Difference Between Headphones and Headsets


Major Differences

The point to be noted is that both these devises are interchangeably used, even their users sometime aren’t able to differentiate that the device they are using is whether headphone or headset, besides, the fact that the differences between both these devices are distinguishable. The main difference between these devices is that headphones are the devices consisting of pair of earphones joined by a band placed over the head, whereas a set of headset is the set of headphones, typically with a microphone attached. In short, the headsets are 2 in 1 devices as one can listen and also speak via them, although, in headphones one can just listen.

What is Headphones?

They have been upgrading by the every passing year since they were being invented in 20th century, as first they were worn around the ears, then they were being adjusted in the ear and the latest in the market are wireless headphones. All of them intend to provide the same thing loud and clear voice. The headphones are still today the top priority of rock music lovers and the game-enthusiasts, who also use the headphones to get totally concentrated in their game.


What is Headset?

The device has gained a lot popularity over last several years, as it has become the urgency for the work in offices, software houses, commentary boxes, and even they are said to be handy as one while doing some work on laptop, PC can continue the ongoing conservation (voice call). Here it should also be mentioned that beside some notable differences people intermix devices like earphone, headphone, hands free and headset.

Key Differences

  1. Headphones may be used for the keenly observing voices like music, whereas headset is about the formal or informal daily talks.
  2. DJ’s do prefer headphones as they are sportier and the rise or fall in voices can be easily observed, on the other hand headset is the first priority of the call center and software house workers.
  3. When its about just listening users prefer headphones over headsets, on the other hand, headsets simultaneous function of listening and speaking is a beneficial buzz.
  4. Headphones were mainly used for one can listen music without disturbing the others in surrounding, whereas headsets were initiated to provide successful communication, while maintaining ones privacy
  5. Headphones are circumaural type as it restrains all the outer voices, although, headsets are supraaural type, while using which the outside sounds can also be heard.
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