Difference Between CKC and AKC


Main Difference

AKC and CKC are the two of the most prominent clubs that are responsible for the registration of dogs across the world. The AKC abbreviated as American Kennel Club is one of the oldest dog registration club, which is the business since 1880’s. On the other hand, CKC abbreviated as Continental Kennel Club was established back in 1991.It will be pertinent to mention here that dogs were the first pet kept since the life commenced on the planet. The dogs were kept as pets due to various reasons; mainly their attitude towards their masters and helping hand in activities like hunting and guarding made them stand above all other pet animals.

Comparison Chart

AbbreviationContinental Kennel Club.American Kennel Club.
Breeds Registered450150
Registration ChargesCharges for the registration of canines.Charges for both the registration of litters and canines.
Registration ProcessIt doesn’t go very same with them.The AKC only allows the registration of the dogs, which already have their parents registered with them.

What is CKC?

The Continental Kennel Club is known as the other famous dog registry, and breed recognized club after the American Kennel Club. The dog experts perceive CKC as the second major dog registry club, which went operational back in 1991. The standards, more facilitation, and open nature regarding dog breed registration make them a strong competitor to the well established AKC. The dog registration method is very convenient for the dog masters, as this doesn’t require the affiliation of the parent of the dog with this club as it is in the case of the AKC. Just in around 25 years of its establishment, CKC recognizes around 450 dog breeds, which is two times more than the 130 years old American Kennel Club. Like, the AKC, CKC also prefers DNA testing for checking the validity and the authenticity of the breeds. Unlike the AKC, CKC only charges for the registration of the canine and not for the litters. The CKC’s unique registration service allows the Photo ID Cards, Picture Pedigree, and the Photo Registration. Through this service, the dog’s owner can directly get the photo of the canine placed on the registration papers of the dog.


What is AKC?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) was founded back in 1880’s, which makes it the first club of its kind. There might be some of the dog registry clubs, across the globe, but the most prestigious or authentic were AKC. For quite the long time AKC was seen as the only dog registry club across the globe. The AKC does not have as much as many dog breeds registered with them as in the case of the CKC, but even this didn’t hurt their popularity. The actual reason of not many dog breeds getting identified by the AKC is that they have a strict criterion which only allows the registration of the dogs, which already have their parents registered with them. According to the latest reports, around 150 dog breeds are identified by the AKC. Even if they have registered the dog with them, they keep a strict check on it; they check the kennel cleanliness and the DNA health, and if that doesn’t fall under their likeness, they suspend the registration immediately. The pricing plans for the dog registration are quite the different in between the American Kennel Club and the Continental Kennel Club. The AKC charges for both the canines and the litter’s registration, whereas CKC only goes up with the canine registration. The AKC has a strict check on the DNA and the kennel condition of the registered dog, in case if they feel the conditions falling below the standard level, they cancel the registration.


  • The AKC is the dog registry club abbreviated as American Kennel Club, whereas CKC is the dog registry club abbreviated as the Continental Kennel Club.
  • The American Kennel Club is in the business since 1880’s. Contrary to this, the CKC got established in 1991.
  • The AKC recognizes 150 dog breeds while CKC recognizes 450 dog breeds.
  • The AKC charges for both the registration of litters and canines. Conversely, the CKC only charges for the registration of canines.
  • The AKC only allows the registration of the dogs, which already have their parents registered with them. Although, doesn’t go the very same with the CKC.

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