Difference Between Bluetooth and Wireless


Main Difference

In fact, Bluetooth and Wireless are mode of communication with the help of electromagnetic waves. The main purpose is to communicate without any external or peripheral device like wire. Sooner or later all your technology will be shift to wireless technology. Both technologies have their own specific uses.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology, mostly has short range, coverage and used for source of connection between mobiles, computers and multiple electronic devices. You can share a small piece of data in shape of image, music, video or documents to interconnected mobile, laptop or head set (for music and calls). In 1994, a telecom company Ericsson introduced this technology. Since then it is widely used in mobile phones and even now laptops are incomplete without it. Latest technological Bluetooth devices can cover the area of 60 meters and can connect with seven devices at the same time. In latest laptops, games and mobiles it is already built in. However, for other devices it is also available in form of USB drive.


What is Wireless?

Wireless is a huge term in which all wireless technologies are included. Either it is in shape of Bluetooth or WiTricity. It works through satellite, microwave signals, radio or TV signals, GPS, etc. Wireless is mostly used to connect your computing devices or smartphone to an internet connection or mobile phone to the booster or antenna of a cellular company. Wireless technology is widely used in satellite TV, remote controls, Wi-Fi LAN, walky talky, cordless telephones, cellular networking, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, WAP , infrared, computing portable devices and radios.

Key Differences

  1. Wireless has no data size limit. You can share as much GB of data as you can. Bluetooth restricts the size of data. Just few MB of data sending is possible.
  2. Wireless covers a large range. Your mobile phone receive signals from an antenna, which is far away from you. In case of Bluetooth, except A class devices its range is just of few meters.
  3. Bluetooth is more secure than Wireless. Hacking or stealing of data is very difficult in Bluetooth as compare to wireless.
  4. Bluetooth has limited devices just mobiles, laptops and few electronic devices are its client. While wireless is the name of a global world. It is available in all kind of wireless devices in addition of mobiles and laptops.
  5. Wireless is normally used for PCs and laptops for network connection while Bluetooth is used to connect multiple accessories.
  6. 4GHz frequency is required for Bluetooth while Wireless requires 2.4 to 5GHz frequency to work.
  7. Maximum seven devices can connect with each other by Bluetooth while number of connection in case of wireless are depends upon number of ports available in hub or rooter.
  8. Bluetooth connection is simple than wireless just a single code is enough for combination of devices. Due to hacking problems wireless combination has become even more difficult than before. You have to connect your device via cable to other device and after installation of driver and some software you can gain the advantage of wireless technology.
  9. Bluetooth is a cheaper medium of communication while wireless cost heavily.
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