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Hybrid Car vs. Normal Car

Once it was a time when there were two kinds of cars on the road, diesel/petrol cars and gas cars. Evolution in automotive industry brings new technology in the cars. In addition to normal cars, Flexible-Fuel Vehicle (FFV) or hybrid cars, hydrogen fuel cars, solar cars etc. are also available in the market. Latest technology brings also some confusion and common people are unable to understand the differences between all these types of cars.

Key Differences

Hybrid car is pollution free as compare to normal car. Heat emission and smoke level in hybrid car are considerably low as compare to normal cars.
Energy or electricity or refilling stations of hybrid cars are not widely available in every country. While lot of CNG/LNG and other filling stations are available for normal cars.
Aimie Carlson
May 03, 2015
Hybrid car mechanics or workshops are not available in market in abundant that disfavor the decision of purchasing hybrid car.
Hybrid car is less expensive as compare to normal car.
Normal car carry one to two batteries while most of the hybrid cars contains batteries up to ten.
Janet White
May 03, 2015
Hybrid car uses two or more distinct power system to operate while normal car uses one power system to operate, however, only few normal cars are capable of using two power systems.

What is Hybrid Car?

Hybrid car is a type of car that uses two or more distinct power system to operate. Mostly the word hybrid car is used by the people for the hybrid electric vehicles. However, hybrid cars also uses other mechanism or energy resources to move one. Common different power resources include: compressed or liquefied natural gas (CNG/LNG); electricity; hydrogen; solar; wind, etc. Hybrid cars can be best described as dual mode vehicles that includes an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. In most of the countries the trend of hybrid cars is increasing day by day because hybrid cars are environment pollution free vehicles and are less expensive as compare to normal or regular cars.

What is Normal Car?

A normal car or regular car only contains internal combustion engine to work. There is no electrical motor in normal cars to assist the engine make power as present in hybrid cars. Normal cars mostly runs on petrol/diesel/gasoline or gas (CNG/LNG). Some normal cars contains maximum two distinct resources to run. It can be both diesel and petrol or gas. Many sports cars, racing cars, family cars, etc. are kind of normal cars. Their speed and efficiency ratio is many time greater than hybrid car. Pick up ratio of normal car is also very higher than hybrid car. Most of the parts in normal car are mechanical rather than electrical.

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