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Internet vs. Intranet: What's the Difference?

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Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers, while an intranet is a private network within an organization.

Key Differences

Internet is a vast, public network that links computers globally, while an intranet is a confined network tailored for a specific organization or group.
Internet provides access to information, services, and communication means worldwide, whereas an intranet primarily serves to share organization-specific data and tools among its members.
Internet operates with an open infrastructure and is accessible to anyone with a connection. On the other hand, intranet functions within closed boundaries, generally shielded by firewalls and is accessible only to specific individuals.
Internet encompasses innumerable websites, platforms, and services, driven by different agendas and interests. Conversely, an intranet has a defined purpose, catering solely to the needs and objectives of its organization.
Internet allows its users to engage in diverse activities, from social media to e-commerce. In contrast, an intranet emphasizes collaboration, information dissemination, and operational functionalities related to an organization.

Comparison Chart


Public and global
Private and limited to an organization


Diverse: Information, Communication, Entertainment
Specific: Internal Communication and Collaboration


Varies, can be vulnerable
Generally secured with firewalls


Massive, worldwide
Limited to an organization or specific group


Decentralized, multiple stakeholders
Centralized, controlled by a single entity

Internet and Intranet Definitions


The world's largest public digital network, providing access to countless resources.
Many students rely on the internet for research and studies.


An internal digital environment, typically secured and not accessible to the public.
Feedback forms for the upcoming event are available on the intranet.


An extensive network enabling global communication and information exchange.
Without the internet, global collaborations would be more challenging.


A restricted network designed for use within an organization.
Employees access the company's policies through the intranet.


A vast global system of interconnected computer networks.
Many people use the internet to communicate with friends and family.


A private internal network that operates within a single entity.
The intranet portal is updated with the latest company news.


The online space where data, websites, and online services are accessible.
Sarah found the recipe on the internet.


An organization's internal platform for communication and collaboration.
Training materials are often uploaded to the intranet for easy access.


A digital highway connecting millions of computers and servers worldwide.
The internet has transformed how businesses operate.


A secure, private network limited to a specific group of users.
The HR department uses the intranet to share confidential data.


A publicly accessible system of networks that connects computers around the world via the TCP/IP protocol.


A privately maintained computer network that can be accessed only by authorized persons, especially members or employees of the organization that owns it.


Alternative case form of Internet


(computing) A private computer network, typically one that uses the protocols of the Internet.


(uncountable) Internet access or connection; internet connectivity.
Do you have internet at your place? My internet is down and I want to check my email.
Hello everyone, this is your daily dose of internet.


A restricted computer network; a private network created using World Wide Web software




Any set of computer networks that communicate using the Internet Protocol; an intranet.


A fictitious unit of scoring awarded for making outstanding posts on the internet.


To use the Internet; specifically, to search for information using the Internet.
Having no idea what that means, I am internetting like mad.


To entwine or link (several things) together, so as to form a network; to interconnect, to network.


To connect (a computer, an electronic device, etc.) into a computer network (in particular, the Internet).


A large network{3} of numerous computers connected through a number of major nodes of high-speed computers having high-speed communications channels between the major nodes, and numerous minor nodes allowing electronic communication among millions of computers around the world; - usually referred to as the internet. It is the basis for the World-Wide Web.


A computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange


How has the internet changed global communication compared to intranets?

The internet has revolutionized global communication, making it instantaneous and widespread, while intranets have streamlined and enhanced internal organizational communications.

Is the internet safer than the intranet?

The intranet, being private and often protected by firewalls, tends to be more secure than the public internet.

Do I need a special browser to access the intranet?

No, standard web browsers can access intranets, but you might need login credentials.

How do companies benefit from using an intranet?

Intranets help in internal communication, collaboration, and sharing of resources within an organization.

Can everyone access an intranet?

No, intranets are typically restricted to members of a specific organization or group.

Is the internet bigger than the intranet?

Yes, the internet is a vast global network, while an intranet is confined to an organization or group.

Can an intranet be accessed outside an organization's premises?

With proper credentials and VPNs, some intranets can be accessed remotely.

Why would an organization prefer an intranet over the internet for some tasks?

Intranets offer privacy, security, and a controlled environment tailored to organizational needs.

Can the public access information on a company's intranet?

No, intranets are private networks, and outsiders cannot access them without proper credentials.

What is the main difference between the internet and intranet?

The internet is a global public network, while an intranet is a private network specific to an organization.

How is the content on the intranet regulated?

Content on an intranet is typically managed and regulated by the organization's IT and communication teams.

Are intranets becoming obsolete with cloud technologies?

Not necessarily. While cloud solutions are popular, many organizations still value the control and security of an intranet.

Does the internet have more websites than the intranet?

Yes, the internet hosts countless public websites, while an intranet usually has a limited number of internal sites.

Are emails sent over the internet or intranet?

While emails can be sent over both, internal emails within an organization often use the intranet.

Can you browse social media on the intranet?

No, intranets are for internal resources. However, you can access the internet from the same device to use social media.
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