Difference Between Hotmail vs. Gmail


Main Difference

The predominant between Hotmail and Gmail is that every belongs to companies. Hotmail is the free web primarily based e mail service of Microsoft whereas Gmail is the free web primarily based service being provided by the Google.


Hotmail vs. Gmail

Hotmail and Gmail are two of the biggest email providing services in the world. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, but they are frequently used by the users to interact with each other, send relevant documents and for official purposes. First and foremost, the main difference between them is that Hotmail is a service provided by Microsoft while Gmail is a service provided by Google. Moving on to more technical terms and details about their differences. Hotmail was one of the first services providers in case of electronic mails and launched at the end of the 20th century while Gmail was launched in the year 2004 soon took over as the primary service provider due to different factors. Hotmail is still an essential requirement for people who use Microsoft products such as Windows phones, operating systems, and office packages. While Gmail is crucial for individuals who use Android phones, have different accounts such as Twitter, Google Plus, and other services. Both of them provide users with few similar facilities such as online drives where people can save their data. Calendars and video chatting platforms. Gmail is considered more secure than Hotmail because it provides multiple layers of protection while Hotmail is secure in a way that it does not go through emails of people to provide adverts. Regarding the interface, Gmail used to be simpler but after recent changes, Hotmail looks the better one though it must be said it has taken most of its ideas from Gmail. There are separate folders in Hotmail for people to arrange their emails while in Gmail people can do that with the help of putting labels in front of their emails which gives it a more advanced feature, something that Hotmail lacks. One advantage Gmail has over Hotmail is that it has search options even in the email section while there are no Bing searches available in Hotmail. Both provide proper connectivity, but Gmail can even accommodate Hotmail, but that is not the case vice versa.


Comparison Chart

Parent CompanyGmail works under the flag of GmailHotmail works under the banner of Microsoft
Drive SpaceThe entire space Gmail provides along with its drive is 15 MB.Total space which Hotmail provides varies from 5 GB to unlimited
InterfaceHas complicated but the more advanced interface.Has a simpler, easy to use interface
Video CallGmail users can avail the same facility with the help of Google Hangouts.Video call platform for Hotmail is called Skype

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail is a free web primarily based e mail service by the Microsoft. It was launched in July 4, 1996 by the establish of Hotmail. In July 31, 2012, Outlook was moreover launched by the Microsoft. Both works on the platform of Hotmail. However, in 2013 Hotmail was modified with Outlook.com. Outlook.com works with Hotmail deal with as correctly. Moreover, Hotmail.com continues to be operative. Hotmail moreover accommodates limitless storage, Ajax and built-in Calendar, OneDrive, People, and Skype. Unique operate of Hotmail is that it might not scan emails or attachments for selling information. Moreover, non-public conversations are solely ad-free. It is a technique to get your private custom-made inbox the place it’s possible you’ll preserve your complete emails, events, calendars and important dates organized. Hotmail moreover affords the help for together with limitless folders to categorizing the knowledge in response to explicit folders. If talk about regarding the group collaboration for enterprise goal or carrying any joint problem then Hotmail help this system as correctly the place the group members can share and entry the joint work. The integration of complete Microsoft Office in Hotmail has made the Hotmail among the many best web-based e mail suppliers on account of now the purchasers of Hotmail can edit and save their Word, Excel or PowerPoint paperwork correct from their inbox. After modifying and saving these, they may receive these recordsdata as correctly. Every account made on Hotmail comes with the blending of OneDrive. This affords the purchasers 15 GB free cloud storage. The prospects can save all of their digital recordsdata like images, docs, films, and so forth. in OneDrive and can entry from completely different devices as correctly. Hotmail lets its prospects preserve their inbox clutter-free through the use of the extraordinarily customizable choices of the Hotmail that are on the market in type of filter, sweep to, switch to and immediate movement system that gives the purchasers a further extremely efficient command and administration over their inbox. Recently Hotmail has launched one different operate in type of enhance from Gmail that enables the account holders of Hotmail to import all of their contacts and messages from Gmail to Hotmail.


What is Gmail?

