Difference Between Network and Internet


Primary Difference

Computers and their systems are complicated in their way, and it gets doubly tough when you have to know about two terms related to this subject that act already used in the regular language. The ones discussed adequately in this article are Network and Internet, they may seem different from each other, and then they may appear similar to each other. The main difference between them comes in their definition; a network is a connection of one or more computers placed in an environment, and the internet is the relationship of computers connecting them from all over the world.

Comparison Chart

DefinitionA group of two or more computer systems which are linked together.Several networks of working that are linked together.
LocationPresent within a restricted geographical area such as an institute or home.It ranges from one country to another.
ConnectionGet to interact with each other from face to face.Do not always get to interact with each other face to face.
TypesLocal Area Network, Wide Area Network, Campus Area Network and Home Area Network.World Wide Web.
AimTo get connected and complete work at fast rates.To get access to news and information.

Definition of Network

When we talk about a network, it is considered a big group of several connections and that is the best way to describe it. Many scenarios are existent within an environment where we do things, and hence, this term gets defined in all those. For a simple term, it gets defined as the arrangement of interconnected people or things. We go towards the definition in math; it becomes the arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines. If we look at this term in a computer system, then it is the group of two or more computer systems which are linked together. One thing that becomes critical in the usage is that all the devices at one time are present close to each other. As long as they are connected and working under the same LAN system, then they will be part of the network. Several kinds of computer systems exist. The main one is called the Local Area Network where all the device is in the same building. The other is Wide Area Network where the computers are not that close to each other but connected with the help of wires or telephone lines. The next one is the Campus Area Network where the computers are within the geographical area of a particular university or base. The last one is the Home Area Network where all the work is carried out within a personal space such as a room or home that connects all the digital devices to function properly. Many characteristics associated with these terms also become part of an extended network.


Definition of Internet

The Internet is a broader term which connects all the computers in the world through a mode of communication in which data gets transferred at a fast speed within the domains. More than 200 countries get connected in this way for the exchange of data, news, and opinions. It works in a simple way, where people get to create websites, and others read stuff on them for information. The Internet is decentralized where all the computers are called the host and are independent. Everyone who uses those computers are free to decide which tools should get utilized and how particular the local services are. Most of the times are the broadband connection from where all the internet services and links become visible, but some paid ways such as Internet Service Provider also give a proper infrastructure to gain access. Most people confuse the terms with each other since and they are worldwide web and the internet, but both are different in many ways, the internet is a term that is broad and contains all sorts of ways that connect each other and provide people with opportunities to go online. The other term becomes accurate as they only include the website portals that become a source of information. Another interesting question that arises is that who owns this extensive database, and the answer is straightforward, no one. It is more like a concept and not an entity, and that’s a unique thing about it.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. A network gets defined as a group of two or more computer systems which are linked together. The internet is described as several networks of working that are connected.
  2. A network is usually present within a restricted geographical location such as an institute or home whereas the internet is broader, and ranges from one country to another.
  3. People who are part of a network get to interact with each other from face to face as they are in the
  4. same location but the people on the internet do not always get to interact with each other because more than 200 countries are part of it.
  5. The Internet allows people to access the web and get more information about things around the world whereas a network helps in connecting people together, so they work properly and get tasks done.
  6. Main types of a network are Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Campus Area Network and Home Area Network. The main type of internet is the world wide web.

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Both these terms are essential in making sure that a person gets to know about the basics of the computer and internet world and this article has tried its best to devise a clear and precise understanding when it comes to a network and the internet. This action gets done through proper examples and relations discussed.

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