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Google Earth vs. Google Earth Pro: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 18, 2024
Google Earth is a free, web-based geographic exploration tool, while Google Earth Pro is an advanced version with additional features for professional use.

Key Differences

Google Earth is widely accessible as a free, user-friendly platform for exploring global satellite imagery and maps. Conversely, Google Earth Pro offers advanced features like GIS data import and high-resolution printing, aimed at professionals and power users.
Google Earth allows basic functions like street view, 3D imagery, and simple route planning. Google Earth Pro, however, includes tools for measuring area and distance, movie-making, and exporting high-resolution images, catering to more specialized needs.
Google Earth is designed for general users with interests in geography and exploration. Google Earth Pro, on the other hand, targets professionals in fields like urban planning, real estate, and environmental research with its enhanced functionalities.
Google Earth provides an interactive globe with basic information layers, while Google Earth Pro supports the import and manipulation of GIS data, making it a potent tool for data analysis and visualization.
Google Earth is ideal for educational purposes and casual exploration. In contrast, Google Earth Pro is used for more complex tasks like site planning, academic research, and professional presentations.

Comparison Chart


Free (formerly paid)


Standard resolution images
High-resolution image export

Data Import

Limited data layer options
Advanced GIS data import capabilities

Measurement Tools

Basic distance measurement
Advanced measurement and drawing tools

User Focus

Casual users, educators
Professionals, researchers

Google Earth and Google Earth Pro Definitions

Google Earth

Google Earth allows users to view cities, landscapes, and roads in detail.
I located my childhood home on Google Earth and saw how the neighborhood had changed.

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is an advanced version of Google Earth with professional tools.
I used Google Earth Pro to create a detailed map for a client presentation.

Google Earth

Google Earth provides 3D representations of Earth based on satellite imagery.
Google Earth helped me understand the topography of the Grand Canyon.

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro offers high-resolution image export and GIS data import.
We imported GIS data into Google Earth Pro for our environmental impact study.

Google Earth

Google Earth is a free platform for exploring global satellite imagery and maps.
I used Google Earth to view the pyramids in Egypt from my computer.

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro supports movie-making and advanced printing options.
I created a fly-through video of the new development area using Google Earth Pro.

Google Earth

Google Earth offers virtual globe, map, and geographical information.
We explored the Amazon rainforest using Google Earth in our geography class.

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro includes advanced measurement and analysis tools.
The urban planning team used Google Earth Pro to measure the proposed site area.

Google Earth

Google Earth is an educational tool for exploring natural and man-made landmarks.
With Google Earth, students can take virtual field trips to historical sites.

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is suited for professional use in various industries.
Real estate agents use Google Earth Pro to assess property layouts and surroundings.


What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a free application that provides a detailed view of the Earth using satellite imagery.

How do I get Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro can be downloaded for free from the official Google Earth website.

What is Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro is an advanced version of Google Earth, offering additional professional-grade features.

Can Google Earth be used for navigation?

Google Earth can be used for basic navigation and route planning, but it's not a dedicated navigation tool.

Is Google Earth Pro used in real estate?

Yes, real estate professionals often use Google Earth Pro for property analysis.

Does Google Earth Pro require a subscription?

No, Google Earth Pro is now free and does not require a subscription.

What are the system requirements for Google Earth?

Google Earth requires an internet connection and is compatible with most modern operating systems.

Is Google Earth Pro suitable for GIS professionals?

Yes, Google Earth Pro is suitable for GIS professionals due to its data import and analysis capabilities.

How do I get Google Earth?

Google Earth can be accessed via a web browser or downloaded as an app on various devices.

Can I use Google Earth for educational purposes?

Yes, Google Earth is widely used for educational purposes in schools and universities.

What are the system requirements for Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro requires a slightly more powerful system for optimal performance, especially for advanced features.

Does Google Earth Pro have better street view capabilities?

Google Earth Pro offers similar street view capabilities as Google Earth.

Can I measure distances and areas in Google Earth?

Basic distance and area measurements are possible in Google Earth.

Can I view historical imagery on Google Earth?

Yes, Google Earth provides access to historical satellite imagery.

Can I view historical imagery on Google Earth Pro?

Yes, Google Earth Pro also offers historical imagery with more detailed control.

Can I print maps from Google Earth?

You can print basic maps from Google Earth but with limited quality.

Can I print high-resolution maps from Google Earth Pro?

Yes, Google Earth Pro allows printing of high-resolution images suitable for professional presentations.

Does Google Earth offer street view?

Yes, Google Earth offers a street view feature for exploring streets and neighborhoods.

Can I measure distances and areas in Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro provides more advanced tools for measuring distances and areas.

Is Google Earth Pro better for environmental studies?

Yes, Google Earth Pro's advanced features make it better suited for in-depth environmental studies.
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