Difference Between Director and Producer


Main Difference

The difference between a director and a producer is that a director plays an essential role in the creative vision of film whereas a producer deals with the finance, distribution, production, and marketing of the film.

Director vs. Producer

A film comprises a large number of cast and crew teams which are lead by two significant authorities are commonly known to us as director and producer. A director is a person who has the magic in hand, the spell that gives the movie a mesmerizing touch or in other words one responsible for the film’s visual effects and creates scenes that may attract the audience. On the other hand, a producer is one who deals with the additional offset detailing that may include financing, producing the film and moreover distribution or publicizing the film. Director and producers could be taken as the two leaders that lead the film off-screen. For example in a school play, where school headmaster provides students with stage, audience, materials, etc. and a teacher is appointed to make student practice and manage all the visual effects of play either it is entrance or exit, climax or end, a funny or a serious script, the teacher manages to work out with the students, to give life to their play. Here the headmaster is the producer, and the teacher is a producer.


Comparison Chart

The one who creates the visual effects for the scene is a director.The one who finances the film/movie/drama etc. is the producer.
Relation to the Set
Director has a connection to set in such a way that is creating the image at the set, decorating it and applying all the creativity to make it really is the responsibility of the director.The producer is responsible for financing all the efforts made by the director in order to give life to the show.
Relation to the Screen
Director makes the movie iconic for the viewers but is an off-screen character.Producer though finances and publicizes the film yet has no onscreen appearance.
Interaction with Crew
Director is the one who deals with the crew. Deals with every single person and everyone works on his instructions.The producer is the one who is only responsible for the payment of the crew; all the check and balance of their performance are directed by the director.
Interaction with Public
Director only deals with the people on set.Producer publicizes his work and has direct interaction with the public at times usually known as the promotion of the films.
Major Responsibilities
To give life to the scenes. To make everything feel real.To finance all the expenses of film and to publicize the movie.

Who is a Director?

A director is one who controls everything that the audience sees from the decoration of the set to the acting of the actors. For their job, they do have a close connection with everyone on set. They work hard to make the movie look like what people see or what the writer just imagined. It is like magic in the hands of a director that they spell over the sets and make movie/drama/act jaw-dropping for the viewers. Directors are the one that makes the audience to cry or to laugh insanely. They worked hard and had to coordinate with every single person and in contact with every single thing on or related to the set. Their responsibilities include supervising the lighting, decorating and the set makeover the crew, making cue cards in case actors could not remember dialogues, dealing with sound effects, listening and solving the problems of the team and the cast. In addition to it, they have to be careful to keep the story on track and make sure that play is depicted as envisioned. Besides all this, he also plays an essential role in script revision, in casting the compatible actors to the script and more overproduction design too.

Who is a Producer?

The producer is one who is responsible for overseeing everything on the set from a selection of director to the hiring of the crew and publicizing the film. They are the back support of the film ensuring that the budget does not exceed and maintaining the quality too. They are the financial supporters of the film too. They head the movies in a way that they publicize their movie. In addition to it, they also help in the selection of the cast and may also be there for the rehearsal. They often have to stay overnight at the set to ensure that the play ends in time. Their responsibilities also include a search of a unique play to which they would finance, carrying out all the meetings with the theatre production, choosing the play script, seeing that the director is well coordinated or not and in addition to it they also have to raise money to pay for the theatre production.

Key Differences

  1. A director is one who makes the scenes of a film come to life whereas a producer pays for it.
  2. A director works to keep the play on track whereas a producer is the one who searches for the unique play and chooses the script.
  3. A director coordinates with the cast and crew whereas the producer keeps an eye that the director remains well coordinated.
  4. The director selects the cast as per the script requirement whereas the producer chooses the director for the film.
  5. The director directly works on the things that enable the beautiful depiction of the play whereas the producer finances it.
  6. The director manages the artistic aspects while the whole project is head by the producer.


The producer and director both are the two supporting pillars of a successful play. Producer works behind the set to publicize the film and director works with the cast and crew to make the envisioned script make real. The producer deals with the legal and logistic aspects whereas the director manages shooting and editing process.