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Comodo Dragon vs. Chrome: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 18, 2023
Comodo Dragon is a security-focused web browser developed by Comodo, while Chrome is a widely-used browser developed by Google.

Key Differences

Comodo Dragon is developed by Comodo Group, known for its focus on online security solutions. In contrast, Chrome is a product of Google, the tech giant, and stands as one of the most popular browsers globally.
While both browsers provide security features, Comodo Dragon emphasizes enhanced privacy and security, reducing the risk of malware, spyware, and other online threats. Chrome, while secure, emphasizes speed and integration with Google services.
Comodo Dragon's interface is designed to resemble Chrome, owing to the fact that it's built upon Chromium (the open-source version of Chrome). However, there are subtle differences, particularly with added security indicators in Comodo Dragon.
Chrome boasts a vast ecosystem of extensions available via the Chrome Web Store. Comodo Dragon, being Chromium-based, is compatible with many of these extensions but doesn't have as extensive a library as Chrome.
Comodo Dragon places a premium on user privacy, offering features to block tracking and surveillance. While Chrome also offers privacy features, it's sometimes criticized for its data collection practices in line with Google's broader ecosystem.

Comparison Chart


Comodo Group

Primary Focus

Enhanced online security and privacy.
Speed, user experience, and integration with Google services.



Extension Library

Compatible with many Chrome extensions, but a smaller ecosystem.
Extensive, via the Chrome Web Store.

Data Privacy Emphasis

High, with features to prevent tracking.
Moderate, with some concerns over data collection practices.

Comodo Dragon and Chrome Definitions

Comodo Dragon

A secure browsing solution from a trusted name in cybersecurity.
The cybersecurity expertise of Comodo Group is evident in Comodo Dragon.


A browser known for its extensive ecosystem and integrations.
I love using Chrome because of its wide range of extensions.

Comodo Dragon

A web browser developed by Comodo Group.
I use Comodo Dragon for its enhanced security features.


Google's flagship browser built on the Chromium platform.
Chrome frequently updates, ensuring users get the best features.

Comodo Dragon

A browser emphasizing protection against online threats.
With Comodo Dragon, I feel safer from potential spyware.


A popular web browser developed by Google.
Chrome's speed and user-friendly design make it my go-to browser.

Comodo Dragon

A Chromium-based browser with a focus on security.
Comodo Dragon is a solid choice for privacy-conscious users.


A platform connecting various Google services for a seamless web experience.
Chrome's integration with Google Drive is incredibly convenient.

Comodo Dragon

An alternative to mainstream browsers, prioritizing user privacy.
Comodo Dragon offers several tools to block trackers.


A dominant force in the browser market with global recognition.
Most of my friends use Chrome as their primary browser.


Chromium or a chromium alloy.


Something plated with a chromium alloy.


Who developed Comodo Dragon?

Comodo Dragon is developed by Comodo Group.

How does Comodo Dragon prioritize security?

Comodo Dragon focuses on enhanced privacy and protection against online threats.

Is Comodo Dragon as fast as Chrome?

While both browsers offer speedy performances, specific speeds may vary based on the environment and extensions in use.

Does Comodo Dragon offer protection against tracking?

Yes, Comodo Dragon offers features to block tracking and enhance user privacy.

Can I sync my Google account with both browsers?

While Chrome offers seamless Google account integration, Comodo Dragon's focus on privacy might limit certain sync features.

Is Chrome a product of Google?

Yes, Chrome is developed by Google.

Are both browsers free to use?

Yes, both Comodo Dragon and Chrome are freely available for download.

What makes Chrome popular?

Chrome's speed, user experience, and vast extension ecosystem contribute to its popularity.

Can I use Chrome extensions with Comodo Dragon?

Many Chrome extensions are compatible with Comodo Dragon due to its Chromium base.

What is the foundation for both browsers?

Both Comodo Dragon and Chrome are built on the Chromium platform.

How does Comodo Group support the development of Comodo Dragon?

Comodo Group, known for cybersecurity, infuses Comodo Dragon with features that prioritize online safety.

Is there a mobile version of Chrome?

Yes, Chrome is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Is Chrome available on all major operating systems?

Yes, Chrome is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile platforms.

What sets Chrome apart from other browsers?

Chrome's integration with Google services and its vast extension library distinguishes it.

How do updates for Comodo Dragon get released?

Comodo Dragon releases updates periodically, with an emphasis on enhancing security features.

Do both browsers support web standards?

Yes, both Comodo Dragon and Chrome support modern web standards, ensuring compatibility.

How do I set up Comodo Dragon for maximum security?

Comodo Dragon offers in-built settings and tools to enhance online privacy and reduce threats.

How often does Chrome update?

Chrome frequently updates to introduce new features and security enhancements.

Why might someone choose Comodo Dragon over Chrome?

Users prioritizing enhanced security and data privacy might prefer Comodo Dragon.

Which browser has a wider user base?

Chrome has a broader user base and is one of the most popular browsers globally.
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