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A computer is used for several purposes and one of the main ones these days has become the documentation. Many companies do their paperwork on these devices where work can be saved in a proper manner and can be typed down in relative formats. This work can be in the form of different ways such as text work, pictures, videos and even presentations. One of the most convenient ways to type the text work is Microsoft Office where people have various options from entering data, typing text and even creating presentations. There are different applications within this network which help in creating these files and one of the most important ones which are used by millions around the world is Microsoft Word Document. People can type text to create blogs, documents, articles and even reports. There are different formats in which this format can be saved and they are called doc and docx file extensions. Both are rather dissimilar to each other and these differences will be explained in this space. The main difference is obviously the name of files, the doc, and docx both can be converted to each other for the ease of people since many of them are using new or older versions. Doc file extension was the first one used by Microsoft word and had been the default one until 2003, which ran until 2006 since there was no new version introduced up till then. The docx version was introduced in 2007 and became the default version and has been the main one ever since. So basically, it is the type of version which a person is using that will help in determining the file version being used. To open the older versions, there aren't any major issues and the document automatically opens them in the compatibility mode. One other difference between these two is that doc version had several issues when the document was to be open in other applications of similar types, most of the times they failed to read the files. This reason and other innovative ideas which were presented to the company led to the introduction of docx file which can be opened in different formats and people are easily able to use other software if they want since the document is compatible with many other ones. There are other ways of showing the difference as well but a brief explanation of both these types will be given in the next two paragraphs while differences, in a nutshell, will be given at the end of this article to clarify how they differ.

Key Differences

Doc file was not compatible with other similar software while Docx file is compatible with much other software and can be opened easily.
Doc is proprietary format while the docx file is the open format.
Janet White
Dec 13, 2016
Doc file was used in MS World since the beginning until 2007, the docx file extension was introduced in 2007 and has been used ever since.
There were minimal options in the text and design in the doc version while there are many new innovative options available in the docx
The newer windows versions come with the latest docx format but the older format can be downloaded installed for the older types.
MS doc was the default version of Microsoft word while the docx format is the newer version of MS doc extension.
Doc extension can be opened in the newer version in the form of compatible mode while docx files can be opened in the older versions easily.
Janet White
Dec 13, 2016
The size of a file in the doc format is greater than the file size in the newer docx
Aimie Carlson
Dec 13, 2016

Comparison Chart


MS Doc was the default version of Microsoft word
the Docx format is the newer version of MS doc extension.

Time Period

Beginning – 2007
2007 – Today


was not compatible with other similar software
is compatible with much other software and can be opened easily.


Extension can be opened in the newer version in the form of compatible mode
files can be opened in the older versions easily.
Samantha Walker
Dec 13, 2016

Doc and Docx Definitions


A person with an advanced degree licensed to practice in a medical field, such as a physician, dentist, or veterinarian.


(informal) A doctor.


A document, especially (in professional jargon) a piece of technical documentation or legal evidence.


(informal) A documentary.


Clipping of doctorate


A licensed medical practitioner;
I felt so bad I went to see my doctor


The United States federal department that promotes and administers domestic and foreign trade (including management of the census and the patent office); created in 1913

Definition of Doc

There was always a need to bring in software on which people can do their office word and other documentation online and keeping this in view, Microsoft introduced the version of word with the doc extension where people were able to input data and store it in various types depending on the type of activities they want to perform. The main one was the Microsoft word where the option of creating files such as documents, reports and even entering text for the sake of articles and assignments was possible. This was the main type of extension which was used until the version of 2003, the size of these documents used to be large and there were many compatibility issues related to these since they were not being able to recognize by other similar software. Keeping this error in mind and with the aim of introducing new options Microsoft had to abandon this type of format though it is still used in many industries who used the old office version.

Definition of Docx

In 2007 when Microsoft introduced the new version the old format was replaced by the new one which was called docs. The main benefit of this file extension was that the file size was almost 80% less than the previous version meaning there was less space consumed by this extension. The other advantage was that this was compatible with much other software which was able to recognize the format and it could be open in different extensions. There are other benefits of it too, it is faster than the previous versions and has many other new text options along with the designs innovation, the insert equations tab has been updated too which makes it easier for people to enter data and solve complex equations through this file format. It has been the main format now for over 10 years and looks set to many more years of dominance.

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