Gmail is a free web primarily based e mail service of Google. It was launched on April 1, 2004. It is obtainable in over 72 worldwide languages and having 425 million prospects the world over. At present, it is probably the most usually used web-based e mail provider and 60% of small U.S. companies are using Gmail. Gmail is the first app on the Google Play Store to acquire one billion time on Android devices. In 2004, Gmail was launched with 1GB storage space. The simple and easy to utilize Gmail account will probably be accessed from nearly any machine and working system. Gmail permit its prospects to rearrange all of their mail by sorting them into utterly completely different courses. For the account holders of Gmail, Google has built-in the Google Drive in Gmail as correctly that current the purchasers with 15 GB of free cloud storage. That means the account holders of Gmail can retailer all of their digital media recordsdata in Google Drive and can share the equivalent with completely different prospects as correctly. In order to entertain the enterprise prospects, Gmail affords the actual Gmail for Work accounts as correctly that options the important enterprise administration choices of the calendar, docs, video conferences & conferencing, and far more. There are various customizable themes in Gmail to take care of the inbox adorned regularly. For video and voice dialog there could also be integration of Google Hangouts inside the Gmail. Moreover, the one account of Gmail will be utilized in several Google suppliers that require account first. Among lot of various choices, Gmail help for the sending of money to mates and relations as correctly. The prospects can join the money to their messages and can securely ship the equivalent via their Google Wallet and Gmail. This operate continues to be missing in lots of the web primarily based e mail suppliers. That means Gmail is simply not about sending and receiving of messages solely. One account of Gmail will be utilized for various Google suppliers.

Key Differences

  1. When it includes privateness and security then Hotmail is a extraordinarily secured medium for e mail as a result of it on no account scan the emails of its prospects to ship them adverts that are usually accomplished by the Gmail with its account holders.
  2. The Hotmail account will be utilized to hook up with Skype, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn. While Gmail account will be utilized to connect with the lots of the Google suppliers. It helps the restricted connection for various social media platforms.
  3. The Hotmail account lets the purchasers to make video title or chat with Skype mates whereas Gmail account will also be used for the same goal nevertheless with Hangout prospects.
  4. Hotmail on no account sends the e-mail content material materials primarily based adverts that are widespread inside the Gmail.
  5. One click on on mark as be taught system is obtainable in Hotmail nevertheless nonetheless missing inside the Gmail.
  6. Hotmail affords its prospects to view, edit and share the MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint recordsdata via the usage of the MS Office Online. Gmail doesn’t help for the MS Office Online Suite. It has, nonetheless, its private Google Docs system that requires further plugins as a method to be accessed from the Gmail.
  7. The Gmail account holders can ship the money to their mates and relations as correctly. Google Wallet is built-in into the Gmail for this goal. While there is not a system for sending of money via Hotmail account.
  8. Both Hotmail and Gmail current the group collaboration system nevertheless for enterprise prospects, Gmail has explicit Gmail for Work account system.
  9. Gmail affords the 15 GB of e mail storage space that is linked with the Google Drive whereas Hotmail affords the limitless storage space on account of e mail storage space is simply not linked with the cabinet area of OneDrive.
  10. Gmail helps the every SSL and TLS as cryptographic protocol whereas Hotmail helps the one SSL.
  11. The account expiration interval in case of regular inactivity for Gmail is 9 to 12 months. In the case of regular inactivity for 9 months, the account shall be blocked and inside the case of twelve-month will in all probability be utterly deleted by Gmail. In all cases of Hotmail, the account will expire in case of not using for regular 9 months.
  12. Gmail allow the creating account using private space whereas Hotmail has no chance for that.
  13. Hotmail is a 19 years earlier web primarily based e mail service whereas Gmail is 11 years earlier.
  14. Hotmail is obtainable in 106 worldwide languages whereas Gmail is obtainable in 72 worldwide languages.
  15. At present, Hotmail has over 425 million prospects and Gmail has over 430 million prospects.
  16. Gmail is hottest as look at to Hotmail and its Alexa rank is 89 as on April 2015 and Alex rank of Hotmail is 492 as on April 2015.
  17. Hotmail is safer than Gmail. For prospects who’re cautious about privateness of their emails are prompt to utilize Hotmail.
  18. Hotmail reveals a full preview of message which is not on the market by Gmail.
  19. File importing measurement is 25 MB in case of Gmail. Hotmail affords 50 MB file importing measurement in case of MS Office recordsdata.
  20. Hotmail has appropriate folders to rearrange the recordsdata whereas Gmail makes use of tags.


Email accounts are of utmost importance for people who want to make use of the services. There are many companies which have been providing these services and that has been discussed in detail for Gmail and Hotmail. Hopefully, this article will help in clearing the misconceptions and other related activities relate to these accounts.