Difference Between High School and College


Main Difference

High school is the place where teenagers’ wings are being knitted but they are not fully ready to fly. There are, mostly, common subjects which are compulsory to study during school classes under a prolonged duration of a day wrapped up 7 to 8 periods. In college, unlike school, a completely different atmosphere waits to set you free from all the restrictions you faced under the cage of school. Now, teenagers are getting ready to fly to explore the other world. No such restrictions are found in College. In college, studies become more specific and students need to choose a particular field according to their interest and inclinations. In college, there are lecturers, professors, and scholar who deliver a lecture on the particular subject in which they have expertise. On the other hand, in high school, though there is a subject specialist, most teachers are not highly qualified and they deal with more than one subjects. As soon as teen enters inside the wall of the college, they enter into a sort of social circle which has no place in High school. While being in High school, students are partially oblivious about what culture they belong to, while in college, the concerns begin to grow. In High school, students are mostly supposed to follow the orders and advice given by their teachers as well as parents, while College asks you to draw your lines and make your decisions by yourself.

Comparison Chart

High SchoolCollege
Classes are arranged for studentsYou arrange your schedule with the advice of consultants
Participation in extracurricular activities needs permissionStudents get to decide on their own
Students are expected to move within the curriculumEncourages students to invent new things

Definition of High School

A high school is a place where students are being introduced with specific branches of different fields separately i.e. chemistry, physics, biology, zoology, etc. Here, students are being prepared to face tougher exams and the first real test of their never comes at the climax of High school life. There are lots of restrictions in the High school. Students are still not independent and are considered to be at the early stage of their learning.

Definition of College

College provides the teenagers the first terminal to get started flying. Being a higher level, college gives a much free-to-move place to its students. Here, the students have to chose a specific field of study and they are going to have a real study into the subject which was introduced to them in high school. College is such a place where there is no place for naive or too innocent students. In fact, college rubs such students to become smart and prudish. College prepares the students for practical life. Students are being prepared to meet the challenges of the world. They get vocational training inside the college.


Key Differences

  1. Classes are arranged for students in High school, while College asks you to arrange your schedule with the advice of your consultants.
  2. Highs cool is mandatory and less expensive; college is voluntary and expensive.
  3. Teachers and coordinators structured students time; students to manage their own time.
  4. Participation in extracurricular activities needs permission; students have to decide by themselves.
  5. Teachers are accountable for students’ negligence in High school; lecturers and professors just deliver their lectures.
  6. Teachers have to pay heed to each student in High school; professors and lecturers are independent of such responsibilities.
  7. Teachers ask students to complete their work in school; professors and lecturers expect students to reciprocate with them.
  8. There is no or partial concept of socialism in High school; College persuades you to have a social life.
  9. Students are expected to move within the curriculum; College encourages students to invent new things.


The American education system is different from the British education system and therefore, various terms are involved which might mean the same but are used differently. High school and college and two such terms which are generally confused by people living in other parts of the world. Hopefully, this article will help in achieving the task and give a better understanding.

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