Difference Between Congress and Senate


Main Difference

Those who are familiar with the legislative and government system of the different countries, will be surely familiar with these two words ‘congress’ and ‘senate’. These two institutes represents those members who are elected by the people of the country to run the government. Congress is particularly attached with the United States while senate used for high parliament in all democratic or presidential governments states, in addition to United States.

What is Congress?

Congress stands for the meeting, conference, assembly or gathering for discussion between delegates of two groups, which can be a from political party, labor union or from any other particular discipline. In different countries, it is used by different terms. Asian countries used the word ‘assembly’ for that purpose while United States used the word ‘congress’ for that purpose and in US it shows the two houses of the US, House of Representatives and Senate. Normally it is occurred between the members of the parliament. However in rare cases it also held between government and any labor union or other group.


What is Senate?

Senate is the highest legislative, governing body or upper assembly in the political system of Asian countries, US states and other countries. Most of the legislative power like administration and judicial decisions are decide by the senate. In almost all countries, where there is a system of upper assembly or senate, members are chosen for the term of six years. The number of members of senate range from 100 to 105 in almost all these countries.

Key Differences

  1. Congress stands for the meeting of delegation of member of the assembly while senate stands for the upper assembly in the political system.
  2. According to US, congress represents the two houses of US government, House of Representatives and Senate. And in US, senate is the part of congress and denotes the upper class assembly.
  3. In congress, government members meets with labor unions and other groups besides meeting with government members while senate represent the government members of the upper assembly and the meeting of the same.
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