Difference Between Culture and Religion


Main Difference

Religion and Culture are two terms that human beings sometimes are unable to decipher. Some people consider both of these as a part of each other, some people think they both are not entirely linked with each other. Here is a look at both these terms and what actually makes them relate able and different from each other. The main difference between these two terms is what originates these two words. Religion is something that has been started by the God, who has given humans a set of rules and regulations to follow, these instructions have been sent in the form of holy books and prophets, and there is no intervention of human beings in the way it is set. While Culture is something that people themselves start. It can be their way of living, depend on the circumstances, what type of area they are living in and many other factors. Religion comes from a single entity, and everyone has the right to practice it on their own without any influence. Culture, on the other hand, is the collective action of people living in a particular place, and each others action do control individuals. Some argue that religion and culture are similar in a way that both of them bring people together but that itself is not enough to prove these terms similar. Many factors determine them to be different from each other. In one sense it is correct to say that religion can be a part of culture while culture cannot be a part of worship. It is the faith which can influence people living a particular way of life and can become an important component of culture, but culture can have no influence of belief expect for the ease or difficulty of practicing it. In modern times, science and facts have become an important part of the culture, but religion, on the contrary, emphasizes on beliefs and theories. If these two terms are simplified even more, then it can be said that culture is related to societies while religion is associated with communities. It is, therefore, safe to say that culture and religion are not the same terms, but they are closely linked with each other.

Comparison Chart

Culture people create their own ways of living and moral codes.Religion is a set of rules that are provided by God
Culture can be modified depending on the external circumstances.Religion does not get influenced by external factors
Culture cannot be part of religion, and neither can influence it.Religion can be part of culture, and can shape it
People can conveniently become part of different culturesPeople cannot conveniently become part of a religion

What is Culture?

Culture can be defined as the beliefs and actions of a particular group of people who are influenced by different factors. There is no one definition of this term and people can explain it differently but if there is one word to correctly describe culture it has to be society. Individuals who live in a particular area and are more open to change because of the circumstances that affect everyone. Many other factors such as weather, music, ethnicity, food, habits and even religion can be termed as part of culture. It is created by people for people, all the laws and moral values are created by the people and is not something cast in stone. It keeps on evolving with time and just like people change, culture changes. It lets factors like technology and reasoning shape the way people live their lives and believe in people communicating with each other at personal levels.


What is Religion?

Religion is defined as simply as worship of one entity and a set of beliefs provided by that entity. People live their life based on some fundamental laws and ethos which have been given to them in the form of a holy book or by the teachings of a prophet. One term cannot define religion, but they do not change by external factors and no matter what type of place, people, and circumstances, there can be no change in religion. Individuals who follow religion form a community that is not dependent on a particular area, and they follow the same way of living as other people in their community. Instead of reasoning and facts, people stick to their beliefs. However less logic there is. It focuses more on individualism and how people practice their faith is up to themselves. It provides a moral code to people who have to follow it and if they fail to comply they have to be answerable for themselves. It does not evolve with time, and people cannot make changes in it depending on their circumstances.

Key Differences

  1. Religion is a set of rules that are provided by God while in Culture people create their own ways of living and moral codes.
  2. Religion does not get influenced by external factors while culture can be modified depending on the external circumstances.
  3. Religion can be part of culture, and can shape it but culture cannot be part of religion, and neither can influence it.
  4. Religion focuses more on the role of individual while culture concentrates on the role of a group of people.
  5. Religion can be best defined as a community irrespective of a location while Culture can be best defined by the word society, a group of individuals living in a particular area.
  6. People can conveniently become part of different cultures, but they cannot get to experience multiple religions.


Most people confuse culture and religion with each other but in reality they are very different from each other and that is what has been explained in this article so that people can get a detailed explanation of both the terms and understand the differences between them. Hopefully, this article would have helped you in achieving that target.

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