Difference Between White Eggs and Brown Eggs


Main Difference

Latest theory says that there are no clear difference between these two colour of eggs. However, genes, chickens that lays these eggs, and many other factors reveals the difference between these two type or according to scientist colour of eggs.

What are White Eggs?

White eggs are lay by broiler or hybrid chickens. Before the formation of broiler chicken there was no concept of white eggs and every kind of chicken of all breeds laid brown colour eggs. There are further two type of white eggs: first, that are used for further breeding; and second that are not capable of further breeding as they are only uses for home consumption. White eggs lay by chickens with white earlobes that are mostly present in broiler chickens.


What are Brown Eggs?

Brown eggs are lay by natively tame chickens or native breed of chicken or desi chicken. Brown eggs are natural eggs as compare to the white eggs that are the results of cloning. Most of the brown eggs are used for home consumption as well as for further breeding. Brown eggs lay by chickens with red earlobes that are mostly present in every kind of native breed of chicken. Scientist says that there is no difference on notorious but in desi or native people of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal knows the value of desi eggs or brown eggs.

Key Differences

  1. Browns eggs contains more notorious as compare to white eggs.
  2. Brown eggs yolk is more dark yellow than white eggs’ yolk.
  3. Brown eggs shell is more hard than white eggs’ shell.
  4. White eggs size and weight are larger than brown eggs.
  5. White eggs are cheaper than brown eggs.
  6. For medical and health purpose, brown eggs are mostly used by Asian people.
  7. White eggs are lay by hybrid chickens while brown eggs are lay by native breed of chicken
  8. Chicken with white earlobes lay white chickens and that are mostly broiler chickens while brown eggs are lay by chicken with red or brown earlobes.
  9. At least,eat two brown and white eggs in summer season in different times or days, you will come to know about the real difference.
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