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Network vs. Internet: What's the Difference?

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Network is a collection of interconnected computers and devices. Internet is a global network of networks enabling device connectivity.

Key Differences

A network refers to an interconnected collection of computers and devices that can communicate and share resources with each other. On the other hand, the internet serves as a colossal, global system of interconnected computer networks.
In a network, the connection can be established via wireless mediums or physical cables. Whereas, the internet integrates countless networks worldwide, enabling global communication and data exchange.
Managing a network generally involves handling local, organizational-level infrastructures. The internet management demands a collaborative approach, ensuring seamless global connectivity.
Security within a network can be closely monitored and controlled due to its confined environment. In contrast, the internet demands sophisticated protocols and measures due to its widespread and public nature.
While a network can exist independently without the internet, the internet itself is constituted by an immense amalgamation of various networks worldwide.

Comparison Chart


A system of interconnected computers/devices
A global system of interconnected networks


Can be local (e.g., LAN) or wide-area
Always global


Usually restricted to members
Generally public


Can be centrally managed
Managed by various entities worldwide


Can be created for specific, localized use
Enables global connectivity and data sharing

Network and Internet Definitions


Network, in mathematics and science, refers to a graph depicting points interconnected by lines.
The network of water molecules enables the existence of liquid water.


Internet, as a term, implies the vast "network of networks" providing varied online services.
The internet is a crucial tool for modern businesses.


A network is a collection of interconnected computers.
The company's network crashed due to a malware attack.


The internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks.
The internet has revolutionized global communication.


A network can also refer to a group of people or organizations interacting for a particular purpose.
She utilized her professional network to find a new job.


Internet denotes a means of connecting computers globally for information exchange.
We use the internet to access various educational resources.


Network, in social contexts, refers to interacting with others to exchange information and develop contacts.
Networking at the conference led her to several job opportunities.


Internet can refer to the global infrastructure that enables worldwide digital communication.
The internet facilitates international e-commerce transactions.


Network, in broadcasting, refers to organizations that provide a selection of programs for various stations.
The TV show will be broadcasted nationwide through a major network.


Internet is also a space where digital entities, such as websites and services, exist and operate.
My company's website is hosted on the internet.


An openwork fabric or structure in which cords, threads, or wires cross at regular intervals.


A publicly accessible system of networks that connects computers around the world via the TCP/IP protocol.


A system of lines or channels that cross or interconnect
A network of railroads.


Alternative case form of Internet


A complex, interconnected group or system
An espionage network.


(uncountable) Internet access or connection; internet connectivity.
Do you have internet at your place? My internet is down and I want to check my email.
Hello everyone, this is your daily dose of internet.


Can a network function without the internet?

Yes, a network, especially a local one (LAN), can function independently of the internet.

What is the internet?

The internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks enabling communication and data exchange.

How is a network secured?

A network is secured through various means like firewalls, anti-virus software, and encryption.

Who manages the internet?

The internet is managed by a combination of governmental, non-governmental, and private organizations worldwide.

What is the purpose of a network?

A network enables communication and resource sharing among interconnected devices.

How does the internet impact globalization?

The internet facilitates global communication, commerce, and information sharing, thereby significantly advancing globalization.

What is a network?

A network refers to interconnected computers and devices that communicate and share resources.

What is a social network?

A social network refers to platforms or spaces, often on the internet, where individuals connect, communicate, and share content.

What are network protocols?

Network protocols are rules and conventions for communication between network devices.

Why is the internet significant to e-commerce?

The internet enables online transactions, digital marketing, and global accessibility, which are vital to e-commerce.

What is a computer network made up of?

A computer network comprises computers, switches, routers, and communication channels (like cables or wireless signals).

What is the World Wide Web in relation to the internet?

The World Wide Web is a system of interlinked, hypertext documents accessed via the internet using browsers.

Is the internet safe to use?

The internet, while powerful, has risks and requires users to adhere to safety practices like using secure websites and not sharing personal information.

What is a VPN in networking?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows secure access to a network over the internet by encrypting all data transferred.

Can I create my own network?

Yes, creating your own network involves connecting computers and devices, usually via cables or wirelessly, and configuring them to communicate.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT refers to the interconnection of everyday objects and devices to the internet, enabling them to send and receive data.

How has the internet evolved over time?

The internet has evolved from a basic, government and academia tool to a global, accessible platform for information, communication, and commerce.

How can networks be categorized?

Networks can be categorized based on size (like LAN, WAN), topology (like star, mesh), and architecture (like peer-to-peer, client-server).

How does the internet work?

The internet works by using a protocol (TCP/IP) to route information among networks via devices like routers and switches, reaching computers via ISPs.

What is the role of Internet Service Providers (ISPs)?

ISPs provide users with access to the internet, usually for a fee, by connecting them to their network which is linked to the global internet.
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