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Hotmail vs. Gmail: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 5, 2023
Hotmail, now Outlook, and Gmail are both email services, but they are provided by Microsoft and Google respectively. Both offer email management, but have different user interfaces and features.

Key Differences

Hotmail, initially an independent venture, was one of the first webmail services and was eventually acquired by Microsoft in the late 1990s. Gmail, contrarily, was developed by Google and introduced in the early 2000s as an innovative email service providing a notably large storage space. While both Hotmail and Gmail spearheaded new eras in digital communication, their initiations and initial offerings distinctly differ with Hotmail's early webmail services and Gmail's generous free storage.
Hotmail has undergone various rebrandings and redesigns since its inception, eventually becoming Outlook.com, which is integrated with Microsoft's suite of online services. On the other hand, Gmail has maintained its brand name while continuously evolving its features, aligning tightly with other Google services. Although both have experienced modifications and advancements, Hotmail and Gmail exhibit variances in brand evolution and service integration.
The user interface of Hotmail (now Outlook.com) is integrated with the broader Microsoft ecosystem, aiming to offer a seamless experience for users utilizing multiple Microsoft products. Conversely, Gmail provides a user interface that aligns with the Google ecosystem, ensuring cooperative functionality with services like Google Drive and Google Photos. User interaction and experience with Hotmail and Gmail can be divergent, reflective of their respective organizational ecosystems.
Hotmail and Gmail both offer substantial functionality as email services but have varied features and capacities in managing emails, contacts, and integration with other apps. Gmail might be favored for its robust filter and search functionalities, alongside integration with Google services. Conversely, Hotmail might be appreciated for its coherent integration with Microsoft products and services, thereby presenting distinct utilities.
Hotmail and Gmail, while both being pivotal in the evolution of digital communication, have not only distinctly influenced but also have been influenced by the digital strategies of Microsoft and Google respectively. Both have carved out specific niches and user bases by constantly adapting to technological advancements and user expectations, albeit under the distinctive umbrellas of Microsoft and Google’s overarching digital domains.

Comparison Chart




Integrated with Microsoft services
Integrated with Google services

Initial Launch


Storage Capacity (basic)

15 GB (with conditions)
15 GB

Offline Access

Available with Outlook software
Available via Gmail Offline

Hotmail and Gmail Definitions


Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft, integrating it into its suite of online services.
After Microsoft’s acquisition, Hotmail users experienced various redesigns and rebrandings.


Gmail is renowned for providing a significant amount of storage space to its users.
Gmail initially attracted users by offering 1GB of email storage space.


Hotmail/Outlook.com provides webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services.
Hotmail allowed users to manage their digital communications and schedules online.


Gmail is a free, web-based email service developed by Google.
Gmail offers users the ability to send and receive emails securely.


Hotmail was one of the first web-based email services, founded in 1996.
Hotmail provided free email access to users all over the globe.


Gmail is integrated with various Google services, including Drive and Photos.
Gmail users can easily attach files directly from Google Drive in their emails.


Hotmail has undergone significant transformations since its initial inception.
From a standalone webmail service, Hotmail evolved into an integral part of Microsoft’s online services.


Gmail allows users to access their emails offline through its offline feature.
Gmail Offline enables users to read and compose emails without an internet connection.


Hotmail eventually transitioned into Outlook.com, retaining its email functionalities.
Hotmail users had their email addresses migrated to the new Outlook.com domain.


Gmail supports a powerful search feature to find specific emails or attachments.
Gmail allows users to swiftly locate emails using precise keywords or filters.


(trademark) Gmail


Alternative case form of Gmail


Is Gmail integrated with Google Drive?

Yes, Gmail is integrated with Google Drive.

Can Gmail be accessed offline?

Yes, Gmail can be accessed offline using Gmail Offline.

What did Hotmail transition into?

Hotmail transitioned into Outlook.com.

Can Gmail users have a custom domain for their email address?

Yes, with Google Workspace, users can have a custom email domain.

Which company developed Gmail?

Google developed Gmail.

When was Hotmail originally launched?

Hotmail was launched in 1996.

How was Hotmail accessed before transitioning to Outlook.com?

Hotmail was accessed via the hotmail.com web portal.

Can Hotmail be set up in email clients using POP or IMAP?

Yes, Hotmail (Outlook.com) supports POP and IMAP.

Is Gmail available on mobile devices?

Yes, Gmail has dedicated mobile apps for various platforms.

Can Hotmail (Outlook.com) be accessed offline?

Yes, using the Outlook software, emails can be accessed offline.

Does Gmail support the scheduling of emails to be sent later?

Yes, Gmail allows users to schedule emails for future delivery.

Does Hotmail (Outlook.com) offer a focused inbox feature?

Yes, Outlook.com offers a feature that separates important emails from the rest.

How much free storage space does Gmail offer?

Gmail offers 15 GB of free storage space.

Is Hotmail integrated with Microsoft 365?

Yes, Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail) is integrated with Microsoft 365.

Was Hotmail available for free to the users?

Yes, Hotmail was a free email service.

Is Gmail encrypted for secure email communication?

Yes, Gmail uses TLS to encrypt emails in transit.

Is Hotmail still in existence?

Hotmail has been rebranded and is now known as Outlook.com.

Can Gmail filter spam emails?

Yes, Gmail has robust spam filtering capabilities.

Can Gmail be used to send large files?

Gmail can send large files via Google Drive links.

Is Hotmail considered a webmail service?

Yes, Hotmail was one of the first webmail services.
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