Difference Between Turkey vs.Chicken


Main Difference

The main difference between Turkey and Chicken is that Turkey comprises a smaller amount of calorie content and relatively extra protein, whereas Chicken has moderately less amount of proteins, by excluding the breast of chicken, which contains most protein for every plateful size of 3 ozs or ounces.

Turkey vs. Chicken

Turkey is generally dark-skinned or colored; on the other hand, chicken is bright, colorful, and the guy chickens are more vibrantly colored. For red meat, turkeys are frequently bred and used. While typically, chickens are bred for meat and eggs. Turkeys have neck and head without feathers, whereas, chicken has a neck and head with feathers having a notable comb.


Turkey has less sodium, less cholesterol, and additional iron. While chicken has additional sodium and cholesterol and less amount of iron. Turkey has more than 28 g of proteins. On the other hand, chicken has 25 g of proteins.

As reported by, the USDA, a 3-crumb portion of an entire turkey, contains 170 calories, 70 caloric content from cholesterol or fat and a little additional protein with 24 as an alternative of 23 gram, On the other hand, a 3-crumb portion or serving of a complete ripe or cooked chicken contains 200 calories from proteins and 100 calories from fat and cholesterol. Turkey consists of more copper and selenium, while chicken has less.

Turkey has less amount of niacin, which protects beside Dementia and Alzheimers. While chicken hits turkey having more niacin since we can not neglect these advantages. Turkeys’ eggs are freak-colored hazel eggs. On the other side, the eggs of chickens are white. Turkey meat s darker than that of chicken, while Chicken meat is white.


Comparison Chart

Turkey is more prominent in mass with stretched tail fine hair.Chicken is a little bird having ruffles on the apex of its top.
Turkeys drive gulping or guzzling sounds.Chicken renders chirping sounds.
Turkeys are darker.Chickens are dazzling and multi-colored birds.
Called As
The male turkey is known as stag or tom.A male chicken is known as a cock.
It contains 14 grams of proteins.It contains 26-gram proteins.
40 percent sodium2 percent sodium

What is Turkey?

When we are thinking over turkey, the first obsession that comes up to our intellect is a blessing. But it looks like this bird is healthier for your wellbeing than the conventional chicken. It is a popular rooster dish, particularly in North America, wherever it is conventionally used as a fraction of ethnically important measures such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, along with traditional cuisine.

Turkeys are sold crushed pieces and also “whole” in style, just like a hen with the head, feet, and feathers disconnected. Freezing full turkeys stay admired. Sliced turkey has often utilized a served meat or sandwiched meat as cold cuts; in little situations where recipes call for rooster, it might be utilized as a replacement. Ground turkey is sell-off and seldom sold as a vigorous substitute to ground beef. Without wary grounding, cooked turkey is typically considered to finish up less damp than other fowl meats such as duck and chicken.

Undomesticated or wild turkeys, even as in standard the same type as broken turkeys, have a unique taste starting farm-raised turkeys. Just about all of the beef is “shady” with a more robust taste. The taste might also differ periodically with changes in existing rummage, frequently parting natural bomb meat with a gamy taste in late summer, owing to a large number of insects in its food above the previous months. Wild turkey that has fed principally on lawn and crumb has a milder taste. Older custom breeds also fluctuate in aroma or taste.

What is Chicken?

Chicken is the most general type of rooster in the world. Due to the comparative ease and low charge of bringing them up in contrast to animals, for example, hogs or cattle, chickens have to turn into widespread all through the cooking of cultures just about the world, and their animal protein has been variously adapted to regional tastes.

Chicken can be ready in an enormous variety of traditions, including grilling, baking, frying, barbecuing, and boiling, along with lots of others, according to its intention. Because of the second half of the 20th century, drawn up chicken has become a fastener of fast or quick food. Chicken is occasionally mentioned as even more healthy than red meat, through lower amounts of and saturated fat and cholesterol.

The hen farming manufacturing that scores for chicken manufacture takes on a variety of forms across several portions of the world. In urbanized or developed countries, chickens are generally subject to exhaustive farming techniques, while developing areas increase chickens utilizing more conventional farming methods. There are a large number of genetically modified chicken breeds, depending on the principle of breeding.

The United Nations guesses there to be nineteen billion chickens on Earth now. Males are typically known as cocks. Moreover, females are known as hens. They are aphids in food behavior, feed on seeds, lizard worms, and smooth tiny mammals similar to mice. Healthier and energetic male’s heaviness is about five to eight pounds, which is a slightly elevated weight for a bird to flutter. Therefore, chicken is not modified for flying elongated distances.

Key Differences

  1. Turkey is usually dark-colored; on the other hand, chickens are bright and colorful, and the male chickens are further vividly colored.
  2. Turkeys are usually bred for red meat. While naturally, chickens are bred for eggs and meat.
  3. Turkeys have neck and head devoid of feathers, but chicken has a neck and head with fine hairs or feathers having a convex probe.
  4. The growth period of turkey is higher, while the incubation period of chickens is slightly lower than that of turkeys.
  5. Turkey sets freak colored brown or hazel eggs. On the other hand, chicken eggs are grey and white in color.
  6. Turkeys are less consumed by the people; on the contrary, chickens are more consumed by people.
  7. Turkey comprises a smaller amount of calories and reasonably more protein than chicken, While chicken contains fewer proteins, except chicken breast.
  8. In 28 grams of meat, turkey provides one additional gram of protein 8 grams, while chicken provides 9 grams of proteins.
  9. Turkey has less amount of fat or cholesterol, while chicken contains more amount of cholesterol.


From the above discussion, it is concluded that turkeys are darker than chicken, and the chicken is colorful. The consumption of turkeys is less, while the consumption of chickens is more by humans.

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