Difference Between HD and HDX


Main Difference

There are different formats in which a video can be shot and with the developing technology there are several advancements taking place which make sure that the need for people to view content in sound quality remains an important feature. The main difference between two terms HD and HDX can explain with the number of horizontal lines which are used in them. The number of horizontal lines in HD quality is 480 or 576 which is the lower quality while the number of horizontal lines in HDX is always greater than 720 which is the newest technology introduced.

Comparison Chart

NameHigh DefinitionHigh Definition Extra
LinesThe number of horizontal lines in HD quality is 480 or 576.The number of horizontal lines in HDX is always greater than 720.
Originstarted in 1940’s by the American Broadcasting System.introduced by Vudu in the recent years.
Visual QualityGives the feel of the unreal world.Gives the feeling of the reality.
Sound QualityBestBetter
Video Standard1080p480p, 720p, 1080p
Size Limit1TB +GB +

What is HDX?

This is the type of technology which is new in the market and provides people with the opportunity to view content in even high quality than before. The former type of visual limit was High Definition, but Vudu, which is an online streaming platform has given its users to watch content in even better quality and that is why the HDX was introduced. This service allows the persons using it, to watch movies, stream live content and watch shows which are on the air as soon as possible but with the emergence of Netflix is had to come up with something better to keep the viewers entertained. This was made possible with the help of giving them the option of seeing all the stuff in the third content which uses technologies which are even better than the other two which are SD and HD. The technique is not that common and is mostly known only to the owners of Vudu, but some details about it are available. There are four different technologies with the first one called psycho-visual Processing which dampens and removes the artificial nature of the video which we see in the form of dark sky and waters and give it a better look. The next one is the film grain preservation, which maintains the slight errors that the makers of the movie decided to leave so that people can get the feel of seeing the real thing. Statistical Variable Bitrate is the third one who makes sure people are able to see the same quality of video throughout. The last one is the Color Gradient Processing which makes sure that the colors remain true.


What is HD?

This is the short form for High Definition and is a term which is used for videos which are available in the best quality. This is better than the standard definition and has an even better resolution so that people can enjoy the best views possible. There is no proper definition of this term which can cause confusion, but the main way it is used is that any video which has more than 480 horizontal lines are considered HD in America while the ones which have more than 576 lines are considered HD in Europe. This is the standard, but no video should be less than 480 or else it falls in the SD category. The image standard is also better since they are captured at the rates which are higher than others, for America it is 60 frames in a second while for Europe it is 50 frames in a second. There are many instances in which a television show is filmed in the HD and gives the impression of a movie, this process though is different and is known as filmizing. The first HD systems were introduced in 1941 which had 405 lines and will not qualify as top quality video in today’s world. Several changes took place over the years and now we have reached a standard which is set for such content. There are several terms which help in getting to know about it more which include display resolution which is the number of lines. The scanning system which has two types of scanning helps in getting to know about the image. The last one is the number of frame per seconds which is the most common broadcasting limit in the world.

Key Differences

  1. HDX is the term which is known as High Definition Extra while HD is a term which is known as High Definition.
  2. The videos which are filmed in HD should be at least 480p and can reach up to 720p and 1080p while the videos which are shot in HDX are only in 1080p.
  3. The HDX uses TruFilm technology to create the visuals it has while HD does not have any such processes.
  4. HD has been used for several decades and started in 1940’s by the American Broadcasting System while HDX is the standard which has been introduced by Vudu in the recent years.
  5. The number of horizontal lines in HD quality is 480 or 576 while the number of horizontal lines in HDX is always greater than 720.
  6. The size of HDX videos is much larger in size and can reach up to terabytes while the size of HD videos is relatively smaller and can reach few gigabytes.
  7. The sound quality in the HDX is much better than that of HD.
  8. The video definition is much better in HD since HDX tries to give the user more real experience, hence some imperfections remain.
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