Difference Between Leadership and Management


Primary Difference

A good business owner must possess the qualities of leadership and management both. For an effective business these qualities should hand in hand because they complement each other but, considering them separately both have different qualities and nature. The term leadership means the ability to motivate, lead and direct their followers or team members in a way that they contribute and work towards the success of a business and organization in which they work in. The term management refers to directing and coordinating those people that work under the manager to accomplish or complete a specific goal or task. Leadership may not have any relevance with the functioning of the organization. A leader who is leader ship possess the quality of charisma and influence and set goals of the organization and bring change in it. On the other hand management is different in a way that he has authority and command over his subordinates and directs them. A manager keeps the organizational priority at his best. He has bring about certain tasks as dictated by the authorities of the organization which he plans and coordinates together with his subordinated and makes them do it. Leadership is to lead from the front and the followers follow the leader on their own will On the other hand a manager believes in planning and coordinating the work and uses management techniques to manage his subordinates and he gas to ask his subordinates to do the work or task and they have to obey the management because of the position.

Comparison Chart

The one who runs the main business is a leaderOne who manages certain things is a manager
Includes the appointment of the managerUnder the leader
Gets the work done by setting the example and people following the inspirationGets the work done by assigning tasks and giving orders
Leader is not responsible for any such tasks.Manager is responsible for everything he does.

Definition of Leadership

Leadership is the ability to influence other in working towards a common goal aim for the organization. It means basically to persuade others that what needs to be done and how to be done. To enable their followers to perform effectively, leadership means to motivate them and design organizational goals. If the followers are influenced or motivated by the leader and give their full effort to reach the desired goal then the performance of the company automatically leads to success. The traits of leadership are very important for successful working of an organization because if a leader is rude and arrogant or very bossy then the followers will not follow. Leadership means to lead from the front and in leadership the leader has common interest with his followers due to which he does not need to ask them to work, he just say that lets do work and the followers follow him voluntarily.


Definition of Management

The main focus of the management is to complete a prescribed specific task of the organization with the help if their subordinates. They work on the specific part of the organization and they their main aim is to coordinate and direct their workers and finish the work. Management tends to be authoritative and under control to solve the problems. Their main focus is on goals, structures, personnel, and availability of resources. They have the traits of intelligence, strong will and strict towards their subordinates because of their position and nature which also causes them to be disliked by many of their subordinates because they are dictative. Their main focus is to manage their people for the completion of the task and get results. Their main aim is to create strategies, policies, and methods to create a group of people with various ideas necessary for the completion of the task and ideas. They control people by putting forwards their ideas, values, and rules and they think that all this will reduce risk factors and bring about success.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Leadership initiates motivation while management initiates authority.
  2. Leadership has followers while management has workers or subordinates.
  3. Leadership is people oriented while management is task oriented.
  4. Leadership is to lead and encourage people while management is to control and direct people.
  5. The goal of leadership is organization as a whole while the goal of the management is to accomplish a specific part of the organization.
  6. Leadership has the traits of charisma and influence while then traits of the management are position and authority.
  7. Leadership brings change in the organization awhile management solves the work as it is without bringing about any change.
  8. Leadership has the quality of directing while the management imitates the action and does work.
  9. In leadership you lead with your heart while in management you work with your mind.
  10. Leadership does the right things while management does things right.
  11. Leadership is to influence the followers while the tone of the management is very authoritative.
  12. Leadership bring about change in the organization while the management brings stability in the organization.


In a nutshell, both the terms are vastly different from each other. One can be a role which can be played by a person of character while the other is the one which can be played by a person most suitable to the post. Looking at the differences, it can be said that the two terms have several differences among them and anyone can get a clear understanding after reading this article.