Difference Between Breeches and Jodhpurs


Main Difference

There are various types of equipment which are required by people for different purposes. People working wear specific types of clothes, individuals who are at home, wear clothes which are comfortable while people participating in diverse sportswear a wide range of clothes which suit them. Riding is one of the famous sports in Europe and few parts of Asia and has materials unique to it. Two such items are known as Breeches and Jodhpurs. These are fashionable fabrics used for riding in. They are similar for a layman, but there are few differences between them according to their length. The main difference between both of them is that jodhpurs inclines to be as long as the distance of rider’s leg up to their ankle while breeches are as long as a person’s calf. Another difference between them is that breeches are not that fitted to the body, but jodhpurs is always tighter as compared to others. Both of them help in the rider to ride comfortably, and several features of it make sure that the person who is using them feels no problem while they move in different directions. Breeches in simple words can be defined as trousers which are worn to drive horses and can be termed loose outfit. Jodhpurs, on the other hand, is a tight trouser, something close to leggings. Another thing that differentiates them from each other is that jodhpurs is the most traditional wear, which was used by locals in the Indian sub-continent, while breeches are the most modern type of wear which originated from Europe. Therefore, it can be said that jodhpurs was the first type of wear used for horse riding while breeches were introduced at a later time. There is also some variation in the design of these two, breeches are closed around the leg and have different lengths wit have open seams around the buttocks or knees depending on the style. Jodhpurs are more like riding boots, they actually were initially known as Jodhpur boots because they go down to a person’s ankle as compared to the shorter breeches. They both have their own uses and are composed of different materials as well to make sure a person feels comfortable. A brief description of these two types of wear is given in the paragraphs that follow.

Comparison Chart

A traditional western dressJodhpurs were worn more by the traditional riders in the Indian sub-continent
Developed at a later stageFirst type of horse riding dress
Breeches have been taken over by britchesJodhpurs were taken over by breeches
Breeches go as deep as a person’s calf.Go down as deep as the person’s ankle

Definition of Jodhpurs

They are considered as the traditional wear when it comes to horse riding and has been used for over centuries by the royal families from where this game originated. They are longer than the other types and reach a person’s ankle. In the past people actually had similar colored shoes made of the same material used it because of the length but that trend has changed over the years. Although they are still in the fashion, they are not the most used item ever since the origination of breeches. It does not have as much variety and has a fundamental outlook because of which it is recognized. There is a typical pattern with cuts along the legs outside patch which helps in moving the leg quickly. Boots along with them are called paddock and have been a part of them for several centuries.


Definition of Breeches

They can be called a person’s outer garment which protects them from any sort of injury and makes them feel comfortable. They are used for riding horses and are considered a different type of trouser. In simple words, breeches mean a short garment which led to its use in riding terms because of its length which is shorter as compared to its other type which is known as jodhpurs. It is the symbol of fashion for people who ride a lot and is more famous in countries such as the United Kingdom and rest of Europe. This garment originated from England, which got the idea from similar clothing used in the sub-continent by the Royals. Different types of breeches are being used today, and they come in various sizes, styles and shapes. Another way of describing them is that they are made from linens and have also gone as long as the ankle length though traditionally they are considered shorter and only reach as long as a person’s calf. Individuals who wear this type of trouser also use separate boots.

Differences in a Nutshell

  • Jodhpurs were worn more by the traditional riders in the Indian sub-continent while breeches were a traditional western dress.
  • Jodhpurs were the first type of horse riding, wear introduced in sports, while breeches were developed at a later stage.
  • Jodhpurs were taken over by breeches while breeches have been taken over by britches.
  • Jodhpurs length is longer than breeches.
  • Jodhpurs go down as deep as the person’s ankle while breeches go as deep as a person’s calf.
  • Jodhpurs are known as boots because of their length while breeches are categorized as a different type of trouser.
  • Jodhpurs are tighter around the body especially ankles and buttocks while jodhpurs can be more comfortable around these areas.


Horse riding has become one of the most famous sports especially among people who have a high repute. There are many differences between the two terms which have been listed here and help to develop a clear understanding about the two terms which have been considered similar in many cases by people who do not have much idea about it.

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