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Queen Mattress vs. Full Mattress: What's the Difference?

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A queen mattress is larger, typically 60x80 inches, while a full mattress is smaller, measuring about 54x75 inches.

Key Differences

A queen mattress and a full mattress are both popular choices in the bedding industry, but they cater to different needs. A queen mattress is generally considered suitable for couples or individuals who desire more space when sleeping. The full mattress, on the other hand, is often chosen by single adults or for teenager's rooms due to its compact size.
While the dimensions of a queen mattress typically measure around 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length, the full mattress is narrower and shorter. The full mattress usually measures about 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. This difference in size can significantly influence the comfort and space provided to the sleeper.
Price-wise, there's often a difference between the queen mattress and the full mattress. Because of its larger size and more materials used, a queen mattress can be more expensive than its full counterpart. However, factors like brand, materials, and special features can also affect the price.
In terms of room space, the queen mattress requires a more spacious bedroom to fit comfortably. A full mattress, due to its smaller dimensions, can be a good fit for smaller rooms or apartments.
Bedding and accessories also vary between the queen mattress and the full mattress. While queen-sized beddings are widely available, full-sized ones are also common. However, the latter might be a bit easier to handle due to their smaller size.

Comparison Chart


60 inches x 80 inches
54 inches x 75 inches

Suitable For

Couples or those wanting space
Single adults or teens

Price Range

Generally more expensive
Generally less expensive

Room Space Needed

More spacious room required
Fits smaller rooms better

Bedding Ease

Widely available but larger
Common and easier to handle

Queen Mattress and Full Mattress Definitions

Queen Mattress

A larger-sized bed designed mainly for two sleepers.
The couple decided to buy a queen mattress for their new home.

Full Mattress

A budget-friendly option compared to larger mattresses.
We opted for a full mattress to stay within our budget.

Queen Mattress

A prevalent choice for guest rooms for its versatility.
We set up the guest room with a queen mattress to accommodate couples or singles.

Full Mattress

A medium-sized mattress suitable for single adults.
The college student bought a full mattress for his dorm room.

Queen Mattress

A mattress that provides ample space for individuals desiring more legroom.
I prefer a queen mattress because I can spread out comfortably.

Full Mattress

Often chosen for teens' rooms due to its appropriate size.
For my son's 16th birthday, we upgraded his bed to a full mattress.

Queen Mattress

Often considered the standard for adult bedrooms.
For the master bedroom, we'll need a queen mattress.

Full Mattress

Provides comfortable sleep space without taking up too much room.
Living in an apartment, I find a full mattress to be just right.

Queen Mattress

A sleeping surface measuring approximately 60x80 inches.
They found a queen mattress that fit perfectly in their spacious room.

Full Mattress

A mattress with dimensions around 54x75 inches.
The bedroom was small, so a full mattress was the ideal fit.


Can full mattress beddings fit on a queen mattress?

No, full mattress beddings are smaller and won't fit properly on a queen mattress.

How wide is a queen mattress compared to a full mattress?

A queen mattress is about 60 inches wide, while a full mattress is approximately 54 inches wide.

Are queen mattress and full mattress designed for specific numbers of sleepers?

Yes, a queen mattress is mainly for two sleepers, while a full mattress is typically for one.

Which mattress is more expensive generally, queen mattress or full mattress?

Usually, a queen mattress is more expensive than a full mattress.

What's the length difference between a queen mattress and a full mattress?

A queen mattress is typically 80 inches long, while a full mattress is about 75 inches long.

Which mattress, queen or full, is better for smaller apartments?

A full mattress is generally better for smaller apartments due to its compact size.

Which is larger: a queen mattress or a full mattress?

A queen mattress is larger than a full mattress.

Which takes up more space in a room, a queen mattress or a full mattress?

A queen mattress takes up more space compared to a full mattress.

Do both queen mattress and full mattress come in the same material options?

Yes, both come in various materials like foam, spring, latex, etc.

Are bed frames for a queen mattress more expensive than those for a full mattress?

Typically, queen bed frames are pricier due to their larger size, but prices can vary by material and design.

How much weight can a queen mattress and a full mattress typically support?

Both can support several hundred pounds, but exact weight limits depend on the mattress construction and brand.

Is a queen mattress always the better choice over a full mattress?

Not necessarily. The best choice depends on room size, number of sleepers, and budget.

Are there any specific beddings branded for queen mattress and full mattress?

Yes, beddings are often labeled specifically for their intended mattress size.

Do queen mattress and full mattress have the same thickness options?

Both come in various thicknesses, but options depend on the brand and model.

Can I find hybrid versions for both queen mattress and full mattress?

Yes, hybrid mattresses are available in both sizes.

Are there any specific brands that only make queen mattress or full mattress?

While most brands offer both sizes, some specialty brands may focus on one size over the other.

Are there any comfort differences between a queen mattress and a full mattress?

The primary difference is size, but personal comfort depends on individual preferences and sleeping habits.

Can two adults sleep comfortably on a full mattress?

While possible, a full mattress is snug for two adults. A queen mattress offers more space.

Can I fit a queen mattress in a room designed for a full mattress?

It depends on the room size. You'll need to ensure there's enough space around the bed for movement and furniture.

Which is more popular in hotels, queen mattress or full mattress?

Queen mattresses are more common in hotels for their versatility in accommodating one or two guests.
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