Difference Between 4 Star Hotel and 5 Star Hotel


Main Difference

It is easy to understand the term hotel. Before discussing about 4 star and 5 star hotel, it is important to understand why there is rating or grading of hotel? Basically the word star when used with hotel, it classify the hotel according to quality, service, comfort and basic facilities. Most of the hotels used word diamond also instead of star, for rating purpose.

What is 4 Star Hotel?

4 star hotel is a type of first class hotel, which provides limited luxurious facilities to its customers. There are multiple rooms, suites, restaurants and bars in 4 star hotel. It also provides business facilities like conference hall or meeting room, swimming pool, gym, concierge and crèche to the customers. Mini bar or room beverages facility remain opened 24 hours. Breakfast is provided to customers via room service menu card. Moreover, its reception remain opened for 18 hours. However, phone facility from inside and outside remain accessible for 24 hours.


What is 5 Star Hotel?

5 star hotel is a kind of super class superior hotel, which provides extra services in addition to basic services provided by 4 star hotel. Multilingual staff is available in 5 star hotel for 24 hours. Its reception remain opened for 24 hours. Besides internet connection, it also provides PC in each room. Shoe polish and ironing services are given to every customer. In case of guest of a customer, it greets the guest by presenting him fresh flowers. In short, it provides luxurious accommodation and services to its customers.

Key Differences

  1. 4 star reception opened for 18 hours each day while 5 star reception opened for 24 hours and 7 days.
  2. Both kind of hotels provides Internet connection but 5 star hotel provides PC as well in the room.
  3. 5 star hotel mostly deals in suites having bedroom, lounge and bathroom separately while suites are not compulsory in 4 star hotel although some 4 star hotel have limited suites.
  4. Rooms of 4 star hotel are decorated with modern and high level of coloring style and material while in 5 star hotel, they are decorated with posh lobbies, superior bedding and posh bathrooms all with stylish furnishing.
  5. Cosmetic products like shower cap, nail file and cotton swabs and vanity mirror are available in both 4 star and 5 star hotel but in 5 star hotel personal care products are also provided to customers.
  6. Doorman and valet parking services offered in 5 star hotel not in 4 star hotel.
  7. Ironing and shoe polishing services offered in 5 star hotel not in 4 star hotel.
  8. Customers of 5 star hotel are provided with a safe or locker in the room, which is not available by 4 star hotel.
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