Difference Between University and College


Main Difference

The main and major difference between a College and University is that college offers undergraduate or maximum postgraduate programs. However, University is such a place where students are offered to get admission in the classes ranging from graduation to the highest level in the field of studies. Colleges start with at least intermediate classes and can take the students to complete their post-graduation. College is limited in terms of educating its students and there is no concept of research work inside the wall of a college. On the other hand, universities facilitate the students to pursue their goals to the highest level in their particular field. Students are offered facilities as well as are asked to indulge them into research work related to their course of studies. University is a broader place which actually serves to shine the students in the real term to prepare them for the real, practical life. College, however, includes graduate and post-graduate program, but only prepares its students in the limited spheres. Universities have a number of departments serving a variety of fields for studies. The college has a limited sphere, mostly for preparing the students to step in some university. College doesn’t offer students to enjoy having higher education. University accommodates its students to their limits.

Comparison Chart

Such a place which facilitates students to continue their post-college education.Such a place which facilitates students to continue their post-school education.
People are motivated to researchPeople follow the course
PostgraduatePre graduate
Bachelor, Master, PhDHigh School

Definition of College

College is such a place which facilitates students to continue their post-school education. It is the first place where students are asked to choose either of the fields in order to master in it later on. Although college is a broader place as compared to high school, it has its limitations when comes to offer specialization. Students can only achieve graduation and can’t study higher than post-graduation.

Definition of University

University is the topmost place for getting an education. It is this place which offers its students to pursue their obsessions related to education to their limits. University allows its students to enjoy research work to invent something new in their relevant field. University leads the students to the heights where they actually want to see them. University trains its students to become professional in order to prepare for practical life and to meet the challenges of life after getting an education.


Key Differences

  1. College asks its students to choose any particular field to study; university, on the other hand, actually gets it students to study deeply into their specific field
  2. College offers limited sphere of education; University leads its students to the new heights
  3. College can only offer its students to gain an education at the maximum of post-graduate level; university comes with limitless opportunities for getting the education
  4. There is no research work inside the walls of college; university forces its students to indulge themselves into research work
  5. No one can have a Ph.D. in any subject while being in College as it is University which allows you to do so.


The education system is different in one part of the country from the other country, various terms are involved which might mean the same but are used differently. University and College and two such terms which are generally confused by people living in other parts of the world. Hopefully, this article will help in achieving the task and give a better understanding.

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