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Telegram vs. Telegram X: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 14, 2024
Telegram is a popular messaging app known for its security and speed, while Telegram X is an alternative version offering a smoother user experience with additional experimental features.

Key Differences

Telegram is a messaging app renowned for its strong encryption and privacy-focused features. It allows for messaging, voice, and video communications. Telegram X is an offshoot of Telegram, designed to be faster and to use less battery power, with a sleeker user interface.
Telegram offers cloud-based messaging across multiple devices with seamless sync. It includes features like group chats, channels, and bots. Telegram X, while providing similar functionalities, focuses more on smoother animations, advanced features like gesture controls, and an overall more refined user experience.
The user interface of Telegram is straightforward and user-friendly, catering to a broad audience. In contrast, Telegram X offers a more modern and polished interface with additional customization options, appealing to users who seek advanced features.
Telegram is known for its regular updates and stable performance. Telegram X, initially introduced as an experimental app, often includes beta features and updates that may later be integrated into the main Telegram app.
Both Telegram and Telegram X provide secure messaging options, but Telegram X sometimes includes experimental security features and updates before they are rolled out to the main Telegram app.

Comparison Chart

User Interface

Sleeker and more modern


Fast and reliable
Faster with smoother animations

Feature Set

Standard features
Experimental and advanced features

Target Audience

General users
Users seeking advanced options

Update Frequency

Regular, stable
More frequent, includes beta features

Telegram and Telegram X Definitions


An app providing group chat, channels, and bot functionalities.
Our company uses Telegram channels to broadcast updates.

Telegram X

Features a more modern interface with additional customization options.
I customized my chat background in Telegram X.


A cloud-based instant messaging service focused on speed and security.
I use Telegram to securely chat with friends and family.

Telegram X

Includes experimental features and gesture controls not found in the standard Telegram app.
The gesture controls in Telegram X make navigation easier.


Known for its emphasis on user privacy and secure messaging.
Telegram's secret chats offer end-to-end encryption for privacy.

Telegram X

Designed for users who enjoy exploring advanced messaging features.
As a tech enthusiast, I prefer using Telegram X for its cutting-edge features.


Offers features like file sharing, stickers, and custom themes.
I shared the report with my team on Telegram.

Telegram X

An alternative version of Telegram, offering a smoother, more fluid user experience.
Telegram X's interface is really smooth and responsive.


A multi-platform messaging app offering encrypted text, voice, and video communication.
Telegram allows syncing of messages across all my devices.

Telegram X

Often receives new features and updates ahead of the main Telegram app.
Telegram X just got a feature that's not yet in the regular Telegram.


A message transmitted by telegraph.


To telegraph (something) or be telegraphed.


A message transmitted by telegraph.


(intransitive) To send a telegram.


(transitive) To send a telegram to (a person).


(transitive) To send (a message) in a telegram.


A message sent by telegraph; a telegraphic dispatch.


A message transmitted by telegraph


What makes Telegram X different from Telegram?

Telegram X offers a smoother user experience with advanced features and experimental updates.

Is Telegram secure for messaging?

Yes, Telegram is known for its strong encryption and privacy-focused features.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app known for its security, speed, and multi-platform support.

Can I use the same account on both Telegram and Telegram X?

Yes, you can use the same account on both apps with synchronized messages.

Are there differences in message syncing between Telegram and Telegram X?

Both apps offer seamless message syncing across devices, with no notable differences.

Can I join the same groups and channels on Telegram X as on Telegram?

Yes, groups and channels are accessible on both apps.

Do both Telegram and Telegram X support bots?

Yes, both apps support the use of bots.

Can I transfer my chat history from Telegram to Telegram X?

Yes, your chat history is automatically synced when you log into either app.

Which app is more user-friendly, Telegram or Telegram X?

Telegram has a more straightforward interface, while Telegram X is designed for users seeking advanced features.

Does Telegram X offer better security than Telegram?

Telegram X has similar security features to Telegram, sometimes with additional experimental security options.

Is Telegram X faster than Telegram?

Telegram X is often considered faster, especially in terms of animations and responsiveness.

Which app consumes more battery, Telegram or Telegram X?

Telegram X is designed to be more battery-efficient than the standard Telegram app.

Can I use both Telegram and Telegram X on the same device?

Yes, you can install and use both apps simultaneously on the same device.

Which app should I use for general messaging needs?

For general messaging, Telegram is a great choice due to its ease of use and stability.

Is Telegram X suitable for tech-savvy users?

Yes, Telegram X is ideal for tech-savvy users who enjoy exploring advanced features.

Are video calls supported on both Telegram and Telegram X?

Yes, both apps support video calls.

Are updates more frequent on Telegram X?

Yes, Telegram X often receives updates and new features more frequently.

Do both apps allow file sharing?

Yes, both Telegram and Telegram X allow file sharing.

Is the user interface customizable in both apps?

Yes, both apps offer customization options, with Telegram X providing more advanced options.

Is Telegram X an official app from the Telegram team?

Yes, Telegram X is an official alternative developed by the same team behind Telegram, focusing on experimental features and a different user experience.
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