Difference Between Mice and Rat


Main Difference

The basic variations that differentiate between these two rodents animals are their life cycles, habitats, effectively being, and so forth

What is Mice?

Mice is a form of mammal rodents in tiny, small rounded ears and sparrow dimension with prolonged skinny nails. Common residence mouse is without doubt one of the finest occasion of mice. It belongs to the dominion of animalia, phylum of chordata, class of mammalia, family of muridae and subfamily of murinae. There are 30 species of mice. Its dimension measure 140mm to 190mm in measurement, along with tails and weight 12grams to 30 grams. It is usually current in white, brown and gray coloration. They are normally current in every part of the world.


What is Rat?

Rat is a form of prolonged tailed mammal rodents that is largely current in medium dimension. It belongs to the dominion of animalia, phylum of chordata, class of mammalia, family of muridae and subfamily of murinae, and super-family of muroidea. There are 64 species of rat. They are moreover current in quite a few part of the world. There dimension might be develop as a lot as 450mm and weight nearly higher than mice might be as a lot as 300 grams. It is usually current in white, brown, black and gray coloration. They can not dwell with out water and desires water repeatedly.

Key Differences

  1. Adult mice weight might be 12 to 30 grams whereas grownup rat weight might be as a lot as 300 grams.
  2. Rat tail is greater than mice it might be 150-200 mm whereas mice tail might be 80-100 mm.
  3. Mice ears are huge relative to maneuver whereas rat ears are small relative to maneuver dimension.
  4. Mice tail is longer than physique and is skinny whereas rat tail is shorter than physique and is thick and heavy.
  5. Rats are omnivorous and eats nearly one thing along with meat and should drink water repeatedly. Mice are nibbles and prefers cereals and can survive with out water.
  6. Rats widespread life is 9-8months and sexually energetic from 2-Three months. Mice lives from 9-12 months and sexually energetic from 6 weeks.
  7. There are 30 species of mice whereas rat have 64 species.
  8. Feces will also be the between two. Mice has small feces whereas rat has larger feces.

Comparison Video

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