Rebonding vs. Straightening

Main Difference

The main difference between Rebonding and Straightening is that Rebonding is the permanent treatment of hair, whereas the temporary change in the texture of the hair is Straightening.

Rebonding vs. Straightening — Is There a Difference?

Difference Between Rebonding and Straightening

Rebonding vs. Straightening

Rebonding is a permanent treatment, but straightening is not.

Rebonding vs. Straightening

The structure of the hair alters in rebonding treatment, while straightening cannot change.

Rebonding vs. Straightening

Rebonding gives more damaging hair, whereas straightening may be less.

Rebonding vs. Straightening

Rebonding may not be affected by the environment, but straightening affects.

Rebonding vs. Straightening

Rebonding lasts for at least a year, but straightening ends after six months.

Rebonding vs. Straightening

People prefer salon to do rebonding, on the other hand, straightening at home.


Rebonding vs. Straightening

Rebonding does not need regular care, while straightening has.

Rebonding vs. Straightening

Rebonding looks natural, whereas straightening is not.

Rebonding vs. Straightening

Do hair rebonding chemicals used, while straightening is a thermal process.


The act of making something straight.

Comparison Chart

The chemical treatment of hair is called rebonding.Solutions and equipment used to change the shape of the hair called straightening.
Looks naturalNot natural looking
Lasts at least a yearFive to six months
Not regularRegular
Less affecting due to humidityDue to humidity more affecting
Damaging of Hair
Maybe more damaging due to chemicalsLess damaging
Structure of Hair
Alters structureNot alters structure

Rebonding vs. Straightening

Treatment of hair with chemicals is rebonding, while using different solutions and equipment to change the shape or texture of the hair is straightening. Rebonding is a permanent treatment, whereas straightening is a temporary treatment of the hair. In rebonding, strong chemicals used, which causes more damage to hair, whereas, in straightening, equipment and solutions applied that have less effect on hair.

Rebonding does not need proper maintenance, but straightening is the treatment which needs. Hair rebonding gives natural-looking, whereas straightening does not.

In the rebonding method structure of hair alters, on the other hand, in the straightening process, it does not. Many environmental factors like rain and humidity were not effects on rebonding while they effect on straightening and hair becomes fizzy. Rebonding is the best treatment for the most problematic hair other than straightening.

To break the natural bonds of the strong hair chemicals used rebonding and got straight hair to rearrange these bonds, meanwhile, for bonds breaking usage of solutions and heating techniques is straightening. When the rebonding process applies to hair, it gives a lot of care other than straightening.

Rebonding treatment is done at a salon that carries out by hairstylist; meanwhile, hair straightening finished at home via ourself. Allergy and natural moisture loss are significant side effects of rebounding, but straightening gives hair fall and split ends mostly. Rebonding is a time-consuming procedure other than a straightening.

What is Rebonding?

Rebonding makes hair sleek, smooth, and straight. It is a long-lasting treatment and lasts after one year. It is a process that does not need regular maintenance. Rebonding is a permanent and time-consuming treatment. When this process is applied, keep some points in mind like hair will not damage excessively, and the treatment has to done very carefully.

To get permanent hair straight, we will apply chemicals and heavy ironing to hair. In this method, multiple applications of solutions involve. For all types of hair, the rebonding process does. In the hair rebonding procedure, strong chemicals used to break the bonds of the hair and readjust these bonds to get straight hair.

Use a Neutralizer for re-bonding these bonds and relaxer or a softener are the chemicals that are applied. For all types of hair, it can do, but the people have curly, untamable, and voluminous hair were preferred. It is a treatment that changes the structure of the hair and maybe more hair damage.

It cannot be affected by environmental factors like humidity and rain. This procedure will take a maximum of four to five hours, and that is a reason most people select trained hair stylists. Regular touch-ups in three or six months needed, once the hair was straight. It depends on natural hair growth.

Side Effects of Hair-Rebonding

  • Dryness: Chemical causes hair dryness.
  • Natural Moisture Loss: Through this treatment, natural moisture from hair loss.
  • Dull Hair: Hair becomes dull.
  • Allergy: In this method, strong chemicals used that give some time allergy to sensitive skin.

What is Straightening?

A treatment that makes the hair adorable and more manageable is hair straightening treatment. Straightening makes hair straight for a short period. In this method, instruments and many solutions used to straighten the hair like hair irons, hot combs, conditioners, hair relaxers, large hair rollers, straightening brushes, etc.

This method does not alter the structure of hair and needed proper maintenance on a regular bases. It is a thermal treatment due to the overuse of heat hair damage permanently. The only way is to cut off damaged hair and regrow them. Earlier than treatment, it is suggested that used protective sprays and lotions.

Straightening is a temporary treatment that lasts five to six months. It may be affected by wash, humidity, and rain. In this procedure, less hair damage and looks not natural. In the straightening technique original hair bond is broken down and restructured with an application of heat.

No standard straightener is used that fits all. All straightener are different compositions; they are not of equal size. Straightening can be done with ourselves, and this is time-saving treatment.

Side Effects of Hair-Straightening

  • Hair Fall: The use of various kinds of solutions and heating materials hair fall causes mostly.
  • Irritating: People feel irritated through straightening.
  • Lifelessness: Via this treatment, overuse of thermal instruments life of the hair influences.
  • Split Ends: Heating treatment causes split ends problems.
  • Permanent Hair Loss: Some times, the use of solutions rapidly gives permanent hair loss.

Hair rebonding is a permanent solution to straight hair for one year, but straightening is a temporary treatment for the hair which lasts after six months. Rebonding has done with chemicals while straightening is thermal treatment.