Difference Between Cardiac Muscle and Skeletal Muscle


Main Difference

Our physique incorporates three sorts of muscle teams, cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle and straightforward muscle. Cardiac and skeletal muscle teams are two foremost kinds. The cardiac muscle teams are current in coronary coronary heart whereas skeletal muscle teams are linked on bones and cartilage. The main is the affiliation of cell in a tissue.

What is Cardiac Muscle?

Cardiac muscle teams are found on coronary coronary heart. They involuntary striated muscle teams. Cardiac muscle teams are made up of “y” fashioned cells. It has prolonged branched cells with two ovoid nuclei. It is striated muscle because of it incorporates sarcomeres. The cardiac tissues are made up of numerous myofibrils containing sarcomere. The outer membrane is called Sarcolemma. Sarcolemma has T-tubules, which are invaginations extending from Sarcolemma and inside cell. T- tubules are accountable to distribute movement potential equally all by means of the cell. It has intercalated cells containing desmosomes that be part of one cell to the alternative. Cardiac muscle teams are involuntary as they pump blood throughout the physique steady. It has fairly a couple of mitochondria to generate an ample of vitality to pump blood.


What is Skeletal Muscle?

Skeletal muscle moreover known as striated muscle resulting from it striate look under the microscope. The main carry out of skeletal muscle is to maneuver the skeleton. They are in direct administration of the somatic nervous system. It is usually innervated by voluntary motor nerves. Skeletal muscle teams are hooked as much as bones by bundles of collagen known as tendon. It can produce contraction, twitches and extremely efficient sustained rigidity and return to its distinctive type. Individual cells known as skeletal muscle cells are largest cells in human physique. Each muscle fiber is consists of contractile unit known as myofibrils. It appears striated with light and darkish bands. These alternating bands are long-established by contractile elements known as actins and myosin filaments, repeated objects are known as sarcomeres. It moreover has two totally different essential regulatory protein known as troponin and tropomyosin, important for muscle contraction. The muscle fibers are prolonged cylindrical and have fairly a couple of nuclei. There are many skeletal muscle teams some are bicep and triceps in for arm to flex and lengthen the forearm respectively. The skeletal muscle if used can improve in dimension and if disused may trigger atrophy. Skeletal muscle will get exhausted merely.


Key Differences

  1. Cardiac muscle teams are found on coronary coronary heart whereas skeletal muscle teams are found throughout the physique hooked as much as the bones and tendons
  2. Morphologically cardiac muscle teams are striped with cross linkage whereas skeletal muscle teams are solely striped.
  3. Cardiac muscle teams are involuntary as they’re innervated by somatic nervous system whereas skeletal muscle teams are voluntary as they’re innervated by motor nerves.
  4. Cardiac muscle teams are accountable to pump blood all by means of the physique whereas skeletal muscle teams are accountable for movement, twitching, holding and to hold out work
  5. Cardiac muscle teams have prolonged tertranic contraction whereas skeletal muscle teams have small twitch and prolonged tertranic contraction.
  6. Cardiac muscle teams are elastic in nature whereas skeletal muscle teams are non elastic in nature.
  7. Cardiac muscle diameter is 10 micro meter whereas skeletal muscle is 10 to 80 micro meter.
  8. Cardiac muscle has one or two nuclei whereas skeletal muscle teams have numerous nuclei.
  9. Cardiac muscle teams have intercalated disc whereas skeletal muscle teams don’t want intercalated disc.
  10. Cardiac muscle teams have intermediate velocity of contraction whereas skeletal muscle teams contract fast.
  11. Cardiac muscle under no circumstances will get exhausted whereas skeletal muscle teams get exhausted.
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