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KMPlayer vs. VLC Player: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 10, 2023
KMPlayer and VLC Player are both multimedia players, with VLC being open-source and widely-used for various formats, while KMPlayer offers extensive format support and additional features like 3D and VR.

Key Differences

KMPlayer and VLC Player hold significant stances in the media player market. KMPlayer is recognized for its comprehensive format support and user-friendly interface, ensuring a versatile viewing experience. On the contrary, VLC Player is celebrated for its simple, robust, and reliable platform, accommodating a vast array of media formats.
The KMPlayer stands out with its ability to handle a plethora of media file types, from audio to video and even subtitles, offering a 3D viewing experience. VLC Player, with its hallmark traffic-cone logo, is esteemed for its straightforward user interface and cross-platform availability, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Focusing on user customization, KMPlayer offers an assortment of skins and configurations, offering users a tailored viewing experience. Meanwhile, VLC Player maintains a consistent, minimalistic design, placing emphasis on functionality and widespread format support, offering a universal and dependable player for various user demographics.
In terms of accessibility and worldwide recognition, VLC Player takes a slight edge with its open-source nature and established reputation across numerous platforms and user groups. KMPlayer, while boasting rich features like VR support, may be seen as providing an enhanced experience to a slightly more niche market.
KMPlayer offers additional functionalities, like supporting VR and 3D content, making it a suitable choice for users seeking immersive viewing experiences. However, VLC Player adheres to the principle of simplicity and reliability, providing stable performance without an overload of additional features, catering to a broad user base with varied needs and preferences.

Comparison Chart


A versatile media player offering extensive format support and additional features.
A widely-used, open-source media player known for its robust format support and reliability.

Usage in a Sentence

“I use KMPlayer to watch 3D movies on my computer.”
“VLC Player is my go-to for playing various media formats without issues.”

Article Usage

KMPlayer does not use an article before it.
VLC Player often does not use an article before it, but can be referred to as "the VLC Player" in some contexts.


KMPlayer is always singular and requires singular verbs.
VLC Player is also always singular and uses singular verbs.

Adjective Form

KMPlayer does not have a commonly used adjective form.
VLC Player also lacks a widely recognized adjective form.

KMPlayer and VLC Player Definitions


KMPlayer allows customization through its use of skins and settings adjustments.
I enjoy personalizing KMPlayer with different skins to change its appearance.

VLC Player

VLC Player provides extensive format support without requiring additional codecs.
VLC Player is my default for media playback due to its extensive support for numerous file types.


KMPlayer often receives praise for its robust functionality and user-friendly interface.
My friends recommended KMPlayer due to its ease of use and extensive file support.

VLC Player

VLC Player is renowned for its cross-platform functionalities.
Many users prefer VLC Player because it is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.


KMPlayer provides additional support for subtitles and alternative audio tracks.
Watching foreign films is convenient with KMPlayer because it smoothly handles various subtitle formats.

VLC Player

VLC Player is a widely-utilized, open-source multimedia player.
VLC Player is celebrated for its ability to play files in myriad formats effortlessly.


KMPlayer is a multimedia player that supports various file formats.
KMPlayer allows me to watch videos in numerous formats without needing additional codecs.

VLC Player

VLC Player is characterized by its iconic orange traffic cone logo.
Even from a distance, I can identify VLC Player on my desktop by its distinctive logo.


KMPlayer features advanced settings and support for 3D and VR content.
Using KMPlayer, I can easily switch between standard viewing and 3D modes.

VLC Player

VLC Player offers straightforward, uncluttered user interface and design.
VLC Player is appreciated by users who favor simplicity and ease of use in software design.


Can KMPlayer play 3D and VR content?

Yes, KMPlayer supports 3D and VR content playback, offering an immersive viewing experience.

What is KMPlayer?

KMPlayer is a multimedia player known for its extensive format support and features like 3D and VR playback.

How does VLC Player support various file formats?

VLC Player has built-in codecs that enable it to play a wide variety of media formats without additional plugins.

Is KMPlayer free to use?

Yes, KMPlayer is free to download and use for playing multimedia files.

How do I add subtitles in VLC Player?

Subtitles can be added in VLC Player by going to the “Subtitle” menu and selecting “Add Subtitle File.”

Can I customize the appearance of KMPlayer?

Yes, KMPlayer allows customization through various skins and settings.

Can VLC Player play damaged or incomplete files?

Yes, VLC Player can play partially downloaded, damaged, or incomplete media files in most cases.

Can KMPlayer play 4K videos?

Yes, KMPlayer supports 4K video playback, ensuring crisp and high-quality viewing.

Can VLC Player stream media over a network?

Yes, VLC Player can stream media over networks, offering various streaming options.

What are the system requirements for KMPlayer?

KMPlayer requires Windows 7 or above, Direct X 9 or above, and suitable hardware according to the media type being played.

Can VLC Player convert media files?

Yes, VLC Player has a media conversion feature, allowing users to convert files to various formats.

Can VLC Player record desktop screens?

Yes, VLC Player includes a feature that enables desktop screen recording.

Can VLC Player play Blu-ray discs?

VLC can play Blu-ray discs with certain limitations due to its open-source nature and licensing restrictions for Blu-ray playback.

How do I update KMPlayer to the latest version?

Updates for KMPlayer can be downloaded from its official website or updated through the application itself.

Is KMPlayer safe to download and use?

Yes, downloading KMPlayer from the official website ensures a safe and secure installation.

Is VLC Player open-source?

Yes, VLC Player is open-source and free to use across various platforms.

Does KMPlayer support subtitle files?

Yes, KMPlayer supports various subtitle formats and allows users to customize their appearance.

Does VLC Player offer playlist functionalities?

Yes, VLC Player allows users to create, save, and manage playlists for continuous playback.

Is there mobile version available for KMPlayer?

Yes, KMPlayer is available for mobile devices, offering similar functionalities as the desktop version.

How do I install VLC Player?

VLC Player can be downloaded from its official website and installed by following the on-screen instructions.
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