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Encryption vs. Decryption

Encryption is method or process of converting or changing normal data into various sorts of programming based codes so that any unauthorized third party can not access it. Whereas Decryption is the process of converting that coded form of data again into the readable or normal form in which it was originally meant to be. Both these terms are inter-related with each other and are often used together.

Key Differences

Decryption is the method of receiving the coded data and converting it again into its original, useful form.
Encryption is done automatically as the data is sent by a machine referred as a source. Pre-installed programs convert the data into the secret codes before sending.
Decryption occurs at the destination machine. The machine receives and converts the coded form of data to its original, meaningful form. It can be both automatic and manual.
Samantha Walker
Sep 15, 2017
Encryption is the method of sending data in the form of secret codes that is not understandable and enable the security of the data.
Both these methods are inter-related with each other as they are the utmost preference for the security and privacy of data.

Comparison Chart


The process of converting normal data into coded form, to avoid from any unauthorized access is called Encryption.
The method of converting the coded data into its real original form is termed as Decryption.


Automatic: Whenever the data is transferred or sent between two machines, it is automatically encrypted.
Automatic and Manual: The receiver of the data automatically converts the data from the codes to original form. In some cases, it is done manually as well.


The person is sending the data to the destination, or we can say the source.
The receiver that receives the data and converts it. It is also known as a destination.


An employee is sending important documents to the manager.
The manager is receiving the important documents from the employee.
Janet White
Sep 15, 2017

Encryption and Decryption Definitions


The process or result of encrypting data.


To decipher.




To decode.


(cryptography) The process of obscuring information to make it unreadable without special knowledge, key files, or passwords.


A deciphered or decoded message.


(cryptography) A ciphertext, a cryptogram, an encrypted value. Usually used with the preposition "of" followed by the value that is hidden in it.


The process reversing an encryption, i.e. the process which converts encrypted data into its original form.


The process of converting messages in ordinary language, or other information into a secret coded form that cannot be interpreted without knowing the secret method for interpretation, called the key.


The activity of making clear or converting from code into plain text;
A secret key or password is required for decryption


The activity of converting from plain text into code

What is Encryption?

It is referred as the conversion of data into a secret code form that is safe from the unauthorized third party access, and no one can understand it. The phenomena of encryption are way too much old, and it has been used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for communicating with each other. In their times the messages were sent by substituting the common language letters with different signs and other marks, which indicates those letters. The receiver who originally meant to receive that message knew the meanings of the signs and was able to extract the original message from it. Various tools were used for making up the signs at that time. This scheme was quite useful as any other person gets the message was not able to understand it. The same phenomena leap from the pages of history and pass through a various phase of development. The modern form of such process is term as Encryption. As nowadays the communication is done through machines, the machines convert the original message into a coded form instructed by a program. This coded form is not understandable by humans and is of no use until converted back to its original form. The process of encryption has proved to be very much useful regarding data security and the user’s privacy.

What is Decryption?

Decryption is the method of converting the secretly coded data into its original form. The data in the coded form is of no use until and unless it converts into the original, meaningful form. For this purpose, the receiver of the data must be able to decrypt the data. In ancient times the messages which were sent in a secret sign based languages were only understandable by their specific and respective receivers as they were only aware of the meaning of the secret signs. They extract the original message from the signs by their converting abilities. As the machines are used for the modern communication, the machine at the destination is capable of converting the coded form of data into its original form. The machines automatically do the decryption of codes in maximum cases. However, in some situations, the phenomena are served manually as well. It is also known as un-encrypting of data.

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