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Quicken vs. QuickBooks: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 12, 2023
Quicken is personal finance management software, while QuickBooks is an accounting software primarily designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

Key Differences

Quicken, in its essence, focuses on individual financial management. Individuals leveraging Quicken find its intuitive design conducive for managing, planning, and understanding their financial landscape. Meanwhile, QuickBooks, developed by the same company, Intuit Inc., as Quicken, tends to navigate towards a more business-centric utility.
QuickBooks orbits around providing comprehensive financial solutions for businesses. It is an accounting software that is chiefly used by small and medium-sized businesses for managing and paying all their bills, accepting business payments, and performing payroll functions. On the contrary, Quicken stands tall as a tool predominantly for personal finance, aiding users in streamlining their spending, banking, and even investment management.
An interesting aspect of Quicken is its broad applicability to investment tracking. The software enables users to seamlessly track and manage their investments, create budgeting plans, and even delve into future financial planning. In contrast, QuickBooks brings an aura of business functionality, assisting in tasks such as invoice creation, business expense tracking, and financial reporting, focusing more on the financial ins and outs of a business rather than an individual.
Notably, Quicken might lean more towards users who want to deepen their understanding and control over their personal financial picture. It aids in debt reduction planning, retirement planning, and possesses robust tools that assist in making informed investment decisions. QuickBooks, while it doesn't delve deep into personal financial planning, it carries the mantle for businesses by managing their comprehensive accounting needs with features like tax filing, payroll, and expense management.
Quicken often emerges as a cost-effective solution for individual users to navigate their personal financial maze with adept management and planning. QuickBooks, although it may bear a steeper price point, compensates by offering extensive features and tools which businesses require to ensure their accounting, payroll, and financial reporting are accurate, timely, and efficient.

Comparison Chart

Primary Use

Personal financial management
Business accounting and financial management

User Base

Small to medium-sized businesses

Feature Set

Focuses on budgeting, investments, etc.
Emphasizes invoicing, tax filing, expense tracking, etc.


Limited third-party integrations
Extensive integrations with business-related apps


Generally less expensive
Can be pricier due to additional business functionalities

Quicken and QuickBooks Definitions


Quicken is a personal finance management tool.
Using Quicken, Sarah was able to manage her expenses effectively and save for her vacation.


QuickBooks is a comprehensive business accounting software.
Small businesses often use QuickBooks to manage their invoices, expenses, and income.


Quicken offers robust features for investment tracking.
The investment section in Quicken helped John keep a close eye on his stock portfolio.


QuickBooks allows businesses to track and manage their expenses.
Using QuickBooks, the company could easily categorize and monitor all their expenditures.


Quicken is renowned for its user-friendly budgeting tools.
Quicken enabled Emily to create a budget that helped her manage monthly expenses efficiently.


QuickBooks provides functionalities for payroll management.
The HR team utilized QuickBooks to streamline the payroll process ensuring timely salary disbursement.


Quicken provides detailed insights into spending patterns.
With Quicken's reports, Lisa identified areas to cut spending and increase her savings.


QuickBooks provides features for tax preparation and filing.
At tax time, Carol used QuickBooks to efficiently gather and report all necessary financial data.


Quicken aids in planning for future financial goals.
Quicken's planning tools allowed Robert to establish a viable plan for his retirement savings.


QuickBooks assists in creating and managing invoices for businesses.
QuickBooks enabled the firm to generate and send invoices to clients promptly and efficiently.


To make more rapid
Stress quickens the pulse.


To cause (a body or soul, for example) to become alive; vitalize.


Is payroll management available in QuickBooks?

Yes, QuickBooks offers robust payroll management features.

Can Quicken be used for business accounting?

While possible, Quicken is primarily intended for personal finance, not comprehensive business accounting.

Who is the typical user of QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is typically used by small to medium-sized businesses.

Is there a mobile app available for Quicken?

Yes, Quicken offers a mobile app for on-the-go financial management.

Can I track my investments using Quicken?

Yes, Quicken provides features for tracking and managing investments.

Can I use Quicken to plan for retirement?

Yes, Quicken has tools for retirement planning and savings management.

Does QuickBooks facilitate invoice generation?

Yes, QuickBooks provides features to create, manage, and send invoices.

Is cloud functionality available in Quicken?

Yes, Quicken offers cloud functionality, allowing for financial tracking from multiple devices.

What operating systems support Quicken?

Quicken is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Can QuickBooks be used by freelancers?

Yes, QuickBooks offers plans specifically tailored for freelancers and independent contractors.

What is the primary purpose of Quicken?

Quicken is designed for personal financial management.

Can QuickBooks integrate with other business apps?

Yes, QuickBooks can integrate with a variety of business-related applications.

Can I create custom financial reports using Quicken?

Yes, Quicken allows users to create custom reports based on their financial data.

Does QuickBooks offer support and resources?

Yes, QuickBooks provides various resources and customer support for users.

Can QuickBooks be used for personal finance?

It can, but QuickBooks is specifically tailored for business accounting needs.

Is Quicken suitable for budget management?

Yes, Quicken offers various tools to create and manage budgets.

Does QuickBooks provide tax filing functionalities?

Yes, QuickBooks offers features for tax preparation and filing.

Is QuickBooks available in a cloud version?

Yes, QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based version of the software.

Can I manage property and loans with Quicken?

Yes, Quicken allows management and tracking of loans and property-related finances.

How does QuickBooks assist in expense tracking?

QuickBooks enables businesses to categorize, track, and manage all their expenditures.
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