Difference Between Lifestyle and Culture


Main Difference

The foremost between lifestyle and custom is that lifestyle focus on every tangible and intangible components whereas custom primarily focus on tangible components.

What is Lifestyle?

Lifestyle consult with the pursuits, opinions, behaviors, attitudes, and many others. of a specific explicit particular person, group, or society. It largely tends to the standard of dwelling of people. It may differ from particular person to particular person. In the equivalent place, two people may reside with fully totally different lifestyle. One is found of rural life and totally different favor to reside an metropolis vogue. Lifestyle is additional non-public reasonably than widespread. The time interval was first utilized by an Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler. It is combination of every tangible and intangible components. In tangible components, demographic components are included and in intangible components non-public values, preferences, and outlooks are included.


What is Culture?

Culture is the shared values of knowledge, notion, concepts, customs, ideas, habits, and many alternative associated points which could be widespread between the members of a specific society. Culture may also be makes use of to stipulate the sophisticated networks of practices and accrued information and ideas that is transmitted by means of social interaction and exist specifically human groups or cultures. Some factors of human behaviours like language, social practices like kinship, gender and marriage, expressive varieties like music, dance, ritual, religion, and utilized sciences like cooking, shelter, garments are often called to be cultural universals, usually current in all human societies. Culture is totally totally different from group to group, space to space, or nation to nation.


Key Differences

  1. Both lifestyle and custom are technique of evolution. However, lifestyle changes additional recurrently as consider to custom.
  2. Lifestyle largely centered on non-public vogue whereas custom refers to collective vogue.
  3. Lifestyle might be expressed in tangible and intangible components whereas custom primarily focus on tangible components.
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