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HD vs. HDX: What's the Difference?

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"HD" stands for High Definition, denoting a higher resolution in digital displays or content, whereas "HDX" is Vudu's proprietary label for its high-definition streaming format with advanced audio.

Key Differences

"HD" and "HDX" both represent terminologies linked to visual and audio content quality. "HD", or High Definition, has universally become synonymous with clarity in imagery and video, signifying an enhanced digital resolution, especially when compared to Standard Definition (SD).
On the other hand, "HDX" isn't as universally recognized as "HD". Instead, "HDX" is a proprietary term used by Vudu, a media content delivery company, to designate their highest quality streaming format. While both "HD" and "HDX" focus on delivering crisp visuals, "HDX" emphasizes not only on visual clarity but also advanced audio.
It's vital to recognize that "HD" is a broader term, spanning multiple platforms and technologies. Whether it's televisions, computer monitors, cameras, or streaming platforms, "HD" has cemented its place as a benchmark for superior image quality.
Contrarily, "HDX" is more niche, targeting users of the Vudu platform. While "HD" may represent a particular resolution standard (like 720p or 1080p), "HDX" ensures that viewers on Vudu experience not just high-definition visuals, but also superior audio quality.
In summation, while "HD" serves as a general industry standard for high-definition content across various devices and platforms, "HDX" specifically caters to Vudu's audience, offering them a comprehensive high-quality streaming experience.

Comparison Chart


High Definition denoting higher resolution.
Vudu's high-quality streaming format with enhanced audio.


Universal across devices and platforms.
Specific to the Vudu streaming platform.


Primarily visual clarity.
Visual clarity and advanced audio quality.


Usually 720p or 1080p.
At par or above standard HD resolutions with enhanced audio.


Globally recognized and accepted as a standard.
Recognized mainly among Vudu users.

HD and HDX Definitions


Representing clarity in visual content.
With an HD subscription, shows look incredibly vibrant.


Superior than standard HD on Vudu.
The difference between HD and HDX is noticeable in audio quality.


A standard for high-resolution digital content.
This movie is available in HD for clearer visuals.


A streaming quality emphasizing visuals and advanced audio.
HDX offers a cinematic experience at home.


A benchmark for quality in digital displays.
I prefer HD content for its sharpness.


A comprehensive high-definition experience on Vudu.
HDX rentals ensure both clear visuals and rich sound.


Enhanced clarity in digital imagery.
She bought an HD television for a better viewing experience.


Vudu's proprietary high-definition streaming format.
I rented the movie in HDX format for the best experience on Vudu.


A resolution higher than Standard Definition.
HD cameras capture intricate details.


Vudu's premium content quality offering.
For movie enthusiasts, HDX is worth the extra cost.


Why would one choose HDX over HD on Vudu?

HDX offers both high-definition visuals and advanced audio, providing a superior experience.

Are all HD displays the same resolution?

No, HD can refer to multiple resolutions, commonly 720p or 1080p.

Does HD only refer to visuals?

Primarily, HD refers to visual clarity, but it can also encompass audio quality depending on context.

What does HD stand for?

HD stands for High Definition.

Is HDX exclusive to a specific platform?

Yes, HDX is exclusive to the Vudu streaming platform.

Can I watch HDX content on non-Vudu platforms?

No, HDX is a proprietary format specific to Vudu.

Is the audio quality the same between HD and HDX?

No, HDX emphasizes advanced audio quality compared to standard HD.

Do all films or shows on Vudu come in HDX?

No, while many do, it depends on the content's availability and licensing agreements.

How does HD compare to SD?

HD offers a significantly higher resolution and clarity compared to SD (Standard Definition).

Can HD content be upscaled to HDX?

No, content originally in HD cannot be upscaled to HDX. However, on Vudu, you can usually choose to stream in HDX if available.

Is internet speed a factor when streaming HDX?

Yes, streaming in HDX typically requires a faster internet connection due to the larger data transfer.

Does HDX provide a better experience for all types of content?

While HDX enhances both visuals and audio, the difference might be more noticeable for certain films or genres, especially those with intricate sound design.

Do I need a special device to play HDX content?

While most modern devices support HDX, it's best to check Vudu's device compatibility list.

What kind of equipment do I need to fully experience HDX audio quality?

A good quality sound system or headphones can help you appreciate the enhanced audio of HDX.

Can I downgrade from HDX to HD if I face streaming issues?

Yes, on Vudu, you can choose to stream in HD if you face issues with HDX playback.

Does HDX cost more than HD on Vudu?

Typically, HDX content might be priced slightly higher due to its enhanced quality.

How significant is the difference between HD and HDX?

While HD and HDX both offer high-definition visuals, HDX provides a noticeable improvement in audio quality on Vudu.

Can HDX be considered as 4K?

No, while HDX offers high-definition streaming, it's not equivalent to 4K resolution.

Is there a significant price difference between HD and HDX content on Vudu?

There might be a slight price difference due to the superior quality of HDX, but it varies based on content.

Is there a noticeable difference in file size when downloading HD vs. HDX?

Yes, HDX files are typically larger due to their enhanced visual and audio quality.
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