Difference Between PC and Mac


Main Difference

PC and Mac always confuse the 21st century’s tech users. Though both are computers, there are several differences between them and they vary in many features. First of all, PC is the product of Microsoft while Mac is powered by Apple. As a matter of fact, the mouse we perform many difficult tasks with is basically introduced by Mac back in 1984, the year when it also brought in a graphic user interface (GUI). That development was followed by Microsoft’s introducing Microsoft Windows in the next year. However, the latter competitor surpassed Mac and dominated the tech world by designing its operating systems, which were developed to be compatible with an array of computer brands such as Dell, IBM, hp, Sony, etc. On the other side, the competitor merely designed its software for close integration of computer hardware and software, which was not compatible with other computer hardware. In light of the statistics, Microsoft has captured around 91% market, leaving 9% out of which Mac shares only 5%. The main operating system for Mac is OSX, while Microsoft Windows is of PC. Mostly, PC has support for extended RAM, double from that of offered by Mac. Similar is the case with hard drives which are also smaller in Mac than that of PC. Mac hardware and software are relatively more stable than those in PC that get crash more frequently. Mac not only runs its own operating system but also Windows, while PC can only go with Windows; however, both operating systems do support most open-source software as both are user-friendly. Cost is another difference worth to mention. Since Mac is more compatible for professional users, it’s costly as compared to PC. Mac computers and its accessories are available at Apple stores, while PCs and their accessories are to be found in a wide range of stores everywhere in the world.

Comparison Chart

Full Name
Personal ComputerMacintosh computer
Parent Company
Market Share
PC can be seen in the hands of any common personMac is mostly used by professionals

What is a PC?

PC stands for Personal Computer, which any individual who knows a little bit about computer can use either for business or personal purposes. PC is usually referred to as a computer system powered by Microsoft Operating System. PC has Microsoft Operating systems, which support and are compatible with a number of computer companies. Microsoft PC outnumber across the world as they are easy to operate by any individual having a little know-how about how to use a computer. The modern PCs have allowed as extended as 8 GB RAM to go with it. The operating system tends to crash recurrently and doesn’t support any other operating system to run on it except its own. Its accessories are easily available across the world at cheap prices.


What is a Mac?

Macintosh or Mac is a computer system powered by Apple, introduced by Steve Jobs. Mac operating system has the credit to introduce mouse and graphic user interface. This operating system has the least tendency to get crash and is more compatible and supportive for professional users. Mac can not only support and is compatible with its own operating system but is also compatible with Microsoft Windows. Mac computers are available at Apple stores and are relatively costly.

Key Differences

  1. PC stands for Personal Computer; Mac stands for Macintosh computer
  2. PC powered and developed by Microsoft; Mac is a product of Apple
  3. PC shares 91% market share; Mac has only 5% shares
  4. Microsoft Operating systems support much bigger RAM as compared to that of Mac
  5. PC only supports its own operating system; Mac is compatible for not only its own OS but also supports Microsoft Windows
  6. Microsoft PCs are cheap and found everywhere in the world; Apple’s Mac is expensive and can only be found at its company’s stores
  7. Mac is mostly used by professionals; PC can be seen in the hands of any common Joe
  8. Operating PC is easy; the operating system in Mac is complicated
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