Difference Between Fuchsia and Hot Pink


Main Difference

The main difference between Fuchsia and Hot Pink is that Fuchsia is the shade of purplish-red, whereas Hot Pink is the shade between light pink and dark pink.

Fuchsia vs. Hot Pink

Fuchsia color contains the more purple color in its mixture. Hot pink color contains a more red color in its mixture. Fuchsia or maroon shade produced when the black color added to purplish. The hot pink color produced when white color added to the red color. To create a fuchsia color, more blue color is needed. However, to make a hot pink color, only a little touch of blue color is needed with a touch of yellow color. Fuchsia color mostly used to TV shows, women’s magazines or fashion labels, and their logos. The hot pink color mostly used in making a bold and youthful statement.


Fuchsia color falls in the category of lighter color shades. The hot pink color falls in the category of darker color shades. The name of a fuchsia color invented by a German botanist based on the fuchsia plant flower; he also discovered the genus of this plant. Although, the association of the original meaning of this specific pink is related to the light-red colored flowers of the Dianthus genus.

Vivid magenta type color flowers that lie between the pink or purple line named as “fuchsia.” At an early age, there is also a range of flowers from white to deep-reddish color or the flowers that straddle between these colors, named as “ hot pink” it took about one hundred years. Fuchsia color is a symbol of energizing, fun, entertainment, and uplifting. The hot pink color is a symbol of romance, sweetness, and sensitivity.


Comparison Chart

FuchsiaHot Pink
Appear as magenta or purpleAppear as light red or pink
Color Mixture
Reddish purpleSade of pink
Allure Code
Brightness Level
More brightLess bright
Comparison With Magenta
More similar to a magentaNot similar to a magenta
Less striking or less vivid colorMore striking and more vivid color

What is Fuchsia?

Word fuchsia color derived from the flower, which is pinkish-reddish and somehow purplish. This flower is from the fuchsia plant. The name of the fuchsia plant taken from the name of a botanist, “Leonhart Fuchs.” Hence, this purplish color named fuchsia color. Fuchsia color is also said to be the synonym of a magenta color. Fuchsia color does not design via the help of only a single wavelength. So that’s why fuchsia is also known as “electronic or electric magenta.” That is also a digitally designed color and compelled to enhance by cyan printer’s ink.

There is also a need to print fuchsia color on the paper so it can appear graphically brilliant on the screen of the computer. This process produces much variety of colors; one of them is the hot pink color. Fuchsia color is exactly similar to the digitally created magenta color. In 1895, a synthetic dye of fuchsia color firstly created; but this dye furthermore renamed as magenta color. The psychology of this color is that fuchsia color is for confidence, maturity, and assurance. Fuchsia color is also exquisite, controlled, and responsible for bringing up love. It contains a tint of magenta color and strong purple shade, which appear vibrant reddish color when bringing into a color print or design work. However, a little touch of black color is also added to the color to create the darker hues. Different Types of Fuchsia Color are Antique Fuchsia, Pale Fuchsia, Deep Fuchsia, Fashion Fuchsia, and Fuchsia Rose.

What is Hot Pink?

In 1947, hot pink color first discovered by a fashion designer “Elsa Schiaparelli.” The hot pink color is a combination of white and red colors. When white and blue color is mixed together with the added touch of blue and yellow hot pink color is made. The best hot pink color achieved when the acrylic paints used to be mixed. The hot pink color is made by adding one part of the violet color, one part of blue color, and two parts of red color with the little touch of white color.

The hot pink color is generally said as a color of feminism and seems to be a delicate color. In the 1970s, the symbol of the pink triangle was typical to withhold with the hot pink color, and this pink triangle is a symbol of gays, their rights, and their pride. While choosing fashion accessories, e.g., jewelry, purse, clutches, bags, and shoes, etc. women mostly prefer hot pink color. Hot pink is also the favorite color of the majority of the women.

In the opinion of color psychology, hot pink color is the color of warmth, happiness and to persuade spirited and appetitive love. The amount of white color that added to the red color depends upon the intensity of the hot pink color that is to be created. The addition of white color is to create lighter tones of color or tints. Different Tints of Hot Pink Color are Deep Pink. Baby Pink, Dark Pink, Pastel Pink, Brink Pink, and Light Pink.

Key Differences

  1. Fuchsia color seems more purplish shade, whereas hot pink color seems more reddish shade.
  2. The fuchsia is the darker color shade; on the other hand, the hot pink color is a lighter color shade.
  3. Fuchsine is the dye of fuchsia color; on the flip side, the rit dye is the dye of hot pink color.
  4. Nowadays, fuchsia color preferred as a hair color rather than the hot pink.
  5. Fuchsia is less bright, and the hot pink color is much brighter as compared to the fuchsia.
  6. Word fuchsia comes from the name of a scientist. However, Word hot pink discovered by a fashion designer.
  7. Fuchsia could be irrepressible color if it used too much, while hot pink is a sophisticated color.
  8. Fuchsia color can be created by the help of red and blue wavelength; on the contrary pink color cannot be created by this method.
  9. Fuchsia color requires a more blue color inversely hot pink color requires less blue color.
  10. Fuchsia color looks more vigorous color to eyes; contrarily, the hot pink color looks less spunky to the eyes.
  11. Fuchsia color named by a scientist; on the other side hot pink color is named by a designer.


Fuchsia and hot pink are the two same but different colors. Fuchsia is a brighter color, and hot pink is a less bright color.

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