Difference Between PlayStation and Xbox


Main Difference

It is a big reality that the gaming industry is going to be enhanced day by day and when the topic of gaming console is discussed, the two famous names come into our mind known as PlayStation and Xbox. Here you will find the Difference between PlayStation and Xbox the main purpose of which is to describe the features of these exclusive gaming consoles in order to guide the readers particularly those ones who are looking for purchasing any one of them. The PlayStation series is older than the Xbox and is well furnished with the eye catching interface along with the accessories plus better looking games that facilitates the users a lot. The Xbox is excellent for those users who are well familiar with PC environment which is user friendly.

What is PlayStation?

The PlayStation is the remarkable creation of Sony that is a well popular series of video games consoles. Along with the gaming facility, it works as a media center and the online service provider at the same time.


What is Xbox?

It is offered by Microsoft the main purpose of which is to establish an entertaining video gaming brand and come with a series of gaming consoles. The Xbox gives streaming and online services with the help of Xbox Live.

Key Differences

  1. Unique Games: The game franchises have given their rights to either the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation. So, if you are fond of any specific game then you have to check that which one of two gaming consoles have its rights. Most popular games for the PlayStation are the “Final Fantasy” and the “Metal Gear Solid”. While you will find the “Halo” and the “Fable” games in its competitor known as Xbox.
  2. Design: The latest part of the PlayStation named as PlayStation 4 will come in front of you in the form of small size, sleek and stylish which will be pleasing to the eye. On the contrary, the shape of the Xbox One will resemble a big block mainly when you compare both consoles. Consequently, if your gaming area has limited space, then the Xbox and its power brick will not be a right choice for you.
  3. Price Comparison: The buyers of the Xbox have to pay $100 more if they wish to have the Xbox One with a Kinect 2 controller that is a remarkable creation of Xbox which caters motion sensing and handles the voice controls for the players. It is a huge opportunity for playing games in future but costly for today. Sony offers less powerful Eye Camera for which you have to pay $60 extra.
  4. Free Games Availability: The users of Sony can obtain a huge advantage with the services of PlayStation Plus. Basically it is a subscription service that provides free of charge games on monthly basis. On the other hand, even though Microsoft has launched “Games with Gold” facility but the games given by this option are less advanced as compare to Sony.
  5. Interface: As the Xbox One is presented by Microsoft, therefore, you will find a Windows 8 style interface and operating system in it which is very favorable for the users of PC and is superior to PlayStation. The Internet Explorer on Xbox One works far better than the Sony’s PlayStation browser. The users of internet who like to view web on the big screen must check the Xbox as it comes with Skype built-in and SkyDrive cloud storage as well.
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