Difference Between Job and Work


re Main Difference

The main difference between Job vs. Work is that the word Job is related to occupation, and the word Work is used for a broader term for occupation as well as for any activity you perform outside the office.

Job vs. Work

Any activity you perform to earn is the Job, while Work can be done to earn or for performing any general task. Job is a noun, while work is both a noun and a verb. Work and job are the words that have the same as well as different meanings at the same time.

The nature of both words is different; work is a more general word than a job. Because the word job is for a specific purpose only, a person does a job to earn money, but he can do work without the intention of earning.


The main purpose of doing a job is to earn money, but work can be done to achieve some goals, and earning can be part of that goal. Work is paid or unpaid, but on the other hand, a job gives you pay.

Comparison Chart

Any activity you perform to earn is known as the Job.Work can be done to earn or for performing any general task.
Nature of Words
Specific natureGeneral nature
Grammar of Words
NounNoun and Verb both
Type of Noun
Countable nounUncountable noun
PaidPaid or Unpaid both
To earn moneyTo achieve something or to earn money
Office job, field job, teaching, etcAny job, helping, cooking, etc

What is Job?

Job is the activity you perform to earn money. When a student completes his or her study, he or she starts looking for a job to start earning. We look for a job because we do not have enough money to start our work, so we become an employee of any company which is owned by another person. Moreover, a job can be a profession such as doctors are doing the job in hospitals and engineers are doing the job in a construction company, electrical company, lawyers are doing the job at court, etc.

The job is paid. If you work full time or part-time, you will receive some money for your efforts. The main intention of a job is to earn. The volunteers get no pay because they work for a non-profit organization where volunteers work for free. They do social work, which is for the welfare of society, for example, the Edhi Foundation.

The word job is for a specific purpose only like it is to use for occupation, profession only. The word job is a noun, for example, ‘What’s Sam’s job?’. The companies do announce the jobs, and then the applicants apply for the job and hire the applicant if he fulfills all the requirements.

Types of Job

  • Office Jobs: These are multinational company jobs and political jobs.
  • Field Jobs: These are marketing jobs and agricultural officers.
  • Teaching Jobs: School teaching jobs, and College teaching jobs.
  • Army jobs: These are airforce jobs and navy jobs.
  • Banking Jobs: These are conventional banking jobs and Islamic Banking jobs.
  • IT Jobs: These are graphic designer jobs and software house jobs.

What is Work?

Work is any activity you do, whether it is for earning or for achieving something, thus the nature of the word ‘work’ in general. For example, helping someone is work like teaching someone is work and building a road is also a work. The main intention behind work is not to earn money, and work is done to achieve some goals, and earning money can be the one goal. Work is a noun because it is used in the sense of a job as well; for example, ‘My work is to teach primary classes.’ On the other hand, work is a verb, too; for example, ‘I am working on a final project.’

The work is uncountable; you cannot say that there are many works. You can say that there are some work, and the word some are for an uncountable noun. The work can be paid or unpaid both because when you are doing work intending to earn money, then it is paid. But when you do work without the intention of earning money, so it is not paid. If you want to help someone, then you do work without the intention of earning money, for example, helping a friend or neighbor.

Types of work

  • Any Job to Earn Money: Office jobs and field jobs.
  • To Help Someone: Doing the help of a friend or a neighbor.
  • Cooking: As a housewife and as Chef.
  • Writing: Writing a book or writing a thesis.
  • Study: Studying a Novel or studying the syllabus.
  • Reading: Reading a book or reading a magazine.

Key Differences

  1. The word job is for a particular purpose; on the other hand, work is for general purpose.
  2. Job is any activity to receive some money for your efforts, but the work can be done to receive some money or to get something.
  3. Job is a noun, whereas work is both noun and verb.
  4. Job gives you compensation, while work can be compensated or voluntary.
  5. The main objective of doing a job is to earn; on the flip side, the main objective to do work is not earning.
  6. A job can be an office job, field job, teaching, or any other profession, but the work can be the office or professional job or to assist someone.


Job has a specific purpose of earning money for your living, and Work has a general-purpose to earn money or to help and do anything you want to do.

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