Difference Between Visa and Mastercard


Main difference

The main difference between visa and mastercard is about the perks that the credit card companies offer to the visa or the mastercard issuer.

What is Visa?

Visa and mastercard are similar in various ways but the only thing that they differ in is the perks that the companies offer their card holders. Visa card holders are about 1.6 billion and they are satisfied with the services that are being offered to them. Visa card offers discount packages and other easy to use offers that make customers hold to the usage of the visa card. It offers privacy and other benefits that include accessing luxury services that only visa card holders are able to access. A visa card is accepted in many different parts of the world and lots of people use visa cards just because of the convenience it offers.


What is Mastercard?

Mastercard holders are about 18 million and there are more people who wish to have a master card for their payment purchases than they do for visa cards. Mastercard holders are given a package in which all of the best services that they wish are provided them and they can settle for everything that they are being offered. Mastercard holders are given extra benefits if they are elite mastercard holders and they are given luxurious benefits. Mastercard is not usually seen by most people because elite class or people who are in the business class afford these.

Key Differences

  1. Visa card are accepted by more than 28 million merchants and 200 ATMs accept it while a mastercard is accepted by 30 million merchants
  2. Visa card holders are given benefits of spending a luxurious treat with having lots of discounts. It enables them to enjoy discounted purchasing. A mastercard holder gets elite world discounts and gets the packages that are helpful for them.
  3. Visa card holders get the benefits of luxury hotels, collect complimentary gifts and other good things. A mastercard holder gets world elite goods and other packages that are offered.
  4. Visa card is purchased by middle class as well as the upper class and a mastercard is purchased by the elite and the business class.
  5. Visa card differs in the interest rate, credit limits and others while a mastercard has different concepts of interest rate and credit limits.
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