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Content Writers vs. Journalists

The main difference between content writers and journalist is that most of the content writers provides different type of contents for websites while journalists are mostly specialised in a specific filed who collect news or other current information of their fields.

Key Differences

Content writers are paid according to rate per article while journalists get the fixed pay at the end of month.
Content writing is an online or internet job while journalism is associated with print media or electronic media.
Janet White
Apr 28, 2015
Journalists performs both field and office type work. While content writing is wholly an home based or office based work.
Journalists have their own researched or investigated material while content writers mostly reshuffle the already published work of someone else.
Journalists conduct the interviews and performs researches that are not the job roles of content writers.
Aimie Carlson
Apr 28, 2015

Content Writers and Journalists Definitions


One whose occupation is journalism.


One who keeps a journal.


Plural of journalist

What are Content Writers?

Content writers are persons who provides specific content for websites. Content writers are also known by the name of website content writer or simply web content writer. Every website has a specific filed, audience and target that requires a various type and level of material. Content writers basically focused on that content that attract the readers and retain them on their website. Most of the content writers concentrate a specific topic while some have multi writing abilities and they work on more than two type of topics. The demand for content writers is increasing day by day on internet because they generates higher revenues for online business. Mostly content writers are paid according to rate per article set by the employers.

What are Journalists?

Journalists are persons who collects, organise, writes, and distributes current information or news. Journalists works on both general and specialise issues, however, most of the journalists are specialise in one field and cooperate with other journalists to complete any news or topic. It is equally a field and office job. Those who collects the information at the spot, conduct interviews or researches and make reports are called as reporters. A journalist may be an editor, editorial writers, columnists, and visual journalist. Journalists are paid with a monthly fixed amount, however, incentives or commissions are also paid to them in addition to fixed pay for breaking any news or story.

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