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CKC vs. AKC: What's the Difference?

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CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and AKC (American Kennel Club) are dog breed registry organizations in Canada and the United States respectively, each establishing standards for and keeping records on purebred dogs.

Key Differences

CKC and AKC, while serving similar fundamental purposes of registering purebred dogs and organizing dog shows, operate within their respective countries of Canada and the United States. CKC, which exclusively serves Canada, provides guidelines for breed standards and organizes events within Canadian territories. Conversely, AKC is an American entity that operates primarily within the United States, maintaining its registry, and orchestrating events and shows domestically.
CKC, encompassing a variety of breeds and standards, strives to provide resources, guidelines, and support for dog breeders and owners within Canada. AKC, on the other hand, maintains its focus within the United States, offering resources, educational materials, and support for American breeders and dog enthusiasts. Both organizations aspire to enhance the experience and knowledge of dog enthusiasts within their respective territories.
While CKC emphasizes promoting purebred dogs and organizing related events in Canada, it establishes standards pertinent to Canadian breeders and enthusiasts. AKC in its approach, similarly focuses on establishing breed standards, endorsing responsible dog ownership, and organizing events within the United States, catering to a diverse range of breeds and adhering to its defined standards.
CKC aims to be a comprehensive resource for dog owners and breeders in Canada, providing a platform for registering dogs, organizing events, and providing educational materials. In a similar vein, AKC aims to support and guide dog owners and breeders in the United States, providing a platform for dog registration, event organization, and access to a plethora of resources and materials pertaining to dog breeds and breeding.
Both CKC and AKC hold formidable reputations within their respective countries, with breeders often preferring to register with the organization situated within their country of residence due to relevancy and accessibility of resources and events. CKC and AKC, while analogous in mission, operate independently and within their respective regional contexts, tailoring their services and support to Canadian and American audiences respectively.

Comparison Chart

Country of Operation

Operates in Canada.
Operates in the United States.


Primarily Canadian members.
Primarily American members.

Breed Recognition

Recognizes certain unique breeds.
Recognizes different unique breeds.

Event Location

Hosts events within Canada.
Hosts events within the United States.

Legislation and Advocacy

Advocates for laws affecting dogs in Canada.
Advocates for laws affecting dogs in the U.S.

CKC and AKC Definitions


CKC advocates for responsible dog ownership.
CKC campaigns often highlight the importance of responsible breeding and ownership.


AKC manages various dog events and shows.
The AKC National Championship is one of the largest dog shows in the United States.


CKC establishes and maintains breed standards.
Breed standards for the Poodle are available on the CKC website.


AKC is a predominant dog breed registry in the United States.
My Beagle is registered with the AKC, ensuring its pedigree documentation.


CKC provides resources for dog breeders and owners.
I found valuable training resources through CKC’s online platform.


AKC maintains stringent breed standards.
Breeders often refer to AKC guidelines to ensure their dogs meet official breed standards.


CKC is a major dog registry in Canada.
The CKC hosts numerous dog shows across Canada each year.


AKC offers educational resources for dog owners.
AKC’s website has ample information on training and caring for different dog breeds.


CKC organizes events and competitions.
My dog won a ribbon at a CKC-sanctioned event last weekend.


AKC advocates for dogs and dog owners on a legislative level.
AKC actively works to influence legislation that impacts dog ownership and breeding in the U.S.


How do CKC and AKC differ in their breed standards?

While both have rigorous standards, certain breed specifications might slightly vary between CKC and AKC.

Can a dog be registered with both CKC and AKC?

Yes, if the dog satisfies each organization's requirements and both parents are registered with CKC and AKC respectively.

Can a breed recognized by AKC be unrecognized by CKC and vice versa?

Yes, each organization has its own list of recognized breeds, and there can be differences between them.

What is the importance of CKC's advocacy for dog owners at the legislative level?

CKC advocates for laws that safeguard the interests of dogs and responsible breeders and owners in Canada.

How can one register a dog with the AKC?

Registration can be done online or via mail, provided that the dog's parents are AKC-registered and adhere to AKC regulations.

How does CKC ensure the ethical breeding of registered dogs?

CKC sets breeding guidelines and standards that registered breeders must adhere to ensure ethical practices.

Does CKC provide any assistance or resources for breed rescue organizations?

Yes, CKC provides support and resources for breed clubs and rescue organizations, aiding in rescue efforts.

How does AKC assist in ensuring the health and well-being of registered breeds?

AKC supports research on canine health, offers resources on breed health, and sets breeding guidelines to ensure healthy pups.

How does AKC serve dog owners in the United States?

AKC provides a registry for purebred dogs, defines breed standards, and organizes events and shows in the U.S.

Is participation in CKC events limited to Canadian residents?

While events are held in Canada, non-residents can participate, adhering to specific eligibility requirements.

Are CKC and AKC affiliated or linked in any way?

While both are dog registry bodies, CKC and AKC operate independently and are not affiliated.

Does AKC provide resources for novice dog owners?

Yes, AKC provides a variety of resources including training tips, care guidelines, and educational materials for all dog owners.

Can a dog be registered with CKC if its parents are registered with AKC?

Yes, with stipulations and adherence to CKC registration requirements, and if the breed is recognized by CKC.

Does AKC collaborate with foreign kennel clubs for dog shows or events?

AKC has collaborated with foreign clubs for certain events, but generally, it operates within the United States.

Are CKC and AKC registrations recognized internationally?

Both are respected entities, but international recognition might require additional processes with foreign kennel clubs.

What resources does CKC offer for aspiring breeders?

CKC offers guidelines on ethical breeding, resources on breed standards, and access to educational materials.

What is the CKC's main function?

CKC registers purebred dogs, establishes breed standards, and hosts related events in Canada.

What types of events does AKC organize?

AKC organizes a variety of events including conformation shows, obedience trials, and agility competitions.

How does one participate in dog shows organized by AKC?

Participants must ensure their dogs are AKC-registered, meet specific breed standards, and adhere to event rules.

Can an AKC-registered dog participate in CKC events and vice versa?

It's possible, subject to adherence to the hosting body’s rules, regulations, and potential reciprocal agreements.
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