Difference Between 8 bit Microcontroller and 16 bit Microcontroller


Main Difference

Before debating about 8 bit and 16 bit microcontroller it is vitally necessary understand what’s microcontroller. A microcontroller is a single and small chip having built-in circuit, processor core and embedded programmable I/O peripherals. 1 bit to 512 bit are frequent occasion of microcontrollers. Here we’re going to speak about about 8 bit and 16 bit microcontroller and their variations.

What is 8 bit Microcontroller?

8 bit microcontroller is type of microcontroller having all traits of microcontroller and its information gadgets are largely 8 bits big. 8 bits big means your CPU can use 8 bit information bus or pipe and can entry the similar dimension information by a single machine instruction. For every cycle of instruction its fluctuate is zero to 255. It requires 20mA current to work. Intel 8008 was the first model having 8 bit micro-controller.


What is 16 bit Microcontroller?

16 bit microcontroller is additional superior than 8 bit microcontroller. It is additional right and precise in performing mathematical and technical duties. Unlike 8 bit microcontroller it makes use of 16 bits information bus or pipe for a single instruction. For every cycle of instruction its bit fluctuate is extended from zero to 65,535. As 16 bit controller is 2 time better than 8 bit controller, it would probably work on two 16 bit numbers. It requires 10mA current to hold out.

Key Differences

  1. First is on worth. Although as a consequence of enchancment in design worth comparability between two has been lowered nevertheless nonetheless 8 bit microcontroller is cheaper than 16 bit microcontroller.
  2. Having 16 bit microcontroller means 16 bus or pipe to carry on information which is 2 time better than 8 bit microcontroller.
  3. Due to large bus 16 bit can perform additional successfully and fast as consider to 16 bit microcontroller.
  4. In performing mathematical capabilities, 16 bit microcontroller is additional right and reliable than 8 bit microcontroller.
  5. For every cycle of instruction, 8 bit fluctuate is zero to 255 whereas 16 bit has fluctuate of zero to 65535 for every cycle.
  6. Although 16 bit microcontroller reveals double cycle or clock time than 8 bit nevertheless having fast time clock means additional energy and vitality will seemingly be required to hold out.
  7. 8 bit microcontroller requires 20 mA current to work, which is 2 time better than the current requirement of 16 bit microcontroller, which requires 10 mA.
  8. Input and Output peripherals of 16 bit are additional advance than 8 bit microcontroller.
  9. 8 bit microcontroller reveals velocity of 12 MIPS at 48 MHz whereas 16 bit reveals most 16 MIPS at 32 MHz, two time better than 8 bit microcontroller.
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