Difference Between Sales and Marketing


Main Difference

Sales and marketing plans are important for entrepreneurs who are running a large business and wants to see their company at peak level. The companies having no solid sales or marketing plans are likely to fail soon as the sales and marketing have direct relations with the profitability and goals of the company. Although both have the same goal, but are still different from each other. If you are aiming to start the business than it is important to understand the differences between sales and marketing to earn the maximum profit.

What is Sales?

Sales means the exchange of goods and services against some consideration likely to be in cash or money. Passing of title – property or ownership – is compulsory to form a sale. The sale is mostly completed by the seller, not the purchaser. Every trading company or wholesaler or retailer has a salesman or saleswoman who is responsible to sells goods or services on behalf of the seller. There are mainly two kinds of sales, inside sales and outside sales. Inside sales took place under the premises or office or retail outlet of the company while outside sales took place outside the company at buyer place after getting advance order form the willing buyer.


What is Marketing?

Marketing means convincing the customers by telling them about the product, service, or brand its features, values and benefits. The purpose of marketing is to promote the product, service, or brand for the purpose of sale. Research on consumer behaviour is important for a successful marketing. Marketing uses the tactics of behavioural sciences and information technology through marketing management. Marketing comes first before sale. Marketing is solely associated with the promotion and advertisement of goods or services. It can be done via various channels such as internet, social world, person-to-person, TV, billboards, etc.

Key Differences

  1. Sales means transfer of goods or services in consideration of money while marketing means convincing the customers and promoting the goods or services.
  2. Marketing comes first before sale. In fact, marketing compels the willing customers to buy the goods or services of company.
  3. Final sale always done by sales department and records in the accounts of sales department while marketing department maintain the record of target achieved.
  4. Guaranty, warranty, exchange or refunds matters are maintained by sales department. Price of products are often determined by the sales department.
  5. Marketing has a social impact as it build the long lasting relationship while selling is the ultimate result of marketing.
  6. Social media advertising, billboards advertising or advertising on TV are various channels of marketing while inside sale and outside sales are form of sales.
  7. Marketing is an important department in the organizational hierarchy that brings customers and ultimately results in completion of sales targets and profitability.