Difference Between Questionnaire and Schedule


Main Difference

The main difference between Questionnaire and Schedule is that the Questionnaire is a set of written questions with a choice of answers, whereas Schedule is a formal set of interrogations that is providing to the enumerators and note down the answers.

Questionnaire vs. Schedule

Questionnaire means a method of collecting data that is consisting of written questions along with substitute answers, whereas schedule is an official document of examinations that are providing to them officially. The questionnaire is filing by the informers, while the schedule is filling on behalf of the respondent. The questionnaire is usually sending through mail to the informers to answering letters, whereas the schedule is generally filling out by the investigator. To collect the records through the questionnaire is comparatively cheap and economical while collecting records through schedules is relatively more expensive.


The ratio of non-response is usually high in the questionnaire, whereas the proportion of non-response is generally meager in the schedule. In the questionnaire, it is not always clear that who you are replying to, while in a schedule, the character of the respondent is evident. The method of the questionnaire is prolonged, whereas, in the case of schedule, the technique of collecting information is in time because they are filling in by officially. In the case of the questionnaire method, individual contacts are usually not conceivable, whereas, in case of schedule, respondents directly note down the personal connections.

The questionnaire method is using only when respondents are literate and supportive, while the schedule method is using to get the information, even the respondents are illiterate. In the questionnaire method, there is a risk of collecting incomplete and wrong information, whereas in the schedule, the data is completing and accurate. Apparently, the questionnaire is quite attractive, while in the schedule, it is not essential because it is filling by enumerators.


Comparison Chart

A questionnaire is a method of written questions with a choice of answerThe schedule is a formal method of interrogations and notes down the answers
Filled By
Response Ratio
Using with literate and cooperative.Using with literate and illiterate people.
Physical Appearance
Must be attractiveNot essential
Respondent’s Personality
Not recognizedRecognized
LargeComparatively small

What is the Questionnaire?

The questionnaire is a written or printed tool of investigation that is consisting of a list of questions attached to the choices of answers. It is a form that is using for obtaining exact information from the respondents. Usually, questionnaires are carrying to the concerned person by post or mail and inviting them to reply and return it. Informers need to read and get and respond in the provided space in the questionnaire.

The whole process of data collection is having low-cost and economical, and the rate of non-response is usually high because many individuals do not reply to the questionnaire and do not return the questionnaire. There is no personal contact that is essential in the case of a questionnaire because the questionnaires are sending to the respondents by post, and connections are already in the record. The questionnaire method is prolonged because many respondents do not return the questionnaire at the required time. The purpose of the questionnaire is to use only when receivers are well-educated and cooperative.

The questionnaire aims to gather the whole and correct information. In the questionnaire method, there is a high risk of assembling imperfect and incorrect information because most of the people are incapable of getting questions properly—the accomplishment of questionnaire methods deceits extra on the excellence of the questionnaire. The presence of the questionnaire must be rather appealing. It is not clear in the questionnaire method, which is replying; in this process, respondents have much time to think before answering. The language of the questionnaire should be comfortable and straightforward.

What is Schedule?

The schedule is a formal method of asking questions. It is like a form which is containing a list of items that is going to fill by the investigators, who are personally appointing for the persistence of data collection, these persons officially go to the informers with the schedule, and ask them some questions from the schedule form, and record their answers in the space that is providing. Enumerators play the leading role in the assortment of data.

This method of schedule is slightly expensive because of the collecting data, and employees are especially hiring for this purpose and training them. While the process requires a considerable amount. The schedule is filling by selected employees; that’s why there is a little chance of non-response. In the schedule method, the collection of information is proper, and in time because they are filling officially, it usually is filling for any kind of research work,

The data is using in the Schedule method does not require only literate people; it is also common in illiterate people because schedule forms are filling by trained employees. The Physical Appearance of a form is not essential in the schedule method, and it is establishing direct individual contact. The achievement of the schedule method depends upon the morality and capability of enumerators, and it is identifying that who is responding against interrogating in the schedule method. The collection of information is usually completing and correct because professionals remove such difficulties that are facing by respondents. There are some kinds of schedules like capacity, resource, and service schedule.

Key Differences

  1. Data collection in the questionnaire is economical, whereas data collection in the schedule is expensive.
  2. Non-response ratio is ordinarily high in the questionnaire; on the other hand, the non-response ratio is meager in the schedule.
  3. The questionnaire method is prolonged, conversely getting the information through schedule is in time.
  4. The questionnaire method is only using with literate people; on the flip side, the schedule method is using with both literate and illiterate.
  5. There is a risk of getting incomplete or wrong information in the questionnaire, whereas there is no risk of getting incomplete and incorrect information in the schedule.
  6. The distribution of the questionnaire is comparatively large; on the other hand, the delivery of the schedule is relatively small.
  7. The accomplishment of the questionnaire is deceit in the quality of the questionnaire; conversely, the accomplishment of the schedule method deceits in morality and ability.


Everything has two characteristics, one is positive and second is negative, the same way is happening with questionnaire and schedules, but both things questionnaire and schedule are standard among the people, The risk of incomplete information is high in the questionnaire because people are not able to get more comfortable, but the schedule faces the threat of preferences and dishonest of the investigator.

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