Telnet vs. FTP

The difference between telnet and FTP is that telnet allows a client user to login to the remote server to access its resources whereas FTP is a file transfer protocol…


Antivirus vs. Internet Security

The difference between antivirus and internet security is that antivirus provides protection against viruses whereas internet security provides protection against spyware, phishing, spam and email attachments. There is a malicious…


Linker vs. Loader

The difference between linker and loader is that linker generates an executable module of a source program whereas loader loads the executable module to the main memory. There are utility…



MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging service, whereas SMS stands for Short Messaging service. Multimedia messages contain multimedia files in the messages and can be sent from source to the destination….



Both are used as a programming language for development of the web. The main differences between XML and WML are XML intentionally developed for computers or other large screen devices…


DVD-R vs. CD-R

DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc. DVD-R is the readable digital video disc that once writes and is played again and again. The media stored on such disc is once…


ALU vs. CU

ALU and CU both are the two basic components of a CPU (Central Processing Unit) in a computer system. ALU stands for the Arithmetic Logical Unit whereas CU stands for…



A computer completes when many components come together to form a device, each one of them has own significance and the way they make things happen. The two most important…


Tablet vs. PDA

Touchscreen devices have become prevalent in our lives and the days of the keyboard, and bigger sized objects are long gone. That said, several types of new tools have become…

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