Difference Between Fact and Fiction


Main Difference

The main difference between Fact and Fiction is that fact is a real or actual event; on the other hand, Fiction is an imaginative or inventive creation.

Fact vs. Fiction

Fact is a real, actual, or a true event; on the other hand, fiction is an artistic conception. The fact has not anything to do with the brain. It is a formerly existing phenomenon or event, whereas fiction has taken all things to do with the help of the brain. The fact explains information regarding real people, situations, and actual events. On the other side, fiction includes mythological or inventive figures, incidents., and conditions.


Facts are considered to be factual; on the other side, fiction is assumed in one’s mind’s eye or thoughts. In the case of fact, a novelist or writer requires useful quality information of an exacting field and impartial opinions and suggestions. But in the case of fiction, a writer or novelist wants fruitful thoughts and high-quality skills of writing to inscribe or write fiction. Occasionally facts might be blown up and inclined by partial opinions. On the other hand, fiction may sometimes enclose some fundamentals of reality.

A fact is a tale enclosed by an author who writes as of his imagination or perception; it might be confirmed with the confirmation. On the other hand, fiction can never be verified with the confirmation. The media inscribe fact because it is based upon genuine events or incidents. Fiction relates to literature formed from the mind.​ An example of fact is an article from The New York Times, while the example of the fiction is Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling.


Comparison Chart

Fact is the knowledge that believed to be accurate.Fiction is per one’s imagination or perception.
A fact can be confirmed with evidence or proof.Fiction cannot be established with evidence or proof.
A fact may be embellished and inclined by partial judgment.Fiction can occasionally hold some essentials of reality.
News reporting, Textbooks, Life storiesShort stories and Novels plays
The fact comes from the Latin word factum, meaning something done.Fiction comes from the Latin word fictio, meaning something shaped.
Based On
Fact is based upon actual events or incidents the media carve fact.Fiction” relates to writing shaped or produced from imagination and perception.

What is Fact?

Fact is a factual thing. It is significant to note that you cannot produce a fact. You may either practice a fact or identify it for yourself or manually. This is the basis or reason that one’s personal story written down by a writer is known as a life story or autobiography. It is the commentary of the perception or self-experience. An autobiography or life story is not created on the other hand. The fact has not anything to do with the intellect. It is a previously existing happening or incident. For instance, the rising of the Sun in the east is a superficial, perceived, and practiced occurrence, and it has not got anything to do by means of intelligence.

Besides, some numerous phrases or sentences utilize the term fact—for example, a fact of life, facts, and figures, in fact, etc. A fact is an object that is recognized to be reliable with intention and objective reality or truth and can be verified to be correct with verification. For instance, “This sentence consists of terms.” is a lingual fact, and “The sun is a star.” is a planetary fact. Additional, “Abraham Lincoln was the 16th head of the United States.” and “Abraham Lincoln was murdered.” are as well both particulars of account. All of these assertions have the epistemological value of being “ontological superior” in the direction of estimation or explanation — they are also categorically essential or supported by enough certification.

What is Fiction?

The term fiction is taken from the Latin fictio. It means anything that is shaped or feigned. This demonstrates that fiction depends on thoughts. In other languages, fiction is an inventive conception. Fiction has taken everything to do with intelligence. Fiction is coming out of the imagination of the author or the poet. Creativity is the authority within the intellect that makes the poet or the author select the nearly all suitable word and wisdom essential for the construction of the novel or the poems. Creativity and inspiration are assumed a gift of God.

Fiction is premised on individuals’ imagination. Fiction is built about fantasy characters and conditions. because it chiefly contains invented fundamentals, it is not thought as real. Fiction is also a sort that involves stories base on their thoughts. Novellas, Novels, Plays, and Short Stories are some examples of this genus. A fiction author has to have abundant ideas to make an unbeaten fiction.

Though, fiction can, from time to time, enclose some fundamentals of certainty. For instance, a fiction writer might contain exact images of places, real characters, and historical events. But, this doesn’t indicate that every one of the characters and incidents is actual. Fiction, in general, is a narrative form, in any standard, consisting of events, people, or spaces that are fantasy or imaginary.

Key Differences

  1. A fact is a true event, while fiction is a creative conception.
  2. The fact has no links with the brains, and it is a previously existing occasion or occurrence. On the other side, fiction has got the whole lot to do with the intellect.
  3. Fiction is base on the mind’s eye, or thoughts and fact is base on reality.
  4. The modern sense of fact is “somewhat cooperatively supposed to be accurate”; on the other hand, and fiction is “a resourceful conception or a simulation that does not symbolize reality but has been made-up.”
  5. Fact consequent from the Latin word “factum,” meaning “occurrence or event or something done,” while fiction derived from the Latin term “fictio,” meaning “the act of influential, a feigning, that which is artificial.”
  6. The fact might start from supposed happening or incidence; on the other hand, fiction for all time begins in the intellect.
  7. Facts might be inclined by partial opinions, while fiction may sometimes enclose some fundamentals of reality.


From the above discussion, it is concluded that Fact is considered to be a valid, real, and actual event. But Fiction is base on one’s imagination and perception.

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