Difference Between CV and Resume

Main Difference

Both these terms refer to such documents in which individuals provide their qualification and achievements, seeking job or employment to an HR of some organization. CV is an acronym of Curriculum Vitae, a Latin word meaning course of life. The word Resume has been borrowed from French Language that is used for a document in which individuals present their backgrounds and expertise. VC provides documents with detail and it can be contained more than one pages, sometimes even more, with a full details of a person’s achievements with a career biography. Resume is mostly comprised of one page with a concise document with the highlighted features of an individual. Resume aims at providing basic information in once glance to the one whom it is provided. A CV contains educational history and other achievements such as awards and other extra-curricular gains. Resume does not include the achievements and awards other than education and the basic qualification. The design and layout of both these items also have some basic variations. A CV is maintained chronologically covering entire the career of a person. Resume provides surface details of achievements of a person. CV is static, while Resume is highly customisable. CV can be as long as the details a person wants to provide to whom he/she is applying. Resume can be as short as one page. CV includes references on demand, Resume has no place for such things.

Comparison Chart

Lengthy up to 2-3 pagesShorter up to 1 page
Contains detailed features of an individualContains major achievements of an individual

What is CV?

CV is basically an acronym of Latin word ‘Curriculum Vitae’, which stands for ‘course of life’. It comprises of written overview of an individual’s working experiences and other achievements in the life apart from the basic education such as if a person has done some short course along with masters in specific field, all these will be detailed in a CV. It is a comprehensive document containing each and everything a person wants tell the one whom it was delivered, seeking job or employment. CV usually consists of more than one page as it aims to provide every tiny detail from a person’s life and achievement.

What is Resume?

Resume is a French word and can be considered a shorter form of CV as it contains less detail than CV does. It is designed to provide a specific, mostly, general detail about a person to the one whom needed to provide the details in order to seek job opportunities. It is usually limited to one page and contains basic information without any extra-curricular achievements. The layout of a Resume can vary and it can be made from the stemming point of your career or you can also start it with the last qualification or achievement of your career.

Key Differences

  1. CV is a term, derived from Latin word; Resume is borrowed from French language
  2. CV is lengthy, while Resume is shorter than the former
  3. CV contains detail features of an individual; Resume mentions major achievements in it
  4. CV can be as long as a person wishes to make it; Resume can surpass one page
  5. CV is static, whereas is highly customizable
  6. A CV contains educational details as well as other achievements; Resume highlights only major accomplishments

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These two terms have been used a lot by people around the world and may give the impression that they are different from each other. The details above have tried to remove that impression from people’s mind by giving them a general idea of how they are just the two different names of the same thing.