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Google Drive vs. Amazon Cloud Drive: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 26, 2023
Google Drive is a cloud storage service by Google, while Amazon Cloud Drive, now known as Amazon Drive, is Amazon's cloud storage solution.

Key Differences

Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive are both cloud storage solutions offered by two of the world's leading tech companies: Google and Amazon, respectively. Google Drive not only allows users to store files but also integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, enabling collaboration on documents, slides, and spreadsheets. Amazon Cloud Drive, now more commonly known as Amazon Drive, provides users with a platform primarily focused on storage and backup solutions.
Google Drive offers a suite of office applications, including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. This makes it an ideal platform for individuals and businesses looking for real-time collaboration tools. On the other hand, Amazon Drive leans more towards individual users looking to back up photos, videos, and files, with an emphasis on integrating with Amazon's other services like Prime Photos.
Google Drive, being a part of Google's ecosystem, offers seamless integration with other Google services such as Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Calendar. Amazon Drive offers benefits for Amazon Prime members, including increased storage space and seamless integration with Amazon Prime Photos, enabling easy photo backup and sharing.
While both platforms provide mobile and desktop apps for easier access to files, Google Drive tends to be favored for its collaborative tools, and Amazon Drive for its straightforward file storage, especially for Amazon-centric consumers. Both have tiered pricing models, but the specifics of the storage space and pricing vary based on the evolving strategies of the two tech giants.
Security is paramount for both platforms. Google Drive and Amazon Drive use encryption methods to secure files during transfer and when stored. They also provide recovery options for deleted files, ensuring that users don't accidentally lose crucial data.

Comparison Chart

Primary Function

Cloud storage with collaboration tools.
Cloud storage with emphasis on photos and videos.

Integrated Tools

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
Integrates with Amazon Prime Photos.

Integration with Services

Google services such as Gmail, Photos, and Calendar.
Amazon services, especially beneficial for Prime members.

User Focus

Individuals and businesses for collaboration.
Individuals for storage, especially Amazon-centric users.


Google One subscription with varying storage tiers.
Amazon Drive subscription with storage tiers.

Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive Definitions

Google Drive

A platform that offers both free and paid storage options.
My photos are automatically backed up on Google Drive.

Amazon Cloud Drive

An online storage platform that integrates with Amazon Prime Photos.
As a Prime member, I get additional storage on Amazon Cloud Drive.

Google Drive

A cloud service that integrates with various Google applications.
When I receive attachments in Gmail, I save them directly to Google Drive.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon's cloud storage solution for files, photos, and videos.
I backed up all my vacation photos on Amazon Cloud Drive.

Google Drive

A cloud storage platform developed by Google.
I saved my presentation on Google Drive so I can access it anywhere.

Amazon Cloud Drive

A platform emphasizing photo and video storage for Amazon users.
Amazon Cloud Drive makes it easy for me to share photos with my family.

Google Drive

An online storage solution with real-time collaboration features.
She shared a document with me on Google Drive, and we edited it together.

Amazon Cloud Drive

A cloud-based storage service provided by Amazon.
I upgraded my Amazon Cloud Drive subscription for more storage.

Google Drive

A digital workspace integrated with Google Workspace tools.
We use Google Drive to collaborate on our team projects.

Amazon Cloud Drive

A digital vault for user files with varying storage plans.
My files are safe and accessible on Amazon Cloud Drive.


How much storage does Google Drive offer for free?

Google Drive offers 15GB of storage for free to its users.

How can I share files from Google Drive?

Files can be shared via shareable links or by granting access to specific Google accounts.

Is Google Drive secure for storing sensitive information?

Google Drive uses advanced encryption, but users should always ensure their data's privacy and security settings.

Can I edit documents directly in Google Drive?

Yes, Google Drive integrates with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, allowing for direct editing.

Is Google Drive available on mobile?

Yes, there are Google Drive apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Can I access Amazon Cloud Drive on different devices?

Yes, Amazon Cloud Drive is accessible via web browsers, desktop applications, and mobile apps.

How does Amazon Cloud Drive compare to other Amazon services like Amazon S3?

While both are storage solutions, Amazon Cloud Drive is for personal use, while Amazon S3 is a scalable storage solution for businesses.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a cloud storage service provided by Google.

Does Google Drive offer offline access?

Yes, users can make specific files available for offline access.

How is Google Drive different from Google Photos?

While both are storage solutions, Google Drive is general-purpose storage, while Google Photos is specifically for photos and videos.

Is Amazon Cloud Drive integrated with Amazon Prime?

Yes, Amazon Prime members may receive additional benefits or storage options on Amazon Cloud Drive.

How secure is Amazon Cloud Drive?

Amazon Cloud Drive uses encryption for stored files, but users should review their privacy settings.

Does Amazon Cloud Drive support document editing?

Amazon Cloud Drive primarily focuses on storage. Direct editing is not its main feature, unlike Google Drive.

What is Amazon Cloud Drive?

Amazon Cloud Drive is Amazon's cloud storage solution, primarily for photos and personal files.

Can I share files from Amazon Cloud Drive with others?

Yes, users can share files by generating shareable links.

Is there a mobile app for Amazon Cloud Drive?

Yes, Amazon provides mobile apps for accessing Amazon Cloud Drive.

Do I need an Amazon account to use Amazon Cloud Drive?

Yes, an Amazon account is required to access Amazon Cloud Drive.

Can multiple users collaborate on a single document in Google Drive?

Yes, real-time collaboration is one of Google Drive's key features.

Is there a storage limit on Google Drive?

While there's a free tier limit, users can purchase additional storage if needed.

Is Amazon Cloud Drive free?

Amazon Cloud Drive offers some storage for free, with additional storage available for purchase.
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