Difference Between Sanitation and Hygiene


Main Difference

Undoubtedly, these both words are the road way to health and cleanliness, although they even can’t be used interchangeably as they posses some serious differences, which can easily be pointed out by a sound mind within a sound body. Hygiene is related to the preservation of health, most of the time it stands for ‘personal hygiene’ making clean our body, washing hands and others. Whereas, sanitation is related to the dispose of human wastes through proper way, so that it didn’t create any hindrance in humans healthy life.

What is Sanitation?

The sanitation has become one of the most rapidly increasing health threat as the population is enormously increasing and deriving from the conclusions that sanitation problems are directly proportional to the population, if the population increases the sanitation problem may automatically rise and the areas which have less population may have proper sanitation. Different known health organizations are of view that a better infrastructure will assure the good sanitation, which will be further making humans rid from many diseases like allergies, fever, malaria and etc.


What is Hygiene?

Although, hygiene is not just a term about the ‘personal hygiene’ as it has a far impact on one’s life and is comprehensively about the health and cleanliness strategies. The reason behind personal hygiene becoming a famous term is that in today’s hectic life people didn’t pay attention towards their self cleanliness, which makes one immunity thin and then the disease vigorously get stick to one. Personal hygiene includes brushing your teeth, washing hands and even taking care of the sensitive body parts.

Key Differences

  1. Hygiene as elaborated or collective term is about the maintenance of healthy atmosphere and surrounding, even with this hygiene isn’t directly about the sanitation. As sanitation is specifically about the removal of human feces and for this purpose gutters and proper sewerage system is used.
  2. Brushing off your teeth is an example of hygiene, whereas disposing the sewerage water is about sanitation.
  3. Hygiene is mostly focused about the atmosphere you create yourself, whereas for sanitation purpose the assigned officials are aligned to make sure the better sewerage system.
  4. The food being made in healthy environment is hygienic environment while disposing the waste food is a process of sanitation.
  5. Ones culture play pivotal role in making sure the personal hygiene, whereas sanitation is just about following the ongoing trend and facilities provided you at that time.
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