates as an independent company.

What is Braintree?

Braintree is an online payment processing platform owned by PayPal.

How developer-friendly are Braintree and Stripe?

Both Braintree and Stripe offer extensive developer tools, with Stripe being particularly known for its customizable API.

How do Braintree and Stripe handle data security?

Both platforms are PCI compliant and employ advanced encryption and security protocols to protect data.

Which platform offers more ready-made solutions, Braintree or Stripe?

Braintree emphasizes its drop-in UI for quick integrations, whereas Stripe leans towards customizable solutions.

Who typically uses Braintree for their business?

Larger, established businesses often gravitate towards Braintree due to its association with PayPal.

Do Braintree and Stripe offer fraud protection?

Yes, both platforms prioritize security and offer robust fraud prevention measures.

Which platform offers better currency conversion rates, Braintree or Stripe?

Both offer competitive rates, but specifics may vary based on transaction volume and other factors.

Does Stripe have any unique features compared to Braintree?

One of Stripe's unique features is Stripe Connect, optimized for marketplace setups.

Is Stripe suitable for startups?

Yes, Stripe's developer-friendly approach makes it appealing for a wide range of businesses, including startups.

Which platform, Braintree or Stripe, has a more extensive developer community?

Both have strong developer communities, though Stripe's API-centric approach has garnered significant attention among developers.

How do chargebacks work with Braintree and Stripe?

Both platforms offer mechanisms to handle chargebacks, though the processes and fees might differ.

Can I migrate from Braintree to Stripe or vice versa?

Yes, with proper technical support, migration between the two platforms is feasible.

Can I set up recurring payments with Braintree and Stripe?

Yes, both platforms support recurring and subscription-based payments.

Are there any industries that Braintree or Stripe specifically cater to?

While both are versatile, Stripe is often favored by internet-based businesses, and Braintree is seen in diverse industries, especially where PayPal integration is a priority.

Do Braintree and Stripe support mobile payments?

Yes, both platforms offer solutions tailored for mobile transactions.

How do Braintree and Stripe handle transaction fees?

Both Braintree and Stripe offer competitive transaction fees, with specifics varying based on transaction type and region.

Are both Braintree and Stripe available globally?

While both platforms are expanding globally, Stripe currently supports more countries than Braintree.
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