Difference Between Database and Data Warehouse


Main Difference

The elementary between a DB and a data warehouse arises from the data data warehouse is form of database that is used for data analysis. A database is a deliberate assortment of information saved on a computer system. Information about faculty college students, lecturers, and classes in a university saved in desk is an occasion for a database. DB help massive amount of information, synchronized processing and precise operations. But the alternative hand data warehouse is a selected form of DB. Which is improved for querying and analysis. Data warehouse extract data from completely totally different sources.

What is Database?

A DB is only a group of deliberate information, typically as a set of related lists of comparable objects. The data is often structured so that it is merely manageable. For occasion, a university DB would have numerous desk as lecturers, faculty college students, and classes the place each desk would have data that specify particulars about each merchandise. A DB usually entails a software program program system often known as Database Management System (DBMS) that is liable for storing and managing the data inside the DB. MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server are some well-known DBMS.


What is Data Warehouse?

An data warehouse is a selected sort if DB used for analysis of information. It collects and retailers built-in models of historic data from numerous operational strategies and feeds them to numerous data marts. It also can current end-user entry to help enterprise views of information.

Key Difference

  1. A database retailers current data whereas a data warehouse retailers historic data.
  2. A database usually changes on account of frequent updates executed on it, and due to this fact, it may well’t be used for analysis or reaching decision. An data warehouse extracts data and evaluations them to analysis and attain choices.
  3. A primary database is used for Online Transactional Processing whereas a data warehouse is used for Online Analytical Processing.
  4. Tables in a database are normalized to appreciate surroundings pleasant storage whereas a data warehouse is usually demoralized to appreciate faster querying.
  5. Analytical queries are rather a lot faster on a data warehouse than on a database.
  6. A database contains extraordinarily detailed data whereas a data warehouse contains summarized data.
  7. A database provides an in depth relational view whereas a data warehouse provides a summarized multidimensional view.
  8. A database can do quite a lot of concurrent transactions whereas a data warehouse is not designed for such duties.
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