Difference Between Update and Upgrade


Main Difference

The basic difference that exists between updating and upgrade is how these two methods are performed and which parts of hardware or software are affects by these two kind of services.

What is Update?

Updating means modernizing, improving, overhauling, or bringing something new and up to date version in a product with the help of patches of codes released by software developer or operator. Update is generally associated with software or operating system of any computing device. Update basically fix those problems of a program or software that were either not present at the time of development or mistakenly forgotten by the developer. So, in update there is no kind of physical replacement of product. It simple means to bring up the old version of a software to the latest version without actually replacing it.


What is Upgrade?

Upgrade means replacing the old product or commodity with a completely new version of the same product or commodity. The term upgrade mostly used with computing and electronic appliances and stands for replacement of a hardware, software or any part with a newer and better version with the aim of improving the characteristics of the product. In upgradation of computers, common examples includes installing additional RAM, replacing larger space hard disks with low space hard disks, replacing processor or graphics cards or installing a latest versions of software.

Key Differences

  1. Update mostly deals with the software and operating system of any computing devices while upgrade deals in both software and hardware.
  2. Update means making some changes in an existing product without actually replacing it. Upgrade means introducing something new or latest version of the previous product.
  3. Update is performed with the help of patches of codes released by developer or programmer as you see in form of Windows update notification. Upgrade means totally manufacturing the latest model or version also there exists some pattern of old product.
  4. Upgrade is something intangible development while upgrade is a form of tangible development.
  5. Update can be free and with price usually free as updating the existing version of MS Office. Upgrade means physically replacing a product so it means you have to purchase it from market that results in cost.
  6. Updates are more necessary as compare to upgrade.
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