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Uber vs. Lyft

First of all, Uber is much older than its competitor Lyft. These are transportation network companies to offer ride-sharing, which was worked out in efforts to have an alternative to Taxi. Lyft offers you to make a pickup request and then you ride and pay after arriving your destined spot. Uber can be approached by One Tab with an obvious pricing and it is a cashless and comfortable ride for you. Both these transportation companies reimburse drivers for tickets handed out unduly at airports and for any damage for the car due to passengers' negligence. Uber is considered after assessment to arrive sooner than Lyft cars. In Uber, it is seen drivers are mostly male having better directional knowledge than Lyft drivers have. Both the services come with ride services for workplaces; however, Uber for Business and Lyft for Work to provide rides for employees.

Key Differences

Lyft's circle of operation is small than Uber's which is working in at least 200 cities while the former has only crossed 60 cities.
Uber has been providing services for much longer than Lyft.
Uber vehicles reach sooner than Lyft's cars, which are more sluggish in getting their clients.
Lyft app has more functions and is convenient for users as compared to Uber's app.
Uber includes more vehicles than Lyft does.
Uber drivers are seen well dressed and likely to serve their clients by opening the door for them, while drives of Lyft show fist bumps while greeting clients.
Janet White
Jan 05, 2016

Comparison Chart


A transport company based in America with its network spreads across the world.
A transport company based in America.


Circle of operation is large with 200 cities.
Circle of operation is small in 60 cities.


More functions


On time
Can be late

Uber and Lyft Definitions


Super; high-level; high-ranking


Very; super

Definition of Uber

Uber is a transport company based in America with its network spreads across the world. The transportation network company develops, marks and runs Uber mobile App to facilitate customers having smartphones to submit a trip demand so that it may be routed to Uber drivers who would be picking them up by using their own vehicles. Fare for Uber is quite similar with that of metered taxis; however, all hiring and payment is handled directly through Uber rather than with the driver. The brand offers its clients a choice to choose between regulated taxi cab company or other forms of transportation and it will provide drivers with pliant and independent jobs.

Definition of Lyft

Lyft is also an American transportation network company (TNC) to facilitate passengers with a ride along with driver having own vehicle. The company runs across the US. Lyft’s mobile app compatible with iOS and Android allows you to free sign up, to get started. Whenever you want a ride, you can simply open the app, request a ride and you will be approached by nearby driver. After confirmation, the app shows you the driver’s name, photo and his car, who is going to get you. There are three types of rides offered by Lyft.

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