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Main Difference

Mainframe Computers are the professional level commercial computers that work as a server and are used by the large organizations where data is processed in large quantity and is accessed by hundreds and thousands of users at a time. A Supercomputer is the fastest computer of all that possess the ability to do billions of calculations per second and can process data 100 times faster than the ordinary computers such as common personal computers. Mainframe computers are designed to deal with thousands of users accessing the system at a time whereas supercomputer are designed to be more quick and efficient regarding data processing.

Comparison Chart

Mainframe ComputerSupercomputer
DefinitionMainframe Computer is the professional level high ended computer used in large organizations to deal with thousands of concurrent users at the same time. It usually works as a server and serves a wide range of clients.The supercomputer is the high-ended computer with thousands of times more speed and processing ability than the normal computers.
Purpose and FunctionsMainframe Computers are built in a high ended way in which they can run multiple programs at a time, run multiple applications, and perform multiple tasks, deals with thousands of users accessing the server at the same time.Perform millions of large calculations in seconds, For effective, efficient and accurate processing and the result, Deals with a huge raw data and quickly process it into useful information.
BenefitsThousands of clients are a deal at a time, Saves the time, increase the effectiveness, provides flexibility, saves a large amount of data, access to thousands of users.Saves time being efficient and effective, High level of accuracy, Extreme processing speed, able to process more data in less time, Stream-less communication.
Used InLarge business organizations such as Banks, Government Database stations, Military organizations, Health Organizations, E-commerce, and E-business, etc.Space centers such as NASA, weather forecasting stations, scientific laboratories and Nuclear power stations.

What is Mainframe Computer?

Mainframe Computer is the high-ended professional computer system used in large organizations for dealing with thousands of concurrent users at the same time. Mainframe computers are extremely powerful regarding dealing and running multiple programs and applications on them at the same time. Usually, the mainframe computers work as the servers. They are very powerful servers for an organization or business as they possess the mastery ability to deal with a gigantic number of clients and concurrent users at the same time. Mainframe computers do not only deals with thousands of queries and requests from clients, but it is also quite powerful and effective in terms of doing various kinds of tasks at the same time with flexibility, accuracy, and effectiveness. Mainframe computers possess remarkable flexibility regarding providing assistance and are capable of running a large variety of OS (Operating Systems). These are used in large data based organizations and business firms in which hundreds and thousands of clients are to be a deal along with their numerous queries at the same time.


What is Supercomputer?

A supercomputer is the high-ended master blaster computer system that is better than all the rest computers systems of the world. Supercomputers possess the ability to perform billions of calculations per second and is capable of processing the data 100 times faster as compare to the common computers used in daily life all around the world. It focuses more on the processing speed and acceleration. It deals with providing more and more capacity and power of processing the data accurately and that too in the minimum time frame. They are completely able to perform complex calculations and can process a gigantic range of data at the same time. They are equipped with fast memory along with high ended software and hardware support. These are the most heavy duty and high-ended machines of the world. Supercomputers are used in scientific research centers such as space stations like NASA, weather forecasting stations, health research institutes, nuclear power stations and in various other extreme level organizations and research centers.

Mainframe Computer vs. Supercomputer

  • Mainframe Computer is the high-ended professional computer system used in large organizations for dealing with thousands of concurrent users accessing at the same time.
  • A Supercomputer is the high-ended master blaster computer that possesses the best processing power and speed as compare to all rest computer systems of the world.
  • A mainframe computer is designed to provide multiple access to the users and is capable of running multiple applications and programs at the same Thus they perform various tasks collectively.
  • Supercomputer focuses more on the processing power and speed.
  • Mainframe computers usually work as servers.

